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Alts total Market cap dropped to $1,151 trillion $1,034 trillion this week is hugely important, it had a backlash from there before $ 1.034 trillion is important for the direction of the market
Alts totel market Γ§ap today 1.238 trillion usdt

The rapid arrival of BTC to the 44000 band revived some alts

so what are some alts waiting for?

due to btc coming to 44000 resistance and fighting here

some alts stay 1 step behind

holding on the 45000 band at this stage may cause a reaction to all alts.

support at the bottom rose as high as 42000
Forwarded from Professional trader

BUY ARAOUND 1250-1340


for short term it looks like it can move towards - 1700 sats
1 hr. time frame showing nice support here.
Hodl a small bag from here

Wan has comeout of downtrend, yet looking more bullish

stop loss %7
Forwarded from Professional trader

Buy : AROUND 0.53 0.59

Sell : 0.65$ - 0.72$ - 8.3$ - 1.3$ - $

Holding Around S/R Flip,
Ready For BreakOut
Heavy Pump Can Be Detected
Buy & Hold

StopLoss : -7%
Forwarded from Professional trader

Buy : 7.4$ - 8.095$
Sell : 8.86$ - 9.46$ - 10.3$ - 12.9$ - 13-9$

Trading Around S/R Flip,
Good To Accumulate Some Here And Hold

StopLoss : -7%
Forwarded from Professional trader

BUY AROUND 1700-1877


Parallel Channel Formed In H4 Time Frame
Buy & Hold

stop LOSS %7-
Forwarded from Professional trader

BUY AROUND 1700-1830

SEL 0.2057 0.2250-0.266-0.33or more

CFX looks pretty good at this bottom

macd is on the rise

movement from here can be huge

Stop loss %7-
Forwarded from Professional trader

BUY AROUND 380-422



+RSI bullish
The fallen wedge is healthier now
as well as Bull flag
MACD is showing much bullishness

jumped from this area 2-3 times solid

Stop loss %11-
MAssiva news πŸ”₯
I would like to point out that #btc is in a loop

42000 support

44500-45000 resistor

lower supports 40600

42000-45000 key zones that will determine the new direction of the trend

#THIS month #BTC is in the foreground

but it looks like there are only 2-3 weeks left until the upcoming mini ALTS season