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The daily writings, audios, videos, photos, and realizations of Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaja on how to attain Harinam Siddhi by Mahavaishnava Shambhu's and Nitai's mercy.
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Tune Your Roop Dhyan Antenna at All Costs or There is Only Doom Awaiting You
to buy 24 carat gold, you should be able to sense it first and if you have luckily got 24 carat gold by good fortune then learn to sense it

When the antenna of the disciple can't receive and experience roop dhyan due to one's dosha and nadi imbalances, lack of sukriti, aparadha, etc. even from the realized sound vibrations of a Guru whose vani is drenched with profound roop dhyan, then gradually all may be lost for such a disciple as he or she will find it difficult to mechanically maintain faith in even a most exalted Guru. Such a disciple may choose another Guru thinking that the Guru was at fault to stress too much on roop dhyan, etc. but again the disciple may lose faith there too as his or her own spiritual roop dhyan antenna was never strong enough to sense who is realized and who is not realized in the first place. In this way, the disciple will keep jumping from one Guru to the other and eventually leave Bhakti itself due to one's offenses of faulty realization-less discrimination.
🚣🎼 v4 Tap Here to Listen to My Nityaseva Rowing Audio Finally Tuned to Supreme Analog Bahya Roop Dhyan Perfection! It see my nauka superimposed in bahya with the divine forms of Gauri Shankar, Swaminiji, Dasis, etc. on it as I serve on Them it as I listen to this masterpiece!
Their Bhakta Gives Mercy

Shreel Vishwanath Chakravarti Thakur reveals in Shree Madhurya Kadambini: "The Supreme Lord does not give mercy directly but awards it only through His pure devotee!" And this is valid even for our own most merciful Lords of Kaliyuga Nitai Gaura (Balaram Krishna) as They are first and foremost the Supreme Lords Themselves, who just played the part of being Krishna's devotees to teach us Bhakti. If you carefully read Navadvip Dham Mahatmya, etc., you will see that even Lords Nitai Gaura's mercy was actually awarded to different souls, who were not physically present in the time of Lords Nitai Gaura, by pure devotees of Nitai Gaura only like Shiv, Narad, Gauri, Surabhi, Saunak, etc. etc. The Supreme Lord Nitai and Lord Gaura did award Their causeless mercy directly to the most fallen conditioned souls specifically during Their manifest presence and to Their nityasiddha associates like the Six Goswamis, etc. That is why we have come to Shiv, the still-present-in-this-universe great Mahavaishnav of Nitai Gaura, to truly receive Nitai Gaura's mercy from Him, because that is the true way to receive Nitai Gaura's mercy from Nitai Gaura's Topmost Pure Devotee and Sarva Guru of all souls in this universe according to our Acharyas, especially when our Supreme Lords Nitai Gaura have become unmanifest in Their prakata leela in our universe and returned to Golok Vrindavan and because of the fact that we are not yet qualified to directly approach even our most merciful Supreme Lords Nitai Gaura, what to speak of directly approaching Shree Shree Radha Krishna, in our present envious and offensive state of mind, which Raghunath das, Jeev, etc. showed by their example, unless Their pure devotee like Shiv makes us pure and offenseless to receive Their mercy.
Forwarded from Nandi Shivaya Bahya Dhyan by Nitairi
Gurudeva you are right when we remember the bhakta Rupa even faintly it gives meaning to anything we do, without the Rupa dhyan it is meaningless. Remembering the Rupa along with anything brings positive joy, purification of heart , descending mercy upliftment and clarity. It's a difference of day and night between remembering the form even faintly vs being in forgetfulness of the form.
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Their Bhakta Gives Mercy Shreel Vishwanath Chakravarti Thakur reveals in Shree Madhurya Kadambini: "The Supreme Lord does not give mercy directly but awards it only through His pure devotee!" And this is valid even for our own most merciful Lords of Kaliyuga…
The most advanced devotees do the topmost bhakta nama kirtan

Knowing that They include the true mercy of the Lord, those who revel more in the holy names of the pure devotees of the Lord than even the names of the Lord Himself are the most advanced devotees in creation as they are doing what the Supreme Lord Himself constantly does: chanting, singing, and dancing while meditating on and glorifying His own pure devotees while relishing that supreme bliss, which is even higher than the bliss in His own glorification. Rukmini Herself revealed this secret of all secrets to Krishna in Dvaraka in Chaitanya Mangal which left Krishna stunned and shocked and due to that He decided to come as Gaura to Himself relish that higher bliss of glorifying and singing the kirtan of His pure devotees! For example, singing the names and glories of Nitai's Dvadash Gopals is even more pleasing to Nitai and thus even more mercy-awarding than singing Nitai's own name. And calling, "He Padmavati", "He Hadai", "He Nitaipriya Shiv", "He Nitaipriya Hanuman", "He Nitaipriya Nandi", "He Nitaipriya Gauri", etc. is even more merciful and easily reaching and pleasing to Nitai in our offensive state than directly saying, "He Nitai". Read more deeper science about this here.
Mind says, "Why do I need to do dhyan, why can I just mindlessly chant, hear bhakti audios, sing, read, watch bhakti videos, and talk with devotees a little and that's it. My bhakti is done for the day. Please don't tell me to focus. Please don't tell me to concentrate on the divine form. Please don't tell me to think of anything. I will do bhakti in the way I want and as per my capacity only."
Forwarded from  (निताइ chi)
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Evening Mahavaishnava Shambhu Kirtan 🌷🔱
Sang samsar davanal and vaishnav prarthana kirtan for 1 hour with everyone, felt so blissful, sang that let my last breath come with vaishnav dhyan in my mind, vaishnav doya is my only wish, vaishnav karuna is my only hope. jai shivbhakt vrind, jai nitaibhakt vrind! 🙌
Forwarded from Nandi Shivaya Bahya Dhyan by Nitairi

Gurudev, I'm speechless and brought to tears by all this. Incredible work..thank you so much. Had such immersive and blissful ecstatic bahya dhyan of Shiva and Nandi this morning by hearing these audios.

The astral projection track is off the charts..makes me cry ..6 the flute gives such vivid dhyan. N.29 ambrosial flute is so blissful and divine that it makes me think Nandi Maharaj is sitting on my bed. N.28 I could see more details of Nandi maharaja's form. In track 25 I feel such vivid dhyan of Shiva, it is soooo track 24 I could also meditate vividly. Also this track I think I could play around family as it is like normal classical music. Track 22 is so joyful and induces such wonderful dhyan. 21 is incredible, get goosebumps and vivid dhyan. 20 Shivashtakam is so good. 19 track Is incredible, brings remembrance of Ganesha and destroys obstacles. 13 also sounds beautiful.

Hearing these tracks I feel I am surrounded by the pure devotees of the Lord. I do not feel bodily consciousness. I feel the spiritual world of bliss and purity with the dear devotees of the Lord. I cry feeling all this causeless mercy which comes from your tireless sevas.

All the tracks and the subsequent bhakta Rupa dhyan they induce is a truly incredible soul stirring spiritual experience of becoming closer and closer to the Maha vaishnavas 😭 there is no one who could give us any thing higher or more genuine.

We are eternally grateful to you our spiritual father who nourishes us with dhyan in this cold thankless material world 🙏🙏 please let us serve you for ever
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Seva vs Smaran

True seva is the seva done with deep smaran. Seva (prachar seva, vaishnav seva, vigraha seva) without smaran is a purificatory preparation for smaran, it is not the end goal. If one dies while doing seva without smaran, the highest destination may still not be guaranteed right away. But if one dies in pure deep smaran only or in seva with deep smaran, one is guaranteed the highest destination right away. (gita 8.5: smaran muktva kalevaram...)
Forwarded from Nandi Shivaya Bahya Dhyan by Nitairi
The greatest joy in life

The most rewarding thing to experience in life when the vision of the divine form lingers in ones mind. This is incompatibly much more rewarding then the satisfaction of making money, friends , relatives , followers etc.. but it is also the hardest to come by. When the divine form appears and stays in ones vision taste for everything else naturally fades away, but it truly requires the blessings and mercy of those who are already seeing the divine form!
Forwarded from Hadaisuta das channel (Hadaisuta das)
Mahavaishnava Shambhuji Meditation Aspirations

🌺 I fell at the lotus feet of Shreela Gurudeva in Bahire Dhyana aspiring to meditate on the divine form of Mahavaishnava Shambhuji.

🌺 Tri-netra dhari shambhu was present on a raised platform beneath the rustling leaves of a kalpavriksha which bathed in the bliss of seeing his divine form.

🌺 Mahavaishnava shambhu who grants hari-prema by his presence was seated in silence and his extended long arms resembled two glowing pillars.

🌺 Sri gauri devi whose face resembles a lotus and whose feet are worshipped by the universe was dressed in red graments and waved a splendid white chamara close to his roopa.

🌺 The associates who're shiva-dhyana-parayanah watched in awe and bliss as the king of the serpents whose gem-like beauty increases every moment coiled around the bluish-neck of their lord and produced a hissing sound.

🌺 Bumblebees who're the best amongst the sages arrived to bathe in the nectar which emanates from the lotus feet of kailashpati shambhu and gauri-devi.

🌺 The kailavashvasi clouds became filled with the extreme bliss of witnessing his jata which're ever wet with the charanamrita of his supreme master.

🌺 An associate resounded the dundubi drum through his lotus hands as the lord of kailash opened his lotus eyes to grant darshan to his dearmost associates in kailash which remains sanctified with vedic hymns.
To be udasin means to be internally unconscious of this material world (moorchha) even while consciously doing our activities externally and only be internal conscious of the spiritual divine form!
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