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Hello, I have opened 100spots for iOS Xdrip made by Johan degreeve so if you want invite email me your apple id and name for a invite to xdrip.
How to update firmware of Bubble/Bubble mini using Diaboxapp
Forwarded from DiaBox Release (LibreHack)
118.2 MB
DiaBox Android v20211202 Release

1-Add Support for Android 12
2-Add Data Backup&Resotre Feature
3-Add DiaBox for beta test
4-Separate history and trend data for statistics
5-Fix 8H data backfill bug
6-Fix some bugs with date format
7-Bug fix
Forwarded from DiaBox Release (LibreHack)
Forwarded from DiaBox Release (LibreHack)
118.2 MB
Forwarded from Haroun Kabareti
1-Install sideloadly on your computer, 2-upload diabox IPA
3-keep your iPhone unlocked by changing this from the iPhone settings
4-open iTunes and connect your iPhone and sign to your apple account in iTunes
4-go back to sideloadly and enter your Apple ID and password you will receive request from apple to verify this step
5-enter apple verification code in sideloadly, wait few seconds for apple to approve it , then sideloadly will install Diabox on your iPhone
6-go to your iPhone settings and accept it as trust app from developers
7-open it and enjoy 😊
It’s not complicated at all when you’re using sideloadly and you have legitimate account with 🍎 Apple
Many thanks again to Diabox IPA developers, Good job 👍
I’ll try this week!


dont share it to public only via telegram
Bubblan pinned «https://testflight.apple.com/join/ckUeZYVm —————————————————————- YOU MUST HAVE A BUBBLE FOR IT TO WORK»
Bubblan pinned «for Libre 2 https://testflight.apple.com/join/dWDt5Wme»
If you want to report a bug/issue or get help, pls tell me some basic info about your case :
Platform :iOS or Android and the system version num
Diabox Version:which DiaBox Version are you on
Working Mode :Master or Follower
Sensor Type : Libre 1 ,2 ,Pro and the region
Issue Description: No sensor/Bluetooth Connectivity/Sensor Error……etc
Forwarded from DiaBox Release (LibreHack)
117.2 MB
Android v2021_12_30 Release

1-Fix connection issues with Libre 2 EU/US/CA
2-Bug fix