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Bitcoin is digital gold.
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At approximately $72,800, Bitcoin will surpass the total value of all the silver in the world.

That's the next big milestone for Satoshi Nakamoto's remarkable invention, once just a string of code on a solitary computer, running quietly in the wake of the Great Financial Crisis.

- Alex Gladstein
#bitcoin has brought us freedom of money.
While that is progressing well, bitcoin companies will be focusing more and more on freedom of speech and opinion. Both complement each other.

- Paolo Ardoino
The Bitcoin community is the most incredible group of humans I’ve ever come across. I’m honored to be on Earth with you all. What a time

- Mayor Jayson Stewart
Absolutely huge.

The Korea Teacher's Credit Union, which manages $47 billion, is investing in Bitcoin, as per local reports.

The boom of institutional money into crypto.

- Joseph Young