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Lately the Python 3.10 update hit the Arch repos which means a lot of package rebuilds needed to be done. You can do sudo pacman -S $(pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.9) to reinstall all affected packages.
What's up everyone! I'm happy to announce that @edu4rdt recently joined the builders πŸ₯³
In order, it might be a necessary to update the chaotic-keyring before other packages as the new signing key is needed for some packages.
A little heads up for people experiencing issues with DKMS module updates: today Arch pushed the long awaited GCC/Binutils/Glibc to core repos. By now, we rebuilt most kernels using the new GCC so reinstalling those updated packages will fix the warnings. Cheers! 😌
Hey people πŸ‘‹
You might have noticed that updates were no longer pushed since Saturday - this is due to a full repo rebuild we started with the goal of a general cleanup and having everything compiled with the new toolchain. Initially, the plan was to freeze the mirrors and be done with it yesterday but things are taking longer than expected. Our mirrors will resume syncing once a missing set of packages has been fixed 😊
It's also worth noting that some packages will return at a later date while some others won't return at all due to compilation issues or PKGBUILDs being gone from AUR πŸ‘€

Update: the mirrors are fully synced up again πŸ‘Œ
It is now possible to use an IPFS mirror thanks to the project providing it! The address can be found in the updated mirrorlist (of course disabled by default) while usage instructions can be found on the projects git repo πŸš€
Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ»
I hope you are alright and feeling fine! During the last few hours, a major repository cleanup & a lot of package fixes took place. The cleanup had the goal of spending less time building these packages & wasting less energy.

Most of the removed packages concerned the garuda-builder routines - here a lot of the listed packages were in fact not used anymore by respective maintainers, making them redundant. Some other packages were either severely outdated or not building anymore for a longer period of time.

This might have the side effect of also having removed a few packages that other people were using (as the packages were never requested since they were available already). If you are wondering why a package is suddenly marked as "foreign" if it wasn't before, it is very likely that the cleanup was causing it.

Don't be afraid, we can easily add them back (given they build successfully) - just open up an issue at our packages repo and we will handle the rest! 😊

At this point, since we never really had a proper announcement, I would also like to thank @Technetium1 and @alex_j_p for helping out with package maintenance and @itsTyrion and @shrirangkahale for providing their mirrors. ☺️

Finally, 5.18 TKG kernel builds are getting started soon, the toolbox was still building 5.17 ones until now. That's it for now, have a nice time! 🐱
Sup everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ»
We have some cool news regarding a (massive) bunch of new mirrors thanks to @edu4rdshl, @ayulauffer and @alissonlauffer! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜
The new locations are as follows:
- Arizona, USA
- Australia
- Brazil 2
- Canada 2
- Chile
- Finland
- Hong Kong
- New York, USA
- Saudi Arabia
- Taipei City
- United Arab Emirates
- Virginia, USA 2
As usual, our geo-mirror will route requests to the nearest location automatically, for those who prefer to do it manually there is the updated chaotic-mirrorlist.
Cheers! πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’»
Forwarded from TNE
Did some codering today and came up with a fancy lil project

Ever wondered where the chaotic mirrors are and which one is used? Well now you can know!
Also super great if you want to consider hosting a mirror wink wink
We're aware of connection issues in our main router, we're investing it, expect instability in all mirrors and domain.

UPDATE: Problem bypassed!
Chaotic-AUR pinned Β«We're aware of connection issues in our main router, we're investing it, expect instability in all mirrors and domain. UPDATE: Problem bypassed!Β»
It is time for another announcement! I hope everyone is feeling good ☺️
After having performed a full repository rebuild due to OpenSSL 3 hitting the Arch repositories, a few packages aren't yet back. We are tracking the progress in this GitHub issue! πŸ“‘
A merry Christmas to everyone! Have a nice time and take care of yourselvesπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ€—
Hello everyone! πŸ€—
We have a new statuspage powered by Upptime! πŸŽ‰ Being completely driven by GitHub actions, it is also able to automatically create issues and tag the corresponding maintainer in case of outages. Its repo can be found here. πŸ‘€
Chaotic-CDN is back! A big thanks to @makzk for providing a mirror in Chile as well as @ayulauffer for providing Silky.Network mirrors! ❀️

Our mirror map has become pretty green again😊
Officially releasing today

It works for any distro with nix package manager installed, though Linux-only (no Darwin) and the modules are NixOS-only. Includes daily bumped gamescope_git, mesa_git, sway_git, yuzu-early-access_git.

For non-nixers, you can run any of these things without installing system-wide, like: nix run github:chaotic-cx/nyx/nyxpkgs-unstable#gamescope_git -- -w 1920 -h 1080 -W 3440 -H 1440 -b vkcube

Updates on a separated tg channel: @chaotic_nyx
We are aware of the python 3.11 bump, we're rebuilding stuff already, there are a lot of packages please be patient.

If stuff fails, please rebuild them from AUR (specify "aur/" to your helper, like "paru -S aur/python-mydarilingpackage"), most python packages are light, or wait a little more before upgrading.
Hello chaotic community πŸ€—

Some of you might have noticed a new username among our maintainers lately - therefore I'd like to officially welcome @stackofprimes (xiota), who is going to help with general package maintenance πŸ₯³
They already initiated a massive cleanup of broken / obsolete packages as well as a lot of package fixes which also means having more space for other applications πŸŽ‰
The Arch Linux project announces that they are retiring the community repo since Chaotic-AUR got it covered. It's mirrors are currently in progress of being synced to reflect those changes πŸš€
One of our signing keys expired today, causing packages to fail to install with the key being marked as "is unknown trust" - we are aware of this and try to get it fixed as soon as possible, while also ensuring a condition like this does not occur again! πŸ”§

Update: we are back to regular business.
Whats up everyone! A lot of time passed since our last announcement. As usual, we hope everyone is feeling fine ☺️

The reason for this announcement is the EOL of linux-tkg kernel builds in our repository. Since we used to provide these since the early beginning, we felt that an announcement explaining the reasoning behind this decision was necessary. The main reasons are:
- Introduced maintenance burden due to missing options in the kernel config. Since these were missing from time to time, user input was necessary to continue the build process. No other kernel showed this kind of behaviour and confirming the use of the default option for all kernel variants is a quite time consuming and annoying task. Opening issues every time this happens is also unsustainable long-term.
- Maintainers making use of it moved to linux-cachyos variants and therefore don't need linux-tkg anymore.
- Not having a dedicated builder for these packages anymore. During the last months, they were built on demand to not introduce too much load to the main builder. This means builds were sometimes happening too late (or stalled due to the previously mentioned kernel config issues because we can't babysit the process for multiple hours)

As an alternative, we can recommend the linux-cachyos kernel variants of @ptr1337. They have proven to be great kernels. In case of popular demand, we also might add additional variants of this kernel 😊