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INTRODUCTION:- MANEATER is an action role-playing survival video game played with Third person perspective view in single-player game mode, and the game is Developed and Published by TRIPWIRE INTERACTIVE. The Director of this game is ALEX QUICK, and BILL MUNK designs the game. Composer of this game is DANIEL JAMES, and Engine used to launch […]

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The New Normal, Architect’s Dependence on Technology

An Overview: Since the coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe, architecture firms are forced for digital methods. Teleconferencing, cloud-based serves, and digital modelling have become essential solutions for the firms to continue operations. As some of the offices are resuming, it has become difficult to adjust to the new workflow. In other words, the dependence […]

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Edible Public Spaces

“It’s the idea that kids don’t know that milk comes from cows, or that vegetables are grown in the ground.” There is a lot of how we make the public spaces customized to process such that it becomes an eco-friendly space as well. These need a lot of space that is required, as well as […]

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Pandemic Aftermath – Architecture Renewal

The world is now facing unprecedented situations in the COVID-19 pandemic. The life of mankind is fragile in emotional and social terms. Throughout history, each pandemic has reshaped cities into its own way. The well-being of citizens is in a stew of the effects of the pandemic era. Reshaping of cities is closely related to […]

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BIG’s AI Run City Campus, China

As the world initiates to cover itself in green spaces, tends to be more trending as well as necessary. With the efficient TACOS: the campus, everything in the city from the fire service to personal butlers would be operated by this AI, AI was the solution for everything that campus needed.  the project will be […]

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Sustainable Smart Homes

Knowing which way, the wind is blowing; the housing sector needs evolution in conjunction with environmental impact and artificial intelligence. Well-Being of the users is dramatically changing with up-gradation of advanced technology which makes the habitat demonstrate economic, social and ecological objectives. Why not only smart but also sustainable home is key to the future? […]

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AI & Machine Learning, How will they Shape our Future?

Let us first begin with, What is AI? Full-Form of AI is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a Robot controlled computer to do tasks which are done by human beings, machines that can think like human beings and function like a Machine. Artificial Intelligence is a highly technical […]

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Tourist Information Center, Ponta Negra Park

An Overview: The Tourist Information Center, completed in 2019 with an area of 1141 sq.ft by Laurent Troost Architectures, Brazil is remarkably thought. A small pavilion located in the main public park of Manaus on the edge of Negro River, Ponta Negra Park. The information centre has mesmerizing views of the horizon and Negro River. […]

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Hackers After ‘Legacy Software’

First, we will see what is ‘Legacy Software’ Legacy Software is an old method, Technology, Computer System, or an application program of Relating to or being a previous or outdated computer system which is still in use. For example, Windows XP, This software was off – supported since April 2014, but it is still used […]

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Off-Grid Glam-site, ‘Danish Cabin’

An Overview: With being nestled deep in woods and trees growing throughout the deck and prevailing winds, the Danish Cabin is truly immersed in nature. It’s a timber cabin designed by New British Design (NBD) forming part of an ‘eco glamp site’ in Cornwall, England. The location at which it is constructed takes the name […]

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Stream Store Review – Advanced Stream Modern Technology That Enables You To Develop An Unlimited Products Amazon Store.

Stream Shop Cloud Allows You To Develop Fully Automated Amazon Shops, Self Organized, Without Requirement Of Keys, With Unlimited Products On-Demand, Search Engine Optimization Write-up Generator To Rank Of Google As Well As Thematic Store Creation Engine. StreamStore Permits You To Build An Amazon Store That Details All The Entire Products Available On AmazonThis […]

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Oceans meet on Land – Aquariums

In human history, people knew very little about what was beneath the ocean’s surface. With the invention of driving helmets, people finally got a chance to look at underwater life. Scientists and naturalists took this as an idea to allow the public to similarly observe marine life closely through Aquariums. Hence, despite natural curiosity, some […]

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Cheap Flooring Ideas

When you are choosing a new floor tile for your house, kitchen or bath, you shall always do a beforehand homework. Spend some time figuring out a budget, style and new trends that go well with the room and your taste. Furthermore, to get the perfect and cheap flooring only for you, you will have […]

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Shopify International Data Breach

First, we will see, What is SHOPIFY ? and how does it work? 1) What is Shopify? Shopify is the best E-Commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Shopify is a leading E-Commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. You can sell your product over the world […]

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Social Housing, Home for All

The term ‘social housing’ is given to accommodation which is affordable to low-income people or with particular needs on a secure basis. The state, councils, usually own the properties, local authorities or non-profit organization such as housing association. When the private sector is unable to meet the needs of affordable accommodation, the state intervenes to […]

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A brief to Architecture Journalism as a Career Path

Not all students prefer jumping into the career path of practising architecture. It is great when you design, but it could be dreading when you cannot look at those mere lines and strokes on the black background of Autocad figuring out where did you go wrong! Hence, there are different options for graduates from the […]

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Equinix Ransomware

RANSOMWARE attack hits Equinix companies internal system. Before going forward we will first see, What is Equinix? Equinix is a leading global interconnection platform, it is the world’s largest data centre provider, Which provides data over the world to many companies and for other purposes. Ransomware attack On 9th September 2020, Equinix company had a […]

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Urban Farming Masterplan by MJZ Firm, Poland

An Overview: Dubbed ‘the gardens of the future’, the project focuses on natural food production. MJZ, an architecture firm has introduced a new urban farming masterplan in Poland. The urban farming masterplan aims to integrate social activities with the public interest in the environment and its protection.   The urban farming masterplan proposes fresh products […]

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Metaspoilt Framework, A popular Tool among Cyber Criminals

First, in this topic, we will see, What is the Metasploit Framework? 1) What is the Metasploit Framework? Metasploit Framework is a widely used penetration testing tool that makes hacking way easier than it used to be. This is a simple definition of Metasploit. It is a very important tool which is used by both […]

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Role of Architecture in Shaping Human Psychology

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn An Overview: The interplay of architecture and human psychology is vital; people dwell into the varied built and unbuilt environment in their habitual life. The places where we think, learn, work, play and live acts as a stage – a backdrop of the […]

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