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This is a channel for all the TIKO / BITe students to stay up to date with everything regarding school and Atkins.
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// Design competition

Is your favorite patch missing from the market? Have you always wanted your own work of art to decorate your coveralls? Now is the time to unleash your creativity, dig up your drawing tools and take part in the Atkins' design competition! The winner is promised 100 euro gift card to 🌟

Competition rules:
// Design competition

Would you like to win a 100 euro gift card to Verkkokauppa .com? Hurry up, because you only have 3 days left to participate in Atkins' design competition!
Are you ready to celebrate Wappu with your friends? Are you ready to level up? Are you ready to appro?

If your answer is yes, welcome to LVL-UP ONLINE 17.04.2021!

LVL-UP ONLINE is a game-themed appro -event, where you play games with your friends to earn up to three different coverall patches. Checkpoints are completed in teams of up to 8 people and smaller teams can be combined as needed, so you can also participate alone!

Facebook event:
// Design competition

Have you already voted for your favorite design? If you haven't, today is your last chance! Note: Only Haaga-Helia students can vote, so you need myy.haaga-helia account.

// Atkins Active group

Would you like to join the Atkins family? Become an Atkins Active!

Wtf is an Atkins Active? Atkins Active is a Business Information Technology student and a member of Atkins ry, who is interested in helping the Atkins board to organize activities and events for other students during the year. Being an active doesn't obligate you to participate in every activity and the time spent doing active work is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Read more:
// Design competition

And the winner of Atkins' coverall patch design competition is... Peepo with his RAM problems! Congratulations! 🐸

We have been in touch with the winner and the new coverall patches are coming later this spring. Thanks to all participants and happy Easter! 🐥
// Black weeks

Why should you join as Black member? What are the benefits? The most important reason is that you will cover your back if you end up unemployed!

You can join as a Black member as long as you are employed at the moment (fixed-term employment like summer jobs and part-time jobs are also valid, as long as you work at least 18h a week.)

⭐️ Join as a member or upgrade your current membership:

⭐️ Tips for securing the future:

⭐️ Do you have questions about the membership? Our member coordinator Biswas KC will answer your questions on Instagram today 13th of April! You can also send an email.
// Coverall patches

Now you can order our backpatch from Kide.App and get it straight to your home address! Go to Kide.App with the link or just type there #bitetiko to search and the patch is going to be yours! All patches that are ordered before Friday will be send to you this week.

// 40th + 1 annual gala

We are warmly welcoming you to celebrate 40+1-year-old Atkins ry!

This year's annual gala will be held at the festive GLO Hotel Art on 25.9.2021, so make sure to mark this date on your calendar already! Preciser information will be announced closer to the event 🥂

// Spring meeting

Atkins ry welcomes all of their members to the statutory spring meeting on 26th of May at 6pm! The meeting will be held online.

A new board member will also be elected at the meeting. You can apply for the position either by submitting the application via email ( or by arriving at the meeting.

👉 Register for the meeting:

📃 Agenda:
// Office hours

Atkins' office is open again on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12 to 14! You are welcome to buy coverall patches, ask about merbership or only come to say "hi" for us 👋

If you have any matters, you can always send us a message via social media or by e-mail
// Sitz

🇬🇧 WTF - Welcome To Finland SITZ 9.9.2021
Atkins and ESN Helga together are happy to invite you to experience traditional Finnish student culture with us and with fellow sitzers! Sitz are an academic table party where you eat, drink, sing and have fun together. This sitz delves into traditional Finnish student life through songs and themes. Tickets go on sale on September 2nd at noon!

- - -

🇫🇮 WTF - Mikä v*tun opiskelijaelämä?? SITSIT 15.9.2021
Opiskelijaelämämme on ollut valitettavasti enemmän tai vähemmän tauolla, joten muistatko enää lainkaan miltä sitsit maistuvat? Tule ottamaan siitä selvää Atkinsin kanssa! Sitsit ovat akateeminen pöytäjuhla, jossa syödään, juodaan, lauletaan ja pidetään hauskaa yhdessä. Luvassa on siis kaikkea sitä mitä opiskelijaelämästä on jäänyt uupumaan viimeisen vuoden aikana. Liput tulevat myyntiin 2.9. klo 12!
// Mentor & Apprentice program

Great news, Siili's Mentor & Apprentice program is back! Their much awaited and praised apprentice program makes a comeback with a Drupal twist 🦔🦔🦔

This program turns aspiring developers and tech enthusiasts into competent, confident consultants ready to set out and thrive at the peak of digitalization. They commit to offering their apprentices hands-on learning experiences alongside accomplished mentors – you’ll grow your spikes and learn to apply your skills extensively unique at Siili. This time they’re looking to grow prominent Drupal professionals.

Read more here and apply by 19.9.:
// Representative Council Election

Hi TIKO and BITE students! Do you want to make an impact? Want to take part in forming the student union Helga's policies and affect things that affect all Haaga-Helia students? Run for candidacy in Helga's Representative Council from Atkins' list!

🌟What is the Representative Council?
Representative councils are the student unions' highest governing bodies. The council is responsible for defining The Student Union of Haaga-Helia – Helga's rules and strategy, for approving the budget and strategy for the coming year, and choosing and monitoring the board. Read more:

🌟Are you interested?
We will help you in all matters related to the Representative Council elections, such as candidacy, election campaign, and orientation. You can contact us by e-mail or via Telegram @kattroll. The nomination period ends on 30.9. at 12:00.

🌟Haluan päättää! (I want to decide!)
BBA and engineering students around Finland have a campaign called Haluan Päättää. With this campaign, we want to give you info about this fall’s Representative Council Elections.
// Futurice Academy

What if next spring made all the difference in kick-starting your future career journey as a developer or data specialist? Now is your chance to spend the spring doing what you love the most professionally: building digital products at one of Finland’s leading digital engineering and innovation companies! 🧑‍💻

On top of mentoring, learning and interesting projects, you get to network with our active international Slack community, you get to participate in onboarding events, and enjoy a wide list of Futurice provided benefits. If you’re up for it, there will be a possibility to continue your Futurice journey after the Academy period. Many of our previous trainees have stayed with us or returned to Futurice later in their career.

Read more and apply before 10th October:
// Sitz

Atkins ry kutsuu teidät sitsaamaan kauhujen tivoliin 19.10.2021! 🎡

Kauhujen tivoli -sitsit ovat hyytävän herkullinen akateeminen pöytäjuhla kaikille Atkins ry:n jäsenille. Tule siis mukaan kauhujen tivoliin laulamaan, syömään ja näkemään mitä kaikkea tivoli pitää sisällään! 👻

🎟 Rannekkeet tapahtumaan tulevat myyntiin torstaina 7.10. kello 12:00 Kide.Appista! Ole nopea, sillä tätä et halua missata!

- - -

🇬🇧 Atkins ry invites you to Tivoli of horrors -sitz 19.11.2021! Welcome to eat, sing and experience the horrors of the tivoli with your friends. Tickets to Atkins members go on sale on 7th of October at noon. Nb! The event is held only in Finnish!
// Open jobs

"Columbia Road is an independent Futurice subsidiary challenging the old ways of running e-commerce and digital business. We are now looking for software developers who are recent graduates or about to graduate this year and are motivated by working on software that has a measurable impact on business. You have already gained some hands-on experience with different programming languages and have a growth hacking mindset. With us, you’ll get to grow professionally amongst over 130 exceptionally talented people while helping our customers to grow their businesses. Wouldn’t this be just the ideal way to start your software consulting career in Helsinki? Read more and apply by October 31 here. We hope to talk to you soon!"

// Appro

Stressaako koulu ja ovatko etätapahtumat jättäneet arven? Nyt on taas aika helpottaa kaamosta ja täyttää haalarit merkeillä, sillä Atkins & HSOY ovat yhdistäneet voimansa ja järjestävät Suomen Pienimmät Approt Kampin alueella 11.11.2021. Luvassa on hulvatonta appromeininkiä kaupungin sykkeessä!

Liput tulevat myyntiin jäsenille 12.10. klo 12:00: #SuomenPienimmät



Feeling stressed from school and did the online events leave you scarred for life? Now is the time to feel happy and fill your coveralls with patches again! Atkins and HSOY are teamed up their power and organize "Suomen Pienimmät approt" on the area of Kamppi 11.11.2021. Get your friends together and enjoy the smallest pub crawl of the year!

Member tickets are available 12.10. at 12:00: #SuomenPienimmät

// Excursion

Hello Atkins members! We are excited to announce that we are arranging our first excursion this semester! Atkins x HTO x Hive x Columbia Road excursion is on 9.11.2021 and takes place at The Cock (Fabianinkatu 17).

On this excursion we will dive into the subject of digital sales with a fun little exercise, exploring how to actually make digital ca$h money. Food and refreshments will be served as always, and we’ll have plenty of time to relax and get to know each other. The agenda is pretty much as serious as our extremely official website:

Please note, that for this excursion we have limited seats, so this excursion is only for our Gold and Black members.

Signup here:

PS. The application for Columbia Road’s 2021 associate program is open, so don’t hesitate to come and have a chat with us at the excu! Read more: