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Anyone got London protest footage from today? Please put in the comments below 👇
Our social media manager Dave Wetton at the Birmingham freedom really today. David says “I came across evidence that our t-shirts are carrying our group's message far and wide across the UK!”
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My 12 year old son has covid confirmed by a PCR and lateral flow test. He’s fine, but what angers me is the argument for the benefits of natural immunity are not being discussed. If it’s finely balanced for all age groups why can’t we have that open discussion and debate?
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In Melbourne protests against vaccine mandates for construction workers
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So who do I trust to take on the SM management of Two professionals talking, we have both worked with major corporations, and we now manage this organisation with a vision of a new future that puts children, our future and our freedom first.
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The T-shirts are proving to be a powerful way to connect with people who aren’t on social media.
Now on sale
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I hate being recognised I get embarrassed but I’m forcing myself to do this. For our children, our future and our freedom.
"The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media.
We hope this project will encourage more and more people to tell their story."

To view all the testimonies:
Please guys it’s very important, if you have any details in relation to 12 to 15-year-olds who have a severe adverse reaction to the vaccination that you get in touch. I can cover the stories, even without mentioning who the child is or the school. But I would need to know the details. Email me
Please guys do not send links to this email address it will be deleted immediately.
Guys this is an important post below but some of the dates are wrong can someone go through this and check each vaers report and that the details are correct.
I’m very busy today but will also try to

Nine Reports on -12- 15 year olds who have died after a Covid-19 injection.

Reports 1-9 below

Reported to VAERS (US) by 27th August 2021:
1. Death of a 15 year old girl: Cardiac Arrest – 3 to 4 days after second dose of Moderna injection

Write-up: “I do not know the exact date of the first or second Moderna Vaccine. I am the PICU attending who cared for the patient after her cardiac arrest which we believe was about 3-4 days after her second Moderna Vaccine”


2. Death of a 15 year old boy: Cardiac Failure –  2 days after Pfizer injection

Write-up : “Heart Failure” Died 2 days after vaccination


3. Death of a 15 year old boy: Unexplained Death after Pfizer injection

Write-up : “Unexplained death within 48 hours”


4. Death of a 13 year old boy: Found deceased– 1 day after Pfizer injection

Write-up  “Flu like symptoms for 2 days then was found deceased”


5. Death of a 13 year old boy: Cardiac Arrest – 17 days after Pfizer injection

Write-up: "Patient is a 13-year-old previously healthy male who was admitted after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest found to be in the context of large cerebellar hemorrhage secondary to brain lesion"


6. Death of a 13 year old boy: Unknown cause of death 3 days after Moderna injection

Write-up: "Died three days after vaccine; 13 year old boy dies three days after the Moderna vaccine"


7. Death of a 15 year old boy: 4 days after second dose of Pfizer injection

Write up: "Child collapsed on soccer field while playing soccer at a local camp. CPR was initiated immediately.  Patient had his second covid vaccine on Sunday 7/18/2021. Died 7/22/2021"


8. Death of a 13 year old girl: 26 days after Pfizer injection

Write-up: "patient arrived in ventricular tachycardia via EMS, but responsive. deteoriarated to pulseless ventricular tachycardia, PEA and ultimately death".


9. Death of a 15 year old girl: Cardiac Arrest- 27 days after Pfizer injection

Write-up:  "A 15-year-old female patient received (COMIRNATY),on  11Jul 2021 07:30 (at the age of 15-year-old) as dose 1, single for COVID-19 immunization. The patient died on 07Aug2021. An autopsy was not performed. Cause of Death: Anoxia cerebral and Cardiac arrest "