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Hey fellas! We’re almost ready to start minting of the greatest ever NFT BeaRex collection!

Important info for those who already in WL and linked the wallet. Please visit the special discord chat where you need to confirm your wallet.

Everyone else who want to get the WL, please take into consideration, that only 5% of places in WL remained. Double your chances and go to Discord!

If you’re still not tried our demo version, don’t loose your chances to fix the situation immediately !! Everyday rewards of 150$ for gamers and referrals and new unique tasks for tokens and USD for your pleasure! TRY IT ASAP)

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Hey Guys!

Points! What are they? Why do you need them?

1. You earn points for completing the tasks.
2. You exchange points to the real money.
3. 1USDT = 88 points.
4. Minimum USDT to withdrawal to the wallet = 30USDT.
5. Complete all tasks and earn 40USDT.
6. Prize fund for tasks is limited = 5800.
7. Don’t be the last one to withdrawal the money. But if you come the last one, don’t get upset - cause your points will transform to the tokens in the game when it will be launched and also take your place in a PRIZE DRAWING of 5 NFT's.

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There was a true miracle today in the BeaRex universe!
We’d like to thank Drac9xy.v1 for exposing these in-game cheaters! Just look at what he found! Dear Drac9xy.v1, we’d like to reward you with 30$ for your discovery! Please send us your ERC20 wallet address!
Dear players and referrers, if you find a way to cheat in our game, send us the info and we’ll reward you!

UNFORTUNATELY, due to certain cunning individuals, we’ve had to STOP PAYMENTS to those who won from the 15th-18th of September. This only applies to in-game winners, however.
Our team is doing their best right now to solve this issue and get back to payments ASAP. Please continue following up our social media to stay up to date!

P.S. Payments for referrals are still in progress! Everything is fine regarding referrals!
At the end of 2022 GameFi will be the most popular direction of Crypto in different genres.

We present a new concept – Play & Earn, which differs from Play2Earn. Now you can play for free. Furthermore, BeaRex is a freedom of choice because it’s a multiplatform game. You can play whenever and wherever you want.

BeaRex is an ideal game if you enjoy playing for free. NFT owners could employ you to complete levels. If you do it successfully, your social status (your rating as an employee) will grow.

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Hey Guys 🐻

More than 15 k players in game!! What about you?! Try your luck!

Start the competition with others to become #1 and get your reward! Let’s find who is the PAPA bear!!

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Hello players and referrers! We’ve got some VERY IMPORTANT NEWS for you!

Coming into effect from the 17th of September 2022 at 3pm UTC, we’re changing the amount of winners within our game and referral program!
We want to give more people a chance to win, which is why we’re changing the number of winners from 5 to 10!

For the players, we count only those with the highest score. For the referrers, we count only those who played our game via your unique link!

Below is the new scoreboard:

1 - 30$
2 - 24$
3 - 22$
4 - 20$
5 - 16$
6 - 12$
7 - 8$
8 - 7$
9 - 6$
10 - 5$

Don’t forget to connect your ERC20 wallet!
Rewards are issued daily, 24 hours after the end of each day at 3pm UTC.
May the force of BeaRex be with you!
With BeaRex you can have fun and you can make money! Our new concept - mix business with pleasure — you can just play, or to earn money while playing. We call it Play & Earn.

Our concept differs from Play 2 Earn, because you can play for free or to switch to earn mode. How? Find out in the next chapter!

What is Free 2 Play within BeaRex?

BeaRex is a game for not only making money, but also for pleasure. We have combined Play-2-Earn with a Free-2-Play concept. Therefor, anyone interested could have an opportunity to play BeaRex for free without investment or monetization.

In the free version, your gameplay can be saved. If you want to earn, just switch to a Play-&-Earn mode. We believe that this concept is what distinguishes BeaRex from a number of other GameFi projects.

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Hey Guys


New video from BeaRex universe. Easy - peasy video instruction how to take part in referral program! Simple way to earn real money!

Kindly reminder for you referrers!

Everyday reward for 10 winners is 150$. The winner is the one who will bring more people. Counts only people who have played the game.
1 - 30$
2 - 24$
3 - 22$
4 - 20$
5 - 16$
6 - 12$
7 - 8$
8 - 7$
9 - 6$
10 - 5$
Just copy the link and sent to friends

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We have serious intentions, so the BeaRex Universe will turn out to be truly large-scale. What awaits you:

● 1)Play and Earn game. The special feature of Play and Earn is the merging of the Free to Play and Play to Earn formats.
● 2) Animated TV series. The trailer is ready and the team is working on the
first episode of the first season. The series will not be about cryptocurrencies
or blockchain, it will be category 6+, like a mixture of Family Guy and
Simpsons, satirical and humorous about the world around us it will be
distributed via Netflix or apple TV or YT
● 3) Licensing in different categories (Food,health,pet and beauty products,
toys and stationery, publishing e.t.c..) and production of the line of own toys.
Hugbears - just imagine a plushy bear that walks around and hugging you.
● 4) Educational platform for user generated content with BeaRex characters.

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People of earth! 🧸

This message is for you! The era of BeaRex is coming!

Don’t waste your life on a temporary ecosystem! The Bearex ecosystem is ETERNAL: get ready for the HYPE. Early birds are looking forward to the NFT mint!

By the way – a new task has been launched! Don’t forget to carry it out via our Telegram bot and earn some money!
Hey Guys

Buenos Dias, early birds! Everyone’s asking about the mint date…Well, this is top secret info, but don’t worry; the date is near!
Let me briefly explain to you why it’s so important to buy an NFT at our first mint!

1 The best prices ever;
2 Top bear characteristics for playing the game;
3 Some of the bears will be main heroes in our TV series.

Isn’t it enough for you to take the right decision?!

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Hey Guys


There’s a video out from the BeaRex universe. Easy-peasy video instructions on how to take part in our referral program! It’s a simple way to earn real money!

It’s a kind reminder for all you keen referrers!

Every day, we reward 10 winners with $150. The winners are those who bring the most people to BeaRex. However, this only counts for people who play the game.
1 - $30
2 - $24
3 - $22
4 - $20
5 - $16
6 - $12
7 - $8
8 - $7
9 - $6
10 - $5
Just copy the link and send it to your friends!

P.s. check the new task with a lot of tokens!!

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Hey Guys 👋

Income in the game.

This is the most fun and the most interesting part.

BeaRex offers a wide range of income opportunities, which is why this game [will be] so much fun to play!

The basis of income is one simple thing - to mine as much TripCoin as possible, because TCs can be sold on the exchange and withdrawn into any other currency.

We encourage you not to rush to do this, but go back to the point about Investments - TC can be spent on a large number of game features and mechanics to multiply your fortune.

CU can be obtained in a multitude of ways.

Find it in a level and collect it. Any NFT Bear has a good supply of TripEnergy, which allows you to find CU in a level.

Grow and sell a Bear. Raising a Bear's Level and Rank increases its characteristics and makes it more valuable than when it was just a baby when purchased. Such a Bear can be sold more expensively on the Marketplace.

It is worth noting that there are as many as FIVE ways to level up the Bear in the game.

Collect, create, and sell NFT resources. Bear is not just running around the level, he comes across various resources that can be sold or not sold and used to mine even more resources!

Berries, Shards, and Smoothies can be used or sold at the Marketplace.

The player won't have to think too hard - Berries, Smoothies and Shards of a certain Rarity and Rank are better suited for a particular Bear than the others, which are just the ones that can be sold.

There are FOUR ways to mine Berries and FIVE ways to mine Shards, and there are TWO ways to sell them and get the coveted CU.

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Hey Guys

Don’t be late, early birds! We’re reminding you that if you want to buy a BeaRex NFT, taking advantage of the special price. Are you going to be our first BeaRex in-game millionaire? Then STOP WASTING TIME! Head on over to our Discord channel where you’ll get a WL spot. You’ll need to be active over there to submit your wallet.

Hey CryptoCyans! We’ve got a short poll for all of you.

Would you buy a BeaRex NFT that would enable you to earn in-game while getting everyday rewards in the Beta, tasks and access to a referral system?

Thanks for your answers!
Game time
To take full advantage of all these possibilities, you'll need to spend your available resources as efficiently as possible.
For example, to be able to mine the full range of resources available in the game, and with an increased chance of drops, it is necessary to spend Smoothies to launch a level. In addition, some of the Bear's Energy is also spent on launching a level.
To make sure that these valuable resources are not wasted, it's better for the player to concentrate and give it all to this level, because if the bear gets into the jaws of the Dinosaur after 30 seconds, these resources will be spent very inefficiently. However, if the player can hold out for a few minutes, the investment can be repaid tenfold.
For the sake of efficiency, it will be enough to spend all the Bear’s Energy and remaining TripEnergy on the Berry levels every day and last at least 2 minutes on each. This takes about 30-40 minutes per day.
Hey Guys 🐻

A post of gratitude!
Well, well, well. What can we say – it’s come to an end! It’s been really awesome. Here are the results:
13K+ people on Discord;
22K+ on Twitter;
20K+ people on our TG channel;
25K+ people on our TG chat;
100K+ messages in chat;
5,000+ questions send in to @admin;
And 10K USD sent out to our users!
We want to say a huge THANKS to all of you!
But, this is only the beginning of our journey with you!
In few days’ time, we’ll publish new rules for the game, our referral program and thrilling tasks, so don’t miss our new posts!

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Hey Guys 🐻

10 reasons to buy our NFTs as quick as you can:

1. Value for money;
2. Great quality;
3. Marketing support with an animated series;
4. Extensive growth on the secondary market;
5. Special NFT utility;
6. A calculated LTV for each NFT;
7. Limited quantity;
8. A mystery box with a chance to get an NFT worth 15k USD;
9. A royalty model for NFT owners;
10. Everyone loves bears and dinosaurs!

Hey Guys 🐻

Our beautiful audience! Please be informed that on the 26th of September, we published the latest task in our bot with a token reward. Before the 30th of September, 15.00 UTC, we’re planning to finalise the results and send out the rewards to participants.

Please don’t get upset if you’re not among the participants who managed to withdraw money to their wallets – for you, we have a 5-NFT draw!

P.S. In few days’ time, we’ll publish new tasks with rewards as WL spots! Keep a look-out for our next posts on social networks!