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ANML is currently trending #1 on CoinMarketCap.

It’s no surprise Animal Concerts is trending upward. The metaverse company, backed by crypto giants such as Klaytn (2022 Forbes Blockchain Top 50) and Netvrk has been featured on Binance and CoinMarketCap’s list of Trending Cryptocurrencies and Biggest Gainers since its TGE on March 29th.

Animal Concerts has already worked with several A-List artists, including:
-Alicia Keys
-Meek Mill
-Busta Rhymes
-Paul Oakenfold

In addition, Animal recently announced a collaboration with The Avila Brothers for their latest single A Hard Working Man, feat. Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg.

ANML can be found on two tier 1 exchanges – Huobi and Gate. Find out more about how and where you can purchase ANML here.
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Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting.

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@FLUID_liquidity x Lossless Partnership Announcement

Meet FLUID, the ultra-low latency liquidity aggregator that is integrating the Lossless protocol into their $FLD token.🔒

FLUID will integrate the LERC20 standard of Lossless to empower their token with hack mitigation capabilities, by detecting fraud, freezing fraudulent transactions and reversing stolen funds if such situations come FLUID's way.

Full partnership details 👉 here

Twitter post link 👉 here


In light of the new partnership, we give you the 🔥 FLUID Rewards Lossless competition 🔥

Complete the tasks on Gleam and win up to $500 USDT 💰
Only 5 lucky winners, so don’t miss out! 🏆

Find the tasks here 👇

👉 Follow, join or get in touch with FLUID:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Announcements | Linkedin | YouTube
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First AMA with ICOSpeaks x Genius
GET 100$ BUSD if you join both groups! Start your journey with us on the biggest Marketplace for digital assets!


🚨 Pre-Sale live on the platform!

-> Key Highlights <-
➡️ Buy IUX Token at a Pre-Sale price on the platform;
➡️ Diversify your investment portfolio by having access to various categories of future assets;
➡️ Be part of the tokenized revolution.

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First AMA with ICOSpeaks x Genius
GET 100$ BUSD if you join both groups and many other sneak peaks!

Empowered investors use Genius Assets Marketplace, the world’s biggest marketplace to buy, sell and transact high value assets in the digital realm. 📲

Diversify your investment portfolio;
Pre-Sale Phase ending SOON.
Get your IUX Tokens NOW.
🟥 Generate Passive-Income!

Join us 👉

-> Important links <-
🔊[Active IEO]

Duration: 25 April 2022, 09:00 UTC to 6 May 2022, 07:00 UTC
💵Price: $0.3/ICOM

🔒ICOM vesting schedule
Listing date (TGE): 20% released
60 days after listing: 80% released

👉IEO page
👉ICOM Launchpad announcement


iCommunity is the leading blockchain technology platform in Europe, blockchain as a service (BaaS).

Important Partners:
iCommunity has top level partners such as: AWS AMAZON, Ardor, IMB and Telefónica

iCommunity Labs goal is “digital transformation through blockchain technology”. We aim to bring this technology closer to all industrial sectors and achieve massive usage. Our technology adapts to companies’ needs, making them safer, more efficient, and more competitive. iCommunity Labs is the leading provider for Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) solutions in Europe and LATAM.
🔥CleanDefi WP Registration Is Open🔥

⬆️ Registration for the Whitelist going to be closed at 10:00 PM UTC 08.05.2022

10% of CleanDefi total supply is set aside for the IDO. We are conducting the public sale at a fixed price of $0.3 per CDFI token.

❗️Only open to whitelisted wallets that have passed registration before start

Minimum allocation per wallet: $600 USDC
Maximum allocation per wallet: $15,000 USDC

10,000,000 CDFI tokens available
This round stops when all 10,000,000 CDFI tokens are sold out

🔥To register for Whitelist:

Fill out the form on the website:

You need to complete these steps to be eligible:
1. Join our CleanDefi Telegram
2. Follow Our Twitter
3. Like and retweet the tweet of CleanDefi announcing the Whitelist

For more details about the CleanDefi IDO, please refer to our Medium article.
Do not buy bitcoin until you are absolutely confident in your abilities. Do not start a warlike battle until you have assembled a strong team in Raid: Shadow Legend.

The main goal of the game is to select and develop an excellent team to complete the story campaign, the Dungeon and become a leader in the pvp Arena. There are a lot of heroes in the game, about 600, and each of them has its own meaning, as well as excellent graphics.
The game features turn-based RPG combat that can be played automatically or controlled manually.

With my promo code BTCCHAMP you will receive a significant advantage in the development of heroes over other players.

Available only for NEW players.

Yes, that's right - you are one step away from the great battle and victory!

Download Raid from this link and start your journey!
🎵YellowHeart Protocol | Public Token Sale

Revolutionize the music and ticketing industries!

YellowHeart Protocol, an NFT platform poised to disrupt the ticketing and music industries, is launching its utility token, $HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”), on Bittrex Global’s IEO Platform Starting Block as the platform’s debut project.

The YellowHeart Protocol ($HRTS) IEO Goes live on May 24th at 13:00 UTC. 🎸
✔️YellowHeart Protocol is transforming what tickets can do and how they are created, sold and resold.
✔️Opportunity to bring innovation to a market (NFT ticketing and NFT music) that hasn’t innovated past the barcode and opportunity to empower artists and event organizers.
✔️Founding member, YellowHeart, has partnered with some of the biggest artists: Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, XXXTentacion, and others. And launched the first album NFT with Kings of Leon.
✔️YellowHeart, the founding member of the YH protocol, has also partnered with some of the biggest brands: MGM Resorts, Blue Note, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
✔️Only 8,000,000 $HRTS tokens available in the IEO. Start with as little as $20. All traders have to be KYC-verified. Signup as soon as possible!
Note: The IEO is only available for non-US residents.
📆Listing Date: May 24
Listing Time: 13:00 UTC

Read the YellowHeart Protocol Whitepaper

Buy $HRTS tokens here:👉Global.Bitrex

BTC CHAMP pinned «🎵YellowHeart Protocol | Public Token Sale Revolutionize the music and ticketing industries! YellowHeart Protocol, an NFT platform poised to disrupt the ticketing and music industries, is launching its utility token, $HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”), on Bittrex…»
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💥 Finally!!!! It is Here!💥

🚀TheSpeedSter token presale will be live on pinksale starting this Wednesday 17th May 🚀

Pre-sale link:

Start date: 11th May
End date: 17th May

1️⃣What you should look forward to;

⚡️P2E racing game
⚡️Move to earn app with speedster mini game feature
⚡️A collection of TheSpeedSter NFT
⚡️A race to the moon with TheSpeedSter token.

🌐 Website:

Questions, more details:

Did you know?
TheSpeedSter is in partnership with the Hagglex app🔥❤️
🧨This One Is Going To Be Huge🧨

Solidus to take over the Metaverse

Solidus AI Tech is the Worlds First Artificial Intelligence utility token that can be used as a payment gateway to purchase AI services and High Performance Computing (HPC) power directly from their eco-friendly data centre based in Bucharest.

They are now entering the Metaverse & Play2Earn gaming space which according to a 2021 Bloomberg report was $500bn in 2020 with huge growth predictions.

Solidus are striking up partnerships with other projects in these sectors and the vast majority of Metaverse projects already require or will require HPC services and is currently strategising the creation of a next-generation Play2Earn Metaverse platform, which will feature their 3D AI Meta Battlebots.

The Metaverse and Play2Earn Game will be powered via our state-of-the-art eco-friendly high performance computing (HPC) data centre.


💰£4m raised privately in 2017
💰€3.5m EU Grant Accepted
💰$7.39m in Private Sale
🥳Partnership with Microsoft via our technical partners Soft Galaxy International
📝Existing business with MegaCorps & Governmental Authorities & Organisations within the defence sector
🧠Experienced Management
🔥Burn Program
Certik Smart Contract Audit
🤖 3D AI Meta Battlebots NFTs launching soon
🎮 Next generation Metaverse & Play2Earn game in progress


💎40% more efficient than industry standard due to a unique IP Algorithm

💎Providing both IaaS, SaaS and Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

💎Deflationary tokenomics for long term growth of the AITECH token

💎Burn program planned over time to reduce the total supply by 50%

💎ERC-20 token and planned cross- chain integration with Polygon Network

💎Creating 3D AI Meta Battlebot NFTs with additional benefits which will include access to exclusive events and memberships within our Metaverse & Play2Earn platform

💰Do not miss your chance for some big gains while the market is down💰

Please visit the website:
Join our TG
BTC CHAMP pinned «🧨This One Is Going To Be Huge🧨 Solidus to take over the Metaverse Solidus AI Tech is the Worlds First Artificial Intelligence utility token that can be used as a payment gateway to purchase AI services and High Performance Computing (HPC) power directly…»
📉Bear markets can be scary, but there is a tool to handle them!

$PLUTO, a new reserve currency collateralized by the treasury assets👑 Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

This protocol and its token are designed to keep the price within a predictable range, so when things go south for all other crypto, $PLUTO stays afloat🚤

The mechanics behind that are actually pretty clever. They involve treasury which is like a super secure, well… treasury full of low-risk assets. Every PLUTO token is backed and at the same time, its price cannot exceed a specified threshold.

👉To get more detailed information go to PLUTO SITE 👀

But that's not all PLUTO can do. Users will be able enjoy onboarding and staking with triple-digit APYs🤑

In addition to PLUTO tokens, onboarding participants get a particularly high APY for the lock-up period and increase the size of the treasury, and thus the minimum token price.

By the way, staking generates profits without asset lock❄️

$PLUTO is a solid investment that will carry you through the unstable markets🧸🔫

Now available on puzzleswap, WavesExchange, and swopfi.

Join PLUTO community so that there are no questions left
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The first project that gathers mobility rewards (Drive2Earn) 🚙🚚; Gamefi 🎮and environmental mindset🌞

Drive2Earn - monetizing habits - trhu an app (already being tested by the community). You need to buy NFTs, connect and drive. 💰

NFT Marketplace launched - you can swap your DriveCrypto to NFTs - access: 🚀🚀🚀

Electric Vehicle (EV) Recharging Stations - installation of EV Recharging Stations in order to fullfill the market needs (in 10 years, EV will represent 50% of worldwide fleet (6 EV Stations installed)⚡️⚡️🌞

Certik on board + Spywolf audit + KYC + Team fully doxxed

Pre-sale Live on Pinksale:
July, 30 - 18 pm UTC to August 5 - 18 pm UTC
SC: 100 BNB
Min 0,2 BNB | Max 5 BNB

❗️Special Prizes for Pre Sale Investors

August, 9 - 15 pm UTC

Twitter: @drive_crypto
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🎥The Future of Film has Arrived!🍿

Join Gala Film as we launch the next evolution of Web3 entertainment where fans can Watch-and-Earn while supporting a decentralized world of content and creators.

🔸 Our Film Nodes launch today, August 10th for the next 48 hours. Sale ends 3PM PT on Friday.

🔸 Nodes are the foundation of our decentralized entertainment ecosystem. By operating a node you can contribute to our decentralized ecosystem and help change the world of entertainment forever, all while earning rewards.

🔸 In 2021 alone, the Gala community received over $2.2 billion dollars through rewards and distribution.

So don't wait, get closer to the action. Support early and enjoy the rewards.

👉Link Here👈
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🔥Battle Infinity ($IBAT) Will Be Listed PancakeSwap On August 17th at 16.00 UTC🔥

GET YOUR HANDS ON IBAT TOKEN - After Selling Out Their Presale 65 days early & Raising 16500 BNB. The IBAT token will now be listed on PancakeSwap!

You Don't Miss Out on this gaming revolution with Battle Infinity, a P2E NFT gaming platform for creators & gamers.

💲To prepare for the IBAT launch on PancakeSwap buyers will need a MetaMask wallet – which can be downloaded from or a Trust Wallet.
🔥IBAT runs on the Binance Smart Chain and the Token symbol: IBAT
❤️Contract: 0x19cd9B8e42d4EF62c3EA124110D5Cfd283CEaC43

🚀 The IBAT listing price will also be announced on the same day
🚫 Rug-pull protected - KYC’d on Coinsniper
Solid Proofaudited smart contract

🖇 Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Battle Infinity world to the fullest!