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Refer any ref book - tata magrow hill pub for sci and tech . I will be giving major topics on each section daily
Mains target also given for next two days
This is what you have as today's target
Have uploaded a very intersting short video on channel on Prelims do watch it it will help u
Another PYQ analysis uploaded on youtube.
Session at 4 pm on planning and doubts
All new students join if u have any issue with plan
Anyone interested in one year daily answer writing can attend today's trail session , ping meon telegram
Special Category states was introduced on the recommendations of
Anonymous Quiz
Planning Commission
Rangarajan Commiteee
5th Finance Commssion
1st Finance Commission
Today's target is SAME AS YESTERDAY
New video on new UPSC pattern please watch it will remove fear of new pattern
All my students from South India ,its for you I am making videos in english as i got many sincere request to stay in english, atleast you can share and like and comment so that my hardwork helps the channel to grow. English audience is less . Do support the vidos
Another imp elimination trick video uploaded , please do watch