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Navy vessels from the Philippines completed a resupply mission on Tuesday at a South China Sea outpost, its defense minister said, a day after its President rebuked China at an international summit for its blockade of the area.
After Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India was re-elected in a landslide in 2019, his power seemed impossible to challenge. But farmers protesting agricultural overhauls have done just that.

How did they succeed? Listen to today’s episode of The Daily.
Angela Merkel will leave office just days short of the record for Germany’s longest-serving chancellor. After 16 years in the country’s top job, she has left many wondering what she might do next.
The drug industry is bracing for a significant expansion of government price regulation despite success in watering down proposals in the social-spending and climate bill
JUST IN: At least eight civilians are dead and 17 injured, including children, after a suicide car bomb exploded in the Somali capital of Mogadishu
Support for curbing large technology companies’ market power is widening in the Senate after a House committee passed a raft of far-reaching antitrust bills
At least 11 people died in an accident at a coal mine in Siberia, local authorities said, as emergency workers tried to rescue dozens of more miners who were still trapped deep underground.
Three climate activists in the UK are challenging the High Court to hear their case, in which they hope to sue their government for its role in the crisis. It's one in a booming number of litigation cases that are leaning on science to bring about justice.
An explosion near a school in Somalia’s capital killed at least eight people and injured 17 others, the police said. The attack targeted a convoy belonging to a security firm that guards UN staff, but no staff members were injured, a police spokesman said.
British and French leaders have ramped up a war of words over dangerous crossings of the English Channel after at least 27 people died making the sea journey Wednesday, bringing to a head simmering tensions in the migration crisis.
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal
A suspect was charged with the murder of two campers who vanished on a trip to a remote southern Australian area in March 2020. Their campsite had been found burned to the ground in a mystery that transfixed the nation.
A look at Friday's paper:
–"Wins are rare": Civil rights leaders say the verdicts in the case surrounding Ahmaud Arbery's death are a start, but that lasting change still is far off.
–Gorsuch aids tribal wins: Supreme Court Justice is the swing vote on Native American issues.
French officials lashed out at Britain over a letter from Prime Minister Boris Johnson advising France to take back migrants who reach British shores. Britain’s home secretary was disinvited from a crucial meeting on the migrant crisis over the dispute.
The three major U.S. stock indexes suffered their worst Black Friday losses on record and oil prices fell more than 10% as new coronavirus fears shook markets
Iraq repatriated more than 600 migrants from Belarus, where thousands of people have faced dire conditions on the EU’s eastern border.

“If I find a better and safe route, I will try again,” one man said.
The discovery of a new and potentially more transmissible coronavirus variant by South African health authorities has sparked a forceful reaction across the world, with several countries banning travelers from several southern African countries
The International Olympic Committee's cautious language on the disappearance of Peng Shuai, a three-time Olympian who accused a Chinese official of sexual assault, raised questions about its relationship with China, its partner for the Winter Games.
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Here is an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal's weekend edition