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Imagine if the Bitcoin protocol could adjust how much bitcoin is in user wallets to achieve a target price.

You have 1 BTC today. You wake up tomorrow, and now you have 2 BTC, but they’re each worth half of what they were yesterday.

That’s how a rebase mechanism works.
What Is Spark $FLR and the Flare Network?

Spark Token is the native token of Flare.

A portion of the supply is airdropped to $XRP holders – including those on #Binance.

If you're an #XRP holder, you're going to want to read this.
What Is the Metaverse? 🤔

💡 The metaverse is a concept of an online, virtual reality world that combines crypto, finance, work, and social media in a 3D gamified space.

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What Is NFT Virtual Land in the Metaverse? 🤔

💡 Metaverse NFT virtual land is a digital asset representing a piece of land in a virtual world, typically explorable by users with a 3D, personal avatar.

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How to Buy Land in the Metaverse? 🤔

Learn to buy and sell NFT land from a metaverse project or on an NFT exchange 👉🏻
🔈New Article: How to Create a DAO?

Learn how to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with tools that provide the open-source code and smart contracts needed for governance.

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🔈 New Article: What Is Wrapped Ether (WETH) and How to Wrap It?

Wrapped Ether (WETH) is an ERC-20 standard token pegged to Ether. Holders can use it in many Ethereum DApps and services.

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What Is Layer 1 in Blockchain? 🤔

💡 Layer 1 is a blockchain architecture term for a network providing the infrastructure and consensus for layer-2 projects built on top of it.

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