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Backlinks service
Creating backlinks to the site, pages, ratings, ratings.
Backlinks attract Google search engine robots (crawlers) that crawl the page and content, after the crawlers reach the site, the indexing robots rank and index the page.
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Backlinks for Google

About this work

Placement of backlinks for promotion and ranking in the Google search engine on forums, comments, blogs in the amount of 1000, 5000, 10000 links.

Fresh forum, blogs, comments base (mixed)

We're use anchor links and non-anchor backlinks so I adapt backlinks for Google searches.

We do a natural ratio of do follow and no follow links for google search engine loyalty.

We are always in touch.

What do we need to get started:

We need ONE link

We need your keywords to be placed in a column

We're submit a progress report through majestic, semrush or ahrefs, if any of the sites have fewer links, we're report through the site with more backlinks links due to indexing delay

-20$-300 Backlinks
Basic-40$-1000 Backlinks
Standard-80$-5000 Backlinks
Premium-120$-10000 Backlinks + Near-link text

Order Backlinks, contact us!

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Backlink pyramid SEO

Work in three steps:

1. Stage - Simple Backlinks

2. Stage - backlinks through redirects of highly reliable sites, for example - link

3. Stage - Placing an example on analyzer sites - link

Explanation for stage 3 - only the main page of the site is placed on the analyzers, subsequent pages cannot be placed

Three stages are sequentially, in total there will be 10000-30000 backlinks from three stages

This link pyramid strategy is the most effective

Show placement on analyzer sites via TXT file

List of site analyzers 40 pcs

We're submit a progress report via majestic, semrush or ahrefs, if there are fewer links to one of the services, then we report the service with more backlinks links because it delays

To get started we need:

I need ONE link from you

I need keywords, but ideally one keyword or no more than three, the more keywords the less effective

-140$-10000 Backlinks
Standard-240$-20000 Backlinks
Premium-300$-30000 Backlinks

Contact us!
Backlinks, top google, DR domain ranking increase, website promotion

Website Ranking is Important for SEO promotion.

We are engaged in attracting Google search robots to your site to increase the site's ranking.

There are 2 main types of search robots - crawling and indexing.

Crawling robots are the first to enter the site, and also instruct the indexing robots to enter.

The more clicks to the site of search robots, the better for the site.

Before starting work, we will provide you with a screenshot of the domain rating from ahrefs, after the work is completed, there will also be a screenshot of the site rating from ahrefs.

Pay only for results!

Estimated production time from 3 to 14 days,

In rare cases, more time is required.

We work with sites up to 50 DR

To complete an order, we need:

ONE website link and ONE keyword

Social networks are not suitable for this job

160$-(+3 DR)

Contact us!

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