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New code.market was launched
Most important things about new code.market:

1. New catalog with mobile app screens slider. Now you easy check all mobile screens inside the apps directly in catalog or product card.
2. Some templates has Livepreview mode. Easy to scan-and-instal mobile app directry on android phones
3. Improved comment system. Easy to start conversion with author about his template. Feel free to ask what you interested in.
4. Some templates has information about package. Switch gallery mode and find pubspec.yaml or readme.md in product card.
5. Easy to navigate in to next product. Use prev/next buttons in the product card.
For example we have a biggest flutter mobile app templates catalog: https://code.market/catalog/flutter

Some templates has:
1. Mobile screens in catalog
2. Live preview in product card
3. Code metadata pubspec.yaml / readme.md

Let's check new catalog view with
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Code.market product update

Most inside grow-up sales question is:
– What is inside this product? 🤔

Now code.market product, can read and show:
readme.md – will be displayed for all products, in this product's author can publish presentation and documentation.
– pubspeck.yaml – for flutter projects
– package.json – for react native projects
– build.gradl – for android projects
– AndroidManifest.xml – for android projects

For buyer it can helps make a decision about purchase.

Please rate the feature 👌
🔥 code.market product update.

Trial Version – is here

Some flutter templates got trial. You can purchase template for 24 hours with 90% discount. Some templates starts from 1.9$ its cheaper like anytime did before

List of templates with trial version here
Happy to anounce new community page based on github discussion

Now anyone can:
– Catching the anauncments about code.market
– Asking about authotship
– Generate features ideas
– Show your work

Let's go start new discusstion