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Ankr is building an infrastructure platform and marketplace for Web3-stack deployment.

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Polkadot crowdloans with Ankr StakeFi and earn your share of $ANKR rewards!

How does it work?
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Ankr's purpose is to serve numerous projects and blockchains with development, staking, and earning solutions. And our end goal is to satisfy the needs of all end-users and multiply the capabilities of open-source blockchains.
Uniting with Binance Smart Chain

Ankr is going to implement ErigonEth for BSC.

We are working on delivering the executable with a full node and then making it compatible with a validator node.

Together improving BinanceSmartChain for all.
"Blockchain embraces all generations, cultures, and languages. It is the underlying quiet technology behind the storm of Bitcoin and the crypto industry." - Kev Silk

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Developers will now be able to access a NEAR Public RPC, make requests calls and receive information returns that mirror the results they would get by running a Near full node themselves.

Try it now:
$ANKR has been added to Multichain Router Protocol!

Multichain Router allows users to swap between any two chains freely.
Ankr is changing the fees that node providers collect from a rate of 15% to 10%.

We are changing this to provide more benefits and a sustainable structure that provides the best of both worlds for both providers and stakers.

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aAVAXb and wAVAX Factory Pool live on
Curve Finance
Rewards to be added soon