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Interesting article about computer voice:

"What we hear now are manipulated human voices, chosen for us by the people who create them; a voice-only Frankenstein."

"As these voices get better, it’s important for the system not to trick you. You want a signal to the listener that it’s a robot."
The number of Google Assistant Actions rose about 2.5 times last year compared to 2.2 times growth for Amazon Alexa skills in U.S. – reports.
In a recent report by Grand View Research, it stated that the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025.📈💵 📈

Gartner’s research points that implementing a chatbot led to a 70% reduction in the call, chat and email inquiries.

But it is not advisable to discard the human element and completely switch to chatbots.

You can find a detailed comparison of support agents and conversational chatbots in the article:
Apple has bought up the talent it needs to make talking toys a part of Siri, HomePod, and its voice strategy. Apple has acquired PullString, also known as ToyTalk.

Buying PullString could jumpstart Apple’s in-house catalog of speech-activated toys for kids👶 as well as beef up its tools for voice developers.
Hey bot fans, a friend of mine just launched a website that helps you generate widely used legal docs (NDA, MSA, SAAS contracts) in less than 10 mins for free.

It's been my personal problem for a while, and I don't believe that in ten years from now we'll have lawyers drafting this kind of stuff.

Spoiler: it's not a bot, but they're planning to roll out conversational design soon ;)
We all know artificial intelligence systems such as Alexa can tell jokes but can they understand them?
One researcher from Purdue University’s Department of Computer and Information Technology is attempting to make them do so.

Advances allowing artificial intelligence to communicate in a natural way with humans can help people work better, increasing potential performance in the business world and allowing for human-computer collaborations that take on more complex challenges and devices.,-why-dont-you-laugh-at-my-jokes.html
Google Duo audio calls are coming to Google Home speakers.

So far, Google hasn't announced this feature yet, but if you own a Google Home or Google Home Mini smart speaker, here’s how to check whether you can make Duo audio-only calls with your device:
Blockchain + Smart Contracts + IoT = Smart and automated Service requests

But there're a few concerns which act as roadblocks to the next level of Customer Experience. To learn more about it:
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Good heavens!😱 NVIDIA introduced its first AI-powered holographic assistant that delivers the unique thrill of personalized PC gaming! His name is RON and he is amazing!😻

BotCube team is looking forward to its release. 😂
What do you think, how much will R.O.N. cost?
Do you believe that an artificial-intelligence “artists” will reinvent art? Or destroy it?

It all started last October, when the New York auction house sold Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, an algorithm-generated print, for $432,500.
“Alexa, is someone else listening to us?”
- Of course, because more than 5 000 people work to make me better.
Amazon would market the free music service through its voice-activated Echo speakers, and would offer a limited catalog. It could become available as early as next week!
Google made a nice strike in light of Amazon’s plans😎

Just a few days ago we posted news from Bloomberg that Amazon would soon launch a free streaming service and Spotify competitor to better cater to its Echo device owners.

And just a few hours before Amazon officially launched it, Google had announced that YouTube Music is available for free (with ads) across all Google home devices.



But it's not the end:) In a few hours will post another news about Amazon and Google which many of us have been waiting for a while.
Amazon Echo Show + YouTube =❤️

If you are a fan of Alexa, you may know that Google blocked youtube and the only choice to watch it was to use internal browser. But everything has changed recently. Amazon and Google ended the boycott of each others' video services and now Youtube is available on Alexa and Fire TV as well as Amazon Prime Video is available on Google’s Chromecast and Android TV.

Here is the resource:
Facebook is working to develop voice and AI assistant technologies that may work across their family of AR/VR products including Portal, Oculus and future products.

That means Facebook may not position the product as a competitor to Alexa or similar platforms, but as more of a feature exclusive to its growing family of hardware devices.
The summer is coming and we found an interesting comparison of five the most popular travel bots!
Just take a look at how much these companies raised😱
We have a leak of information from Amazon.

Looks like Alexa team is working on a new wearable product which can understand human emotions. Amazon doesn't provide any comments but you can find more information in the Bloomberg article.