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Tomorrow I will release 70 days timetable with each and every hour planned after the IR test. Thank you for your patience. You will love the timetable
Laqshya 2021_ OPTIMA _Final Timetable.pdf
566.6 KB
Ultimate Revision Timetable for last 70 days
This timetable is prepared with lot of planning and effort. If you do what is mentioned in the timetable , no force on earth can prevent you from success. Kinly share your thoughts on the timetable. Nothing will come outside DPN, PPP and LAQSHYA 2021/OPTIMA . I will be sending important topics subject wise from tonight to all laqshya 2021 /OPTIMA aspirants. I hope you make the best use of this
CSAT time can be changed in the timetable if you are comfortable with CSAT. It's your discretion. I have put CSAT because last year many failed in CSAT
Goodmorning please get up and study
Today evening I will take session on 70 days plan. Please do attend
Goodmorning please get up and study