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MarketSquare is onboarding its first users today straight from our mailing list! If you hadn't had the chance to do so yet, you can go sign up at and get in line. We are looking forward in the coming weeks to welcoming more users and partners to the platform. Next Friday we will be releasing an article detailing what is coming next to MarketSquare, what we are building, and how we are including our partners throughout our launch event.
@everyone We're very excited to announce the release date of Core v3 for the ARK Public Network! The Core release via NPM will take place on September 22nd. The fully laid out plan will be shared in the next few days. Get ready for an all-new Core!
The Payvo Wallet Alpha Community Testing is nearly here - we start tomorrow! For a chance to test out the wallet make sure you join our testing channel on Discord!
Payvo Wallet Alpha Testing is now live! Come and help us test our brand new wallet in the testing channel in our discord!
Today is a huge day for MarketSquare!
We are officially in Open Beta! No invite codes are required to join.

Head over to to sign up for your account.

For more info watch the announcement here
We have an updated version of the new Payvo Wallet available for community testing!

Join the testing channel in the ARK Community discord( to get access and download the newly updated version of Payvo.

Following feedback from the initial Payvo Alpha release, we have worked on various improvements across the wallet. The most notable changes relate to the 'Portfolio' page which has had an overhaul.

- Clicking 'more details' now provides a visualized portfolio breakdown.
- The 'Portfolio Latest Transactions' section is now default off by design for newly created wallets as well, these changes can be toggled in settings for new and existing wallets.

For anyone wanting to take a look at the new release, you can download the latest artifact here:
Or join the testing channel and check the pinned messages for the download link.

If you run into any issues or have improvement feedback feel free to leave info or ask questions in the discord testing channel or alternatively create a GitHub issue here:

We truly appreciate all of the feedback we are getting, thank you everyone for helping to make Payvo something wonderful!
Core v3.1.0 has just been released. This update focused on code refactoring and refinement. This update does not affect the everyday user or their wallets. Delegates, exchanges and node runners please update accordingly.
Learn more about the update here