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Hello everybody,

Following the release of GCC11 in ArchLinux's core repository, the idea now is to follow the official ArchLinux's project trend and have everything optimized for "x86-64-v3" or falling back to the "v1".

As the first move, we're now dropping all "architecture-specific" packages of the beloved "linux-tkg". You'll find in the repo either the generic one (e.g: "linux-tkg-bmq"), and a v3-optimized one (e.g: "linux-tkg-bmq-generic_v3").

Thanks to that PDS and CFS builds are back!

NOTE: In the future, once ArchLinux has the new v3 repos working well, we'll then move the v3-optimized under our v3 repos without the "-generic_v3" suffix.

Please note, the primary node will be offline for the following hours. Don't expect package updates. Meanwhile, mirrors will keep providing packages built until now.
If you're running on keys problems while updating, run:
sudo pacman-key --populate chaotic
sudo pacman -Sy chaotic-keyring
sudo pacman -Su

If you're running with keys problem while first installing chaotic, rely on Ubuntu's Keyserver, like:
pacman-key --recv-key 3056513887B78AEB --keyserver

We have a new mirror in India ran by virusz4274.
Update your chaotic-mirrorlist to 20210716-1, and remember to watch out if the update won't get stuck with the suffix .pacnew.
Or, if you prefer to handle it manually:
I accidentally broke the default gateway, everything will 404 while I fix it...

Wine upstream is moving to Vista+ user folder architecture, if you use proton-ge or proton-tkg, you might want to delete the compatdata of your games.

Watch GloriousEggroll old tutorial
To have a better community experience, more inclusive and respectful, we now have adopted a CoC:

We expect all the community members and staffers to respect it.

Today we're building 5.14 linux-tkg-{pds,bmq,cacule} and 5.13 linux-tkg-muqss. CFS ones are already in 5.14.

Note: There isn't bcachefs and fsync in 5.14 yet (but there is futext2).
We're currently experiencing issues with the router and CDN. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Updates in comments.
Chaotic-AUR turns three years old! πŸ₯³

That may not be a long road for a human, but it has been quite a journey:

- We now have between 65k and 70k users per month;
- Chaotic-AUR now offers more than 2470 packages;
- Our Mirrorlist grew to 15 mirrors (including a CDN one);
- Our single builder got replaced by several distributed servers;
- We got a domain and enabled an intelligent geo-mirror to govern it;
- There is more than one distro recommending us.

And to commemorate this special date, we're asking for your help to build a memorial: πŸ“š

- We just built a package called chaotic-neofetch-git, go ahead and install it;
- Then you can run the executable: chaotic-neofetch (you can use --frog, or --garuda for extra sauces)
- Screenshot your desktop or just the terminal, and then send it to us:
- By email:
- By telegram: @chaotic_aur_sac (or reply this post, or DM @pedrohlc)
- By PR:

My special thanks to everybody that helped us this last year, especially the Chaotic-AUR staffβ€”also, thanks to everyone that provided good ideas and suggestions in the chat.
I would like to inform everyone that I have asked Nico to take over as the project's main maintainer.

For more than a year, Nico has been proving his value in answering all requests, keeping the builders working, and finding new mirrors and resources. I'm confident he's more than capable of replacing me, and wish him the best of luck.

I won't be leaving the staff, I'm just giving the project space to grow. From now on, please consider Nico's GPG keys the root one, signing our keyring and mirrorlist.

Congratulations to Nico. And a big hug to chaotic's current 85k users!
Hey guys! We have a new mirror located in France, provided by @sorcerer420's IRC network πŸ₯³
Make sure to update your chaotic-mirrorlist & edit it accordingly if you want to force the usage of mirror 😊 if you are using the geo-mirror and live close to Paris, you will automatically be using the mirror.

Lately the Python 3.10 update hit the Arch repos which means a lot of package rebuilds needed to be done. You can do sudo pacman -S $(pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.9) to reinstall all affected packages.
What's up everyone! I'm happy to announce that @edu4rdt recently joined the builders πŸ₯³
In order, it might be a necessary to update the chaotic-keyring before other packages as the new signing key is needed for some packages.
A little heads up for people experiencing issues with DKMS module updates: today Arch pushed the long awaited GCC/Binutils/Glibc to core repos. By now, we rebuilt most kernels using the new GCC so reinstalling those updated packages will fix the warnings. Cheers! 😌
Hey people πŸ‘‹
You might have noticed that updates were no longer pushed since Saturday - this is due to a full repo rebuild we started with the goal of a general cleanup and having everything compiled with the new toolchain. Initially, the plan was to freeze the mirrors and be done with it yesterday but things are taking longer than expected. Our mirrors will resume syncing once a missing set of packages has been fixed 😊
It's also worth noting that some packages will return at a later date while some others won't return at all due to compilation issues or PKGBUILDs being gone from AUR πŸ‘€

Update: the mirrors are fully synced up again πŸ‘Œ
It is now possible to use an IPFS mirror thanks to the project providing it! The address can be found in the updated mirrorlist (of course disabled by default) while usage instructions can be found on the projects git repo πŸš€