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We hope everyone is safely home, or on their way home with good memories

We hope to see you next time, and would like to know your thoughts, please make your feedback through this form, or DM @FrostFurry Personally !

Also post pictures you've would like to share in shared google drive : Link Bellow
It's finally done! Small recap video from baltifur! You can find video here: Again thanks guys for coming! I can't wait to see you guys again!!!
Just a small reminder... Pictures from Baltifur are here:
We're proud to announce that BaltiFur v3 will be running once again, from 17-20 October !

More information and registration will be delivered on 12/13 August

We've Changed locations, but still located in Riga !

More info Soon ......
Baltifur Announcements pinned ยซGreetings Attendees ! We are proud to announce that registration has gone live ! Join our general chat - Join our announcment channel - if you haveโ€ฆยป
Hello BaltiFur attendees

First processed registrations will receive payment links and further information on 27th August

Information will consist off sleeping layout and allocation !

Remember that you will be able to chose your allocation only, after payment is receive!

By paying you agree to terms written in registration link and E-mail or message you will receive!

If you do want to have more freedom to chose best options please do not hesitate aswell as remember that sleeping and general attendance spots are limited !
Hello Attendees!

It is possible to order something to remember BaltiFur now!

We've combiled A shirt version of BaltiFur Logo

it is possible to order one of these shirts, till end of this sunday,

You ill be required to send 15 eur to PayPal, And specify your shirt size !

If by any chances we fail to deliver on 17-18 October, you will be issued a refund!
BaltiFur is over the horizon and we are happy to see such interest for this even

A quick brief - BaltiFur's premises will open at 4 pm on thursday!

"Official" opening will be at 7pm on Friday, but everyone is welcome to come starting thursday!

It's October and it might get very cold, grab an extra sweater or blanket with you!

There won't be any food catering on thursday, however friday there will be dinner, saturday breakfast, and saturday dinner!

Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly

Itis possible to pitch into bar-fund like last time! Preferably if money is sent over pay pal barfund bough items will only be available to bar-fund donators

There will be furwalk durring saturday in the center and form of planned schedule/events will be released shortly! If you have any questions please discuss it in the chat or poke @frostfurry

Hello BaltiFur! I am proud to announce that dates for BaltiFur have been set !

We are looking at 6-9 August!

Keep on checking out for more information as more will come in upcoming weeks

We've been following updates daily, and best case scenario is that BaltiFur may not be affected with current situation, however registration and full information Will be postponed till 1st May!

We've also pushed possible dates for the BaltiFur to 13-16 August!

Stay Safe!

Due to state of emergency in Latvia recently was pushed till 12th may, registration and further information will be postponed till we get more information about the situation from the government!

Sorry for inconvenience!
Mow Mow!

Sadly we have to announce that BaltiFur as it was intended will not happen on planned dates
I believe durring this crisis we cannot provide and/or achieve attendee count required to deliver the step up in quality we intended

What does this means for BaltiFur in the future....

The future dates are unknown wether we will skip a year or host a wintercon, a lot needs to be planned a different aproach would be needed if we do intend to host durring winter.

If we do skip a year most likely there will be a BaltiFur party announce, the scope would be similar to previous year.

If you have suggestions/wishes do discuss here:

We re keeping close eye on recent developments related to covid.

At current situation it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to host anything this summer.

This summer is very crucial and we are patiently waiting for a hopeful signal to start preparing for next event.

Conditions we re waiting for is:
1) United vaccine certification
2) atleast 60-70% vaccination in our country to announce any certain planned dates.
3) Lifted restrictions by the goverment

We would like to host an event without any restrictions, but we sadly going to be able to do so when vaccines will be rolled out properly and easily accessable or enough herd immunity is developed otherwise.

Proof of vaccination will be required in order to apply for the event.

Currently any estimates when we might be able to even think of hosting anything is October/November.

Thank you for patience and hope to see you soon!

If you wish to discuss BaltiFur related topics or get to know people who are interested to join, please see link here: