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BetU Ecosystem:
- BetU Verse - Metaverse resort & casino - 3D NFT collection.
- EarnU - Predict-to-earn sports & esports game.
- BetU - Sports, Esports and crypto betting platform.

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📢 Tech Update

Core focus is currently on improving speed to meet BetRadars performance requirements for their Managed Trading Service & Live Odds Integration.

Works being conducted include:

- Implementing Kafka queue to process messages for multiple fixtures simultaneously
- Code refactoring to handle messages for independent processes in parallel
- DB-level and query optimization:
a. Aggregating related tables to one table: when writing data from one message, only one table needs to be queried and written to.
b. Indexing tables for LO, which will improve the performance of queries to these tables
c. Grouping multiple queries in a process to one single query
d. Use Cache: get data which has been processed recently instead of fetching data from the server

- Optimize socket (changes that you see on screen without refresh are from sockets) and forward messages from BR directly to FE
a. Create rooms for sockets and only send sockets for registered rooms to client
b. Data will be processed at BE and sent to FE (UI) at the same time

The current goal is to have live odds integrated and testing on EarnU by the 19th - 26th of July.
📢 BetRadar Live Odds Speed Test Update

With all the improvements to our bet processing systems, our speed tests have improved dramatically!

Processing time for bets on 50 concurrent live matches is down from 4 seconds to 1 second. Well under the 2 second requirement. Now we ramp it up to 100 concurrent matches.💨
Congrats to Round 16's Top Earners!
Get your picks in for the weekend!
Live Odds getting moved into production on EarnU for the coming weeks to do user testing for BetU. Inching closer to the release of our flagship product.
Get your picks in for the weekend.
Live in game odds have been integrated for the next 2 rounds as a user testing environment for the BetU betting platform.
Congrats to this weeks top earners!
Get your picks in for the weekends matches!
Congratulations to Rebecca8 - Top of the leaderboard for Round 19!
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📢 Tech Update

Core focus is completing the BetRadar Managed Trading Service integration and passing the final review in the week beginning 15 August 2022.

Works being completed:
- Finalizing full flow of MTS (Submit ticket - Response - Cancel - Cancel response)
- Liability Driven Odds integration (producer - 4 - Final)
- Single wallet address for ERC-20 & BEP-20 deposits
- Geo blocking users from unsupported countries
- Self-exclusion updates
- Testing and bug fixing of multi currency crypto betting (BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, BETU)
- Options to display stake & payouts in USD on bet slip
- Betting improvements for outright events (details, bet slip & latest bets)
- KYC flow updates & restrictions
- Trial Round features have been developed and in testing for EarnU, enabling people to join and play a round without holding BETU tokens (no rewards).
Younggun with a massive 3,797 points takes out the top prize of 2,000 $BETU