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Believers in the Messiah, Jews and gentiles alike, don’t require to fast and pray for the sake of causing their names to be written in God’s book of life.
We can already rejoice because our names are already “written in heaven.” (Luke 10:20)

Don’t misunderstand me: Fasting and praying is a biblical way to listen to God and communicate with Him but it’s the finished work of Yeshua that gives us the right to already rejoice and not have to go through an annual time of mourning and crying to find mercy before the throne of God.

Fasting has never saved anyone in the past!

Fasting can never save anyone even today!

Fasting will never save anyone in the future!

It’s faith in Christ alone that can save a soul of any human!

Israel will continue fast and pray every year on Yom Kippur even throughout the Tribulation until it will come to an end with the amazing return of the Messiah on the clouds.
“And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.”
(Zechariah 12:10)
A signal from Russia? Israel is not included in the list of countries that are defined as friendly and can trade foreign exchange on the stock exchange.

Russia has approved a list of what it calls a "list of friendly and neutral countries" of countries whose banks can trade foreign exchange markets on Russia's stock exchange, as it seeks to reduce pressure on the ruble following currency depreciation and outflows from Russia.

There are 33 countries in the final list, but the interesting point is that Israel is not included in the list - even though it appeared in the initial draft that was distributed in September.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia wrote in a statement that he published: "The measure is intended to increase the efficiency in the direct transfer of national currencies to friendly and neutral countries."

There are those who claim that Israel does not appear on the list because of the small amount of ruble trade on Israel's part, so this is a "technical" issue. But who claims: this is a Russian signal, which comes after Putin's attack on Russian oligarchs who fled to Israel.

It is important to emphasize: this is not a change by Moscow in defining Israel as a friendly country of Russia, but there may be a first signal here, just after Netanyahu met with Zelensky, of a change of direction in Moscow.

(Kann 11)
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Large fire inside a power plant in Tha Tum Subdistrict of Si Maha Phot in Prachinburi Province, Thailand.
A Ukrainian missile hit the headquarters of the Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet located in Sevastopol, Crimea.
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A mass prayer of Jews at the western wall on the weekend before Yom Kippur.
Netanyahu at the United Nations: “we shouldn’t let the Palestinians a right of veto over any peace deal in the Middle East. They are only 2% of the Arabs. Once they see the fruits if the peace with our neighbors they might rethink their ways.”
The prime minister talked about the new Middle East where a trade route will start in India and go across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.
During Netanyahu's speech: the Saudi representative was sitting in the hall.
The Saudi media also broadcast Netanyahu's speech and followed his statements.

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Heavy floods due to extreme rains in Phuket, Thailand
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Terrible tornado hits in Milan, Italy
A short time ago, the IDF attacked, using a remotely manned aircraft, two military positions of the terrorist organization Hamas. The positions are close to the centers where disturbances are taking place and from which incendiary balloons were set off near the border fence in the Gaza Strip.
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Ukrainian intelligence claims that nine people were killed in the attack on Sevastopol, including several generals.
The mass formation psychosis that our world is going through with regards to gender, family, climate, and nationalism will eventually bring about an enormous violent clash between the two opposite forces and that is exactly the moment when a new world leader will be invited into the scene. He will be peaceful-looking yet totalitarian acting! A tired world will gladly embrace him.
The world is nearly ready for it! We are not there yet but we are on the fast track towards it. All it takes is one more pandemic or a major war combined with natural disaster on a scale unseen before. It’s coming!

Our hope still remains in the one and only who can bring peace that surpasses all understanding, joy unspeakable, and rest to our souls. The one and only way to God, His everlasting kingdom, and His eternal dwelling place. That one is our beloved Messiah Yeshua!
This! PM Netanyahu at UNGA with a map of Israel in 1948 and the New Middle East:

"The blessing of a new Middle East, between Israel, Saudi Arabia and our other neighbors will not only bring down barriers, but will build new corridors  of peace and prosperity, that connects Asia, through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel, to Europe. Another monumental pivot of history."

We are watching the formation of a new Middle East but it won’t be too long before the coalition of Ezekiel 38 will bring again the winds of change. Only this time for terrible war that the Lord God of Israel will win supernaturally!
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Heavy floods due to extreme rain fall in Nagpur city, Maharashtra, India

Often times, we as believers are caught inside our own world, forgetting that outside the reality is rapidly changing and not for the good. If, in the past, people had at least a distorted understanding of what salvation and Christianity are all about, these days people aren’t even aware of those values or the concept of God and creation. Spiritual truth has been replaced with spiritual deception.

In my effort to reach out to a lost and dying world that is engulfed with fear and despair, the Lord gave me the idea to use fiction as a way to bring reality to those who normally run away from it.

As an Israeli who is well-versed with world events and Middle East affairs, I teamed up with a great fiction writer, author Steve Yohn, and together we began to create the Nir Tavor Mossad Thrillers.

The difference between these books and other existing thrillers is that our novels are based on true events. Throughout the series the reader can not only learn Middle East history, but will also be exposed to the spiritual dilemmas and journeys of a male Israeli-born Jewish agent and a female South African-born Gentile analyst. The gospel is woven into their stories and is delivered in a way that is non-preachy, yet clear and simple to understand.

I am asking you all to help me now to make sure that this book will make it to the shelves of the ungodly and worldly big stores. They care much more about pre-sales numbers than the content of the book.

Please preorder a few copies as gifts to friends and family, and let’s “fool the system” into getting the gospel out to the world!