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🏆 بهترین بازی سال (در کشور آلمان):
"Sky Team" 🥇
By Luc Rémon
- Other Nominees:
"Captain Flip"
By Paolo Mori & Remo Conzadori
"In the Footsteps of Darwin"
By Grégory Grard & Matthieu Verdier
🏆 بهترین بازی حرفه‌ای (پیچیده‌ی) سال (در کشور آلمان):
"Daybreak" or "e-Mission" 🥇
By Matt Leacock & Matteo Menapace
- Other Nominees:
"The Guild of Merchant Explorers"
By Matthew Dunstan & Brett J. Gilbert
"Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West"
By Rob Daviau & Matt Leacock & Alan R. Moon
🏆 بهترین بازی کودکانه‌ی سال (در کشور آلمان):
"Die Magischen Schlüssel" 🥇
By Arno Steinwender & Markus Slawitscheck
- Other Nominees:
"Große Kleine Edelsteine"
By Wolfgang Warsch
"Taco Kitten Pizza"
By Dave Campbell & Thierry Denoual