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We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.0 of our service!
In this version, we are introducing new features that will allow for better interaction with delivery aggregators and improve the user experience of our services.
Now you can create orders based on the availability of products in a specific warehouse or store, and disable the "Add to Cart" button to prevent accidental orders.
These and other updates will make using our service more efficient and convenient for you.
New features in the app:
- Now users can select a city that is associated with a warehouse. The user selects a city and then the warehouse in that city (Professional tariff);
- Formation of a list of products available at the selected warehouse. If a product is not available at one warehouse, it will not be displayed at another (Professional tariff);
- Each warehouse can have its own homepage with individual banners and related products (Professional tariff);
- News is available for all warehouses or only for the selected warehouse on the News Feed (Professional tariff);
- Ability to disable displaying product availability at other warehouses on the product page (Professional tariff);
- Update the homepage, add new links to any section of the app, copy a promo code from a banner in one click, and take actions on contacts (available in all tariffs);
- Ability to manually select products on the homepage, as well as a "View all products" button if the products do not fit on the page (available in all tariffs);
- Feedback forms and surveys (available in the Advanced tariff and higher);
- Ability to add a button on the product page that leads to a feedback form or survey, allowing users to sign up for a service or request a call (available in the Advanced tariff and higher);
- Ability to disable the "Add to Cart" button (available in all tariffs);
- New type of categories, infinite scroll of products vertically (available in all tariffs);
- New display of products without photos (available in all tariffs);
- New type of authorization by phone call or entering the last four digits of the incoming call (available in all tariffs);
- Branches/pick-up points now support working hours by days of the week, as well as the concept of a day off and 24-hour mode (available in all tariffs);
- The order payment system has been changed after checkout. If you chose "online payment" when placing an order but could not make the payment for any reason, the "pay" button will be available for 5 minutes, after which it will disappear (available in all tariff plans);
- All icons in the app have been updated (available in all tariff plans);
- Expanded possibilities for transition via push-notification, allowing you to go to any section of the app (available in all tariff plans);
- The process of password recovery via email has been changed, now requiring the entry of a code from the email (available in all tariff plans);
- Now you can change the word "Free" that was previously used for products with zero price (available in all tariff plans).
- In the "Advanced" and higher tariffs, new events related to feedback forms, surveys, and warehouse management are now available.
Updates in Control Panel:
- Added "Cities" section (Professional plan);
- Feedback and survey form builder (Advanced plan and above);
- Responses to feedback and survey forms can now be sent via webhook, as well as to the operator's email and Telegram bot (Advanced plan and above);
- The main page editor has been redesigned (all plans);
- The number of new/unread orders and responses to feedback and survey forms are now displayed in the Control Panel (all plans);
- Notifications in the form of pop-up messages appear in the browser when a new order/form/survey is received (all plans);
- Completed orders can be moved to the Archive for convenience (all plans);
- App settings have been partially moved to the Control Panel, and the ability to edit the tab bar and menu has been added. Now you can choose your own icon and change the section name (all plans);
- Push notification transition capabilities have been expanded, as well as viewing data and editing unsent Push notifications (all plans);
- The option to disable a category now also disables the products in that category (all plans);
- The "Import Settings" section has been changed;
- The interface for lists of categories/products/news, as well as navigation, has been changed (all plans).
Product upload:
- The XML/YML format upload has been completely redesigned to avoid losing product positions during processing (available for all tariffs);
- The ability to upload products via XML/YML file has been updated: data on product status, warehouses/branches, and information on products linked to a warehouse and city are now available (available for all tariffs);
- The XML/YML file upload now supports a new attribute that processes product variants (available for all tariffs).
- The "Pricing" section has been updated with new modules added.
Dear our clients!

If you have any questions or need additional information, we are always happy to help.
Just send us an email at hello@b2ckit.com, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards,
B2Ckit.com team.
B2Ckit News pinned «Dear our clients! If you have any questions or need additional information, we are always happy to help. Just send us an email at hello@b2ckit.com, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Best regards, B2Ckit.com team.»