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Apps to save you if you lose your smartphone

No one is immune to the fact that his phone can fall into the hands of intruders. So better to worry about the safety of your data in advance by installing special applications.

1️⃣ Wasted application - locks and erases the phone in an emergency situation (for example, if it has not been turned on for a certain number of days).

2️⃣ Lockwatch app - takes a picture from the Android front camera every time someone enters the wrong password, and then sends it to your email.
Hey, want to save some battery life on your smartphone? Here's a smart tip: figure out which apps are sucking up the most power.

With this trick, you'll get an edge and have more juice to use throughout the day! #savvy #smartphone #battery #lifehack

The battery life of even the newest smartphones can be a challenge despite developers' best efforts.

Hey, did you hear about that study from the pCloud team? They looked at the top 100 apps and found out which ones drain your battery the most. Apparently, it's the ones that run in the background a lot, like Fitbit.

And no surprise, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Zoom, and Telegram are up there too. So, if you're trying to save battery life, it might be worth keeping an eye on those apps!

Consumption gets influenced by:

▪️ the functions the app uses (camera, location, microphone and Wi-Fi)

▪️ battery consumption

▪️ the presence of a dark mode, which saves battery
👀 Have you ever used an app or program to swap faces in a photo? It's a fun way to see what you would look like with a different face or play a harmless prank on your friends.
Hey there! If you leave me a quick comment, I'll text you with the link you need. Sound good?
Just go to the website➡️ Click on the "Start swapping" button ➡️ upload the main photo you want to change the face ➡️ add a photo of the face you want to change.
This service has many options, so you can edit the photo. Click on the "Download" button after you finish photo editing.
It's much easier and faster than spending hours in Photoshop.
Hey, have you heard? Google Maps Street View is back in India!They had banned it in 2016, but now it's available in most major cities. I just checked out my house location on it and it's pretty cool. Plus, you can even do live view if you tilt your phone. Just make sure you update your Google Maps app to check it out!
Are you tired of karaoke tracks with vocals that you just can't seem to get rid of? Well, worry no more! Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, removing vocals from a song has never been easier and more accessible.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Hop on over to
2️⃣ Choose the file you want to work on, sit back, and let the website do its magic
3️⃣ Edit the song to your heart's content
4️⃣ Download your masterpiece and enjoy!

That's not all, though. The website also offers other cool features such as changing the key and tempo. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started and elevate your audio game!