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Official announcements channel for the Biggest Little Fur Con. Reno, NV - October 14th - 17th, 2024. #BLFC2024
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#BLFC2023 is not over just yet. Show off all of your Strength and Dexterity stats by playing in the Coeurasa Classic Bowling Tournament!

Sign up starts at 7:30 at the Bowling Alley
Our con draws to an end soon, but there's still much to enjoy!

Our final dance starts up at 8 PM at the Main Stage. Savor the night!

Thank you, Tyco, for 10 years of BLFC! Here's to many more years.
Our campaign is over.

We put our skills to the test, and rolled with what fate conjured up. Together, we grew, we learned, and with abundant inspiration, we made an amazing experience.

Thank you for joining us for #BLFC2023

Before you begin your journey back home, feel free to stop by the food table by the Crystal Ballroom. If you have our food vouchers, they can still be used here!

Attention Attendees

We've been asked by the hotel to have any attendees affected by the pool chemical imbalance to contact GSR Security and make an Incident Report.

If you are still on-site, you can make a report directly with the Security Desk, located by the main entrance of the hotel. If you are no longer on site, you can contact GSR Security at (775) 789-2334 and request to file an Incident Report (IR).

The GSR will take a statement or provide a statement form through email for extended statements, and will request pictures (no sensitive / private area pictures) or documentation, and IDs for reference on the report.
All photos taken by our photo team will be edited and released in the next coming weeks. We will make an announcement once they are ready. Thank you for your patience!

Adventurers, we would love your feedback on weekend vs weekday date pattern. Please fill out the 4 question survey!
This years con swag is now LIVE!
We need to verify the quantity of the following items, so please check back soon to purchase the following:
- Dice Tower
- Rat Bucket Inn Tankard
- Shot Glass
- 2023 Poker Chips
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Adventurers, do you need assistance building your own Spire? Check out this quick guide on how to assemble this year's Dice Tower!

Adventurers, recall your latest journey through our lands by looking through these amazing images

Our con photos are now live!

Hello everyone! We have news for BLFC 2024 🥁...🥁...🥁...

OUR next convention is slated for October 14 - 17, 2024. Just like this year, we will be running from Monday to Thursday.

We can't wait to see y'all again!

Channel photo updated
Still hungry for more lore from our con? Fear not, for there are more episodes of our Curse of Coeurasa Podcast! Take a peek at how our brave adventurers have continued their journey.

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If you're at the #FC2024, check us out on the 4th Floor later for a small taste of #BLFC2024

Keep an eye out for more details tonight!
For those at #FC2024, for this night only, join the BLFC crew in the space of the Party Floor, Room 419, to see what we're building up for our next con!

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Come join us at our new convention space... IN SPACE!!!

Need help making it? Take our convenient shuttle! Rest easy in suspended animation while we take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Who knows where or when you'll wake up!

Boarding begins soon!


Art by Tali-core