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Big Data News Roundup (February 28, 2024):

Growing Database Complexity Creates Skills Gap: A survey by Redgate highlights the increasing complexity of databases and the need for skilled professionals to manage them, indicating a potential skills gap in the industry [source: insideBIGDATA].

DataStax and LlamaIndex Partner for RAG Applications: This collaboration aims to simplify building Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) applications for developers using open-source frameworks [source: insideBIGDATA].

AI Integration in Social Media: The Ethical Dilemma: A news article discusses the potential dangers of AI integration in social media, raising concerns about addiction and manipulation [source: Big Data Analytics News].

Meta Announces Measures Against AI Misuse in Elections: The tech giant aims to prevent the misuse of AI tools to influence elections in Europe [source: Big Data & AI World].

California Passes Law for Personal Data Deletion: This new legislation grants Californians the right to request businesses to delete their personal data [source: Silicon UK].
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