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Robert Rundo was granted bail pending the 9th circuit review of the selective prosecution dismissal. Cormac J. Carney states that DoJ has violated Rundo’s 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th amendment rights

Rundo won't be released yet, as the 9th circuit has basically hijacked the CDCA district court and put an automatic 96 hour hold on any release order being implemented. Feds will almost certainly appeal to 9th circuit.

Carney once again pointed out Antifa as responsible for the violence "Contrary to the government’s accusations, it was Antifa, a far-left extremist group, that posed the insidious threat to democracy."

The release would be with a huge number of conditions including staying at a Salvation Army center, avoiding contact with certain persons, and location monitoring.
Carney's words about DoJ not caring about the constitution seems to have gotten under the skin of Biden appointed US Attorney (USAO Los Angeles) Martin Estrada.

In a statement he claims Rundo was attacking people engaged in "Constitutionally protected free speech"

This extremely obvious lie, as we've shown in previous posts Antifas like Justin Naoki Fragosa and Jessica Aguilar were engaged in criminal acts such as hitting people in the face and bear macing others while armed with knives. (
Alissa Azar, an Antifa "journalist" was arrested yesterday for trespass at PSU Encampment/Occupation. She has a pending felony case in Clackamas County for attacking someone with bear spray.

She was quickly released without bail.
Antifa members Brian Lightfoot & Jeremy White were found guilty on conspiracy charges from a 2021 San Diego event in which they attacked numerous individuals. There was a hung jury on other counts relating to the use of pepper spray.

While the hung jury counts are disappointing in light of the clear evidence of the attacks, the guilty on the conspiracy count is a big win as it creates precedent for prosecuting Antifa groups as organized criminal conspiracies
Interesting 9th circuit argument hearing today -

Case involves Nathan Wilson and Christopher Beasley, who were charged with arson for torching a police car during a George Floyd riot. They alleged selective prosecution and got a favorable ruling for discovery which is being challenged.

Their motion heavily relies on Trump/Barr labeling Antifa as responsible for rioting, and that's why they're being prosecuted.

The case is important to the Rundo case (which was brought up a few times) particularly in the way the "control group" is defined in the context of selective prosecution. The control group being the group of individuals not prosecuted. In this case they just point to other arsons in SoCal, whereas in the Rundo case they can point to individuals at the same exact events engaged in the same exact behavior with different political views (eg Antifa Justin Fragosa)

Rundo did have his bail stayed, so he'll be in jail pending appeal.
In a disgusting attack on the right to self defense, Daniel Perry has been found guilty of murder for defending himself against a BLM extremist. He was found not guilty on the other charge, which was aggravated assault This is happened in the capitol of…
Daniel Perry was finally pardoned today for the 2020 self defense shooting of BLM extremist Garrett Foster.

In addition to it being clearly self-defense Perry did not get anything close to a fair trial. Jurors did outside research on legal standards and presented that to other juror in the case.

The Soros DA prosecuting the case (Jose Garza) was accused of criminal witness tampering by the 20 year veteran and "godfather" of the homicide unit in the Austin police.That investigator came to the conclusion of "JUSTIFIED HOMICIDE" which the DA ignored