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What is bloXmove's revenue model? is a "protocol economy" platform, where revenue primarily comes from transaction fees. These can be paid in BLXM or fiat.

For our corporate customers, we will also offer bloXmove as a SaaS (software as a service) model, which will result in recurring revenues such as monthly membership fees or subscription fees for connected vehicles.

We will scale globally and pursue our transaction fee model on two parallel channels:

1️⃣ Corporate (as above), and;

2️⃣ A true #crypto protocol economy: our platform handles access control, identification, contract signing and billing for decentralized assets. This means owners can connect their assets (e.g. cars or charging stations or scooters) through a hardware-wallet (HW-wallet) and a DID. bloXmove handles the full transaction from signing to access control, return of assets and settlement. To execute such transaction, the customer will need to pay or stake BLXM tokens.