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A fitness and lifestyle community. More info at https://anubhavmission.com
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If you want to lose weight, you need to plan for three things: Diet, Workout and motivation. Anubhav Kumar helps people losing weight with the power of motivation and strict diet plans. If you are some one looking for weight loss, you can visit his website at www.anubhavmission.com for more detail. He will help you with your weight loss queries and try to help you with his guidance. Anubhav Kumar lost 20 kgs in the year 2019 in just 4 months and now inspiring others for a healthy lifestyle.
Anubhav Kumar 1 day diet plan: Breakfast: Moong daal Chilla or poha. Lunch: 2 rotis, veg curry, 1 cup dal and a lot of salad. Evening snacks: Poha or green moong salad. Dinner: 1 roti with a curry or oats khichdi. 1 cup turmeric milk before bed
Welcome to my fitness and healthy lifestyle online Telegram community. More info at www.anubhavkumar.in
I lost my first 10 kgs just by brisk walking every day. I used to wake up early in the morning and go for 5k steps brisk walking. In the evening, I used to complete my rest 5k steps and thus complete my 10k steps in a day. Within a month I saw a drop of 5kgs with a strict diet and easy workout.
I remember it was raining heavily one day and I had to complete my walking routine. I waited for 10 minutes but the rain did not stop. My inner person was telling me to go outside and complete my brisk walking routine in the rain. The next second, without any hesitation, I tied my shoes and went outside to walk. I kept walking for the next half an hour and I had successfully completed my walking in the rain. I was full of happiness and feeling very much proud of myself.