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dps, spn,ppp uploaded, live PPP at 11: 15 pm sharp
Please join the live PPP session at 11: 15 pm now
I have a small pleasant surprise for you all , as per the 120 days plan we will give you daily CSAT problem for free . It will be conducted on youtube. So stay tuned. Be ready for 120 days plan
Daily CSAT Challenge . The speed of a railway engine is 42 kmph when no compartment is attached, and the reduction in speed is directly proportional to the square root of the number of compartments attached. If the speed of the train carried by the engine is 24 kmph when 9 compartments are attached, the maximum number of compartments that can be carried by the engine is.
a. 49
b. 48
c. 46
d. 47
I have dedicated channel for forest service interview aspirants , everyday i am giving topics , we have a team of forest officers for interview guidance,oing me
Like this we are preparing everyday all important probable topics I am giving study material also to prepare these toipics
First of all i am thankful to few of you , in last few days I got many calls for LAQSHYA /OPTIMA 2023 asking about the program . Most of them were recommended by you all . Let me make it very clear in LAQSHYA /OPTIMA you will get Tests+ OPTIMA Current Sessions+ Entre CSAT foundation Course + OPTIMA notes + OPTIMA cards ( MOST IMP Topics) + Option Elimination+ Daily target for next 120 days . Total 7 things . Seven Sutra's of Success by Santosh Sir for Prelims
The Plan start from 30th January . Be ready for the last lap of your preparation. Take a break in this weekend to energize yourself if you wish . Once you strat 120 days plan no looking back
Anyone needing help contact me before 30th Jan before the plan starts. I promise I will give my entire 24 hr for you all in next 120 days and be a constant mentor till the exam day as I did last year. Value your attempt . Don't leave anything to chance🙏
Congratulations to all you cracked APPSC pre.. 🔥
APPSC mains is same as IAS Mains , start refer Mains Master Notes, only you have to cover AP geo and eco extra , tomorrow we will conduct one session on that
Daily CSAT Challenge 6. A stall sells popcorn and chips in packets of three sizes: large, super, and jumbo. The number of large, super, and jumbo packets in its stock are in the ratio 7 : 17 : 16 for popcorn and 6 : 15 : 14 for chips. If the total number of popcorn packets in its stock is the same as that of chips packets, then the numbers of jumbo popcorn packets and jumbo chips packets are in the ratio
a. 1 : 1
b. 8 : 7
c. 4 : 3
d. 6 : 5
Ans: a( Explanation :The ratio of L, S, J for popcorn = 7 : 17 : 16
Let them be 7a, 17a and 16a
The ratio of L, S, J for chips = 6 : 15 : 14
Let them 6b, 15b and 14b
Given, 40a = 35b
Hence, a= 7, b = 8
Hence, the ratio of jumbo popcorn and jumbo chips 16 x 7 : 14 x 8 = 1 : 1
Anyone has doubt about 120 days plan call +919443388738
Many aspirants are calling and telling me that they are scared of current affairs. Guys let me tell you in the last two years most of the questions in PRELIMS have come from Monthly CA tests and PPP. In Laqshya there are 12 months CA tests and 12 months PPP compilation. These are purely focussed on CA . So if you solve them very less chance of missing any question in UPSC PRELIMS
Daily CSAT Challenge Raju and Lalitha originally had marbles in the ratio 4 : 9. Then Lalitha gave some of her marbles to Raju. As a result, the ratio of the number of marbles with Raju to that with Lalitha became 5 : 6. What fraction of her original number of marbles was given by Lalitha to Raju?