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Exchanger monitor — free information service about current e-currency exchange rates.
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It sometimes happens that the money after an exchange come with a delay. Rest assured that your means will not be lost if you have chosen an exchanger from the list on

☝️ Every website goes through a diligence check by dozens of parameters before becoming a part of the listing.

What should you do in case of a delay?
👉 Don’t worry. An exchanger is like any other institution where suddenly any technical problems may occur.
👉 Firstly, you need to wait. A delay in crediting the funds can depend on the day of the week, for instance, an exchange happened during out-of-office hours. Usually an exchange takes an hour.
👉 Write to the support service. Usually, the websites have plenty of communication ways, please select the one the suits you best
👉 If the problem is not getting solved, you can leave a claim on our website, indicating your exchange number. The majority of exchangers care a lot about their reputation, and shall a claim appear, they will solve the issue faster.
Dear everyone!
On November 15 from 21:30 to 01:30 (UTC) on techinal works are scheduled, during which the site may be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.
RAKIB top manager believes that the main cryptocurrency will grow to $100,000
BestChange monitor is your best helper in exchanging cryptocurrency and e-money. Here’s a few examples why it is indeed convenient to use our site.

👉 Almost all cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, sometimes their rate changes by dozens of per cent in a few ho
👉 All exchangers are thoroughly picked and pass due diligence check.
👉 Intuitive interface allows to quickly understand the site and immediately see possible options for an exchange.
👉  If you need rare exchange directions, you can rely on us.

👉 In case of a claim, exchanger must quickly get in touch and solve the issue,

👌 If you haven’t found a satisfying rate or sufficient reserves, set up notifications for your email or Telegram as soon as a profitable offer appears —
Winklevoss Brothers, Cameron and Tyler, became the first bitcoin millionaires. In 2008, they received $65 million in compensation from Mark Zuckerberg: the brothers accused the founder of Facebook of copying their own site and wanted to sue him, but the case was settled peacefully.

The Winklevosses disposed of the monetary compensation wisely - in 2013 they invested $11 million in bitcoin, and when the rate of this cryptocurrency skyrocketed a few years later, the enterprising brothers received their first crypto billion in their иitcoin wallet.

The Winklevosses are still reluctant to sell their coins. They claim that bitcoin will rise in price by 20 times and replace gold.
How do you think, wil their forecasts come true?
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I want to hope so
It, it won’t skyrocket any more