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Chadnet mass communications.
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Updates very soon. Want to add quite a bit of Ray Peat interviews + Christmas theme
Added 248 Ray Peat interviews. Zip size shot up from 2 GB to 12GB.... lol
Merry Christmas!
Happy new year! Power and vitality to all!
Updates soon. Made a substack scraper than will convert any articool into Chadnet instantly. Currently working on moving wiki codebase from bash to python
* Changed Christmas theme to default Chadnet theme (may take time to propagate)
* Reworked codebase, which affects sorting — link order may be slightly different now
* Added the amount of categories and links a category points to, displayed next to it (go to politics, for example, and see)

There are no additions this month yet, but there are plans for many additions in a few days. I wish to remove/perhaps not link as many youtube videos under History and instead put them under their own category, though I'm not sure.

Also want to make a lot of additions with the new scraper, etc. For fren code autists who are interested in the source code, I will post the links in the comments. It is also untested, so if someone notices bugs, pls inform.
Chadnet tools github:

If u want to contribute, pls use anon account! Don't doxx yourself!!

Wiki, I think, will no longer use .zip, instead it will use .tar (Much faster to update and upload, only minimal increase in size)
Excuse the downtime, accidentally uploaded the wrong folder deleting everything on the site — will be back in a few mins
New updates that will be up:
Blockquotes will now have a bar on the left like on substack etc
Text is no longer justified
If anyone has very good experience in scraping websites and is willing to help out a bit, please comment
Many updates again soon! Rebuilding forum in meantime.
Site is down for a bit due to our host having some issues. Should resolve in a few hours at most. If not, pls comment
Website is down now for too long. Expect it to be up within 32 hours. We'll move servers.
Currently trying to get everything back up again on a temporary new server.
Should be up in less than an hour; will update with info here
Everything's working. Currently reuploading the wiki, then the main page.
All is well.
A note on e-mails: if you sent one after March 9, we haven't received it due to server issues. Will get e-mail back online soon though.
E-mail is back up. Also search page should yield a bit better results now.