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Just two minutes left! Tune in for the premiere of enjii's guest mix
We're going, tune in if you haven't yet
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The mix has premiered, thanks to everyone who has tuned in!

As promised, here's the link to enjii's guest mix on SoundCloud, have a listen if you missed the premiere:

And the link to enjii themselves:

I am looking forward to similar events, even though I am slow in making them happen. Cheers!
An epic gamer achievement 🥳
There's some planned downtime coming some two hours from now. Planned as in not planned by me, but I know ahead of time. Sorry, can't do anything about this.
Live stream finished (86 days)
Live stream started
Should be back online now :)
We've had some downtime (idk how long) because of a dumb problem. All should be good now
Breakcore Mashcore Radio
magma_ohm – it's me magma!
Do you mind if I post tracks from the radio sometimes?
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I am very very mentally ill. It's getting unbearable. I am completely alone, and sadly, whenever I speak about my problems, people accuse me of whining and push me away.
I don't know what to do
Thank you all for the support, I've been feeling a bit better
Breakcore Mashcore Radio
I haven't updated you in a while, this is where we are at now 🥳