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Just posted a new interview with my former running mate Ryan McJury on the psyops that we're currently living through. We're looking to translate our political vision into an ongoing conversation series. Check out our first episode and let me know what you think!
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You know the official narrative is falling apart when it takes this much censorship to keep it going!

By now we know from all of the on-the-ground data that the shots pose only risks with zero benefit. But apparently when there's billions in profits to be made, the facts don't matter, the law doesn't matter, and the consequences don't matter.

What does matter is whether we choose to submit to the agenda of medical tyranny, or rise up together and resist it.

The bottom line is that we're still watching a system of vaccine segregation get built up around us, and the next generation doesn't deserve to inherit it.
Despite everything we now know about the riskiness and uselessness of the shots, the mandates keep on moving forward...
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JUST IN - All U.S. Department of Defense civilian employees must be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021.

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The National School Boards Association is feeling threatened by the parents who have been speaking out at school board meetings against the ridiculous mask mandates, and in response the Biden Administration (sic) has been looking to intervene and is now instructing the FBI/DOJ to find ways to classify them as domestic terrorists.

The ability to provide feedback to elected and appointed officials is one of our fundamental rights as Americans, but since they have no reasonable arguments to stand on, Orange County School Board members have even resorting to limiting speaking time and banning signs in order to quash any dissent.

Desperate moves like this prove that more people are waking up and speaking out, which is causing the official narratives to crumble. We can expect the propaganda machine and bad actors to resort to extreme tactics in order to mischaracterize those who are pushing back against these senseless and abusive policies.
Just when you think it's safe to take your eyes off the news cycle, all of a sudden you're a terrorist if you speak out against the agenda. That's according to memos circulating from the National School Boards Association and the Department of Justice, which is equating school board protesters with "domestic terrorists".

It shouldn't have to be pointed out that we have a fundamental right as Americans to redress grievances in a public forum without fear of intimidation tactics. I sat down with Ryan McJury to discuss this latest government overreach and its implications going forward.
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Huge walkout of air traffic controllers in Jacksonville in response to the vaxx mandate cancels all flights into Florida.

Corporate media is blaming "bad weather and staffing shortages", not reporting the real reason.
Update from a pilot on the Southwest Airlines situation.
The censorship regime is getting desperate.
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Google Play Store is forcing telegram to do this. Threatening to completely remove Telegram from the Google play store.

To maintain the liberty of users Telegram has allowed user to download the Telegram uncensored app, directly from their website, effectively bypassing Google's censorship.
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Florida is outperforming every state in terms of new COVID cases per capita.

They’ve been open since April, 2020. No masks, no more closures, no more lockdowns, no more restrictions.

Florida should be celebrated and emulated, but Canadian Public Health “experts” pretend Florida doesn’t exist, or they lie about it.

From Derek Sloan
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The OSHA regulation halting mandatory C-19 vaccines is in place until Dec. 6. It is now open to public comment. Our response as a nation will decide if it comes to a judicial review. Go now to the link below and voice your opinion before Dec. 6th. Share with everyone you know!

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