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Explore the best camping & vanlife spots of Europe. Inspiration, freedom, top gear and all about travel. For campers, by campers.
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Meet Alex, Astrid and their kids are seriously considering making the switch. A blockchain and crypto legend leaving Madrid to hit the road? It’s one of the toughest decisions in life to make.
And meet Jacob, Lucy and their kid Frankie joined the van life movement more recently, but they completely left their apartment in Prague. They are pure full-timers, willing to explore Europe beyond the usual comfy campsites.
And finally also meet Vita, Renata and the girls have been travelling around Europe for almost a decade. They tried a caravan, a rooftop tent and a van. They have travelled from Morocco to Turkey. They combine a brick house with their long-term travels.
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Channel name was changed to «Camper Guru Camping»
It all started last November in Croatia. Things took a fast pace and from January 2021 untill April we were creating the minimalistic website technology, the firts 30 camper spots and also the company. Its all looking promissing so far. And I can’t wait to see how Camperguru takes us next. Cheers - Vita
Channel name was changed to «Camperguru Camping Inspiration»
Channel name was changed to «Camperguru Camping»
Hola camper friends. I just added a few of you to this broadcast (feel free to invite more or unsubscribe). This would be a secret news channel from Camperguru. The news of the day is Czech Camperguru 🇨🇿 ♥️ Cheers - Vita
Ambassadors — a concept that Jakub brought in the early days of Camperguru inception 💡 We can't find the creme de la creme in all corners of camping Europe quick enough without a solid team. We need to push harder to find the true diamonds 💎 A marvelous team of 10+ skilled photographers and campers is our way to deliver. Ambassadors are our eyes travelling around and getting the inspiration to you fast ⚡️ & in the highest quality.
Hey campers, this project has been prepared for months. A book about how to get ready for camping and get out. The book is a work in progress and we would be working on it over time.

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Hey campers 🙂 I have a secret news for you. Just now, we have launched option to pick Favorite spots on Camperguru. Create a selection of those you want to visit. More at >
Another milestone reached today! We have 300 spots in Europe and grow quickly with more features, such as Favorites, more users and easier website navigation.
Ok, this is a biggie. Today, I went to a spot which our team member Katka recommended, near Zujar in Spain. No preparation at all, it was just a random quick tip. So I met the owner, they actually have teepees for guests in summer. It was closed still. But we spoke for a bit and he actually knew Camperguru from before and was discussing, adding their spot to our project, with his wife. What an amazing moment. We might be onto something here…
A huge new chapter for Camperguru begins today. After months of work, we have just submitted the app version 1.0 to both Android Play Store and Apple Store. Be ready for some comfy camping adventures! 🚐
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The new chapter for Camperguru is here. We are expanding the website with iOS and Anrdoid app. The version 1.0 is just the beginning of the story and is already available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It navigates you to the closest happy place in no time and you can save your favorites easy. Get it now...