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keep calm huys
Let `s start? you can open your packs, open your seeds see your lands. We still haven't released the deposit and withdrawal because we are in tests and tired, let's rest and come back to play, next week we will be releasing free players and marketplace. more news tomorrow
let's test the withdrawals. any error or problem and suggestion please inform. next step lands free and gods
Special packs sales end
Active free lands
Active god lands
Active events(worms and sun)
Harvest need water

More info tomorrow.
We are releasing the game to play with the base plants, minable NFT plants, and with the active marketplace system.
We are monitoring the game's servers and gameplay this coming week, and bringing you new updates.
The user almost doesn't find his box, let's put together a group to solve it (have the transaction hashs at hand).
Next week revive comes along with the new state of the server.
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