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sorry guys 😐 I forgot to include the "COUPON CODE" for you. 😬
the coupon code: πŸ‘‰πŸ»AMEDEXALL-20% - 20% off on all fixed-term AMC MC packages with the code. Valid until 06/06/2022 00:00:00
to make up for my mistake, we will extend the validity by the end of this week. Please make sure you use it as we probably will not be having a discount code anytime in June.
Guy! The coupon AMEDEXALL-20% expires this weekend and we won't have any soon. Make sure you use it if you need it.
πŸ“£Announcement πŸ“£

Amedex platforms ( and are being upgraded.

For a more smooth and convenient user experience with the mentioned platforms, we are upgrading the software and appearance of both websites.
As you know, Amedex clinical was launched under the Amedex application as a pilot project that grabbed attention and helped many IMGs pass their clinical exams. It is about time it became an independent home for the AMC Clinical Exam.

For this, the AMC Clinical platform will be moved from the Amedex App soon and will operate independently of Amedex MCQ all on a web-based and easy-to-use platform.

Until further notice, current subscribers will still use the Amedex app to access their AMC clinical material.
Please note, that this upgrade will not affect your current subscription in either of the platforms whatsoever, including your credentials to log on.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

Amedex Team
πŸ“£Dear AMEDEX Clinical subscribers,


To continue using your subscription from the mentioned date, please enter the above address, click log in, and use your current credentials (username/ password) to access your subscription content.


Amedex Team
We are hiring
Amedex is planning to revolutionize its educational platforms for IMGs wishing to practice medicine in Australia.
We are hiring professional content producers to expand our current team. The areas of need are:
Producing MCQs - MCQs are handed to the team for a comprehensive explanation of the correct answer and the incorrect options based on a standard outline.
Producing videos - professional video presentations on the topics requested and instructed by Amedex.
If you feel you have an interest and also the required knowledge and experience for that email your resume and a sample of your work to us at
Further details will ONLY be discussed on a case by case based after we approve the resume and find the sample acceptable. So, kindly refrain from asking further details before thar as we are not able to reveal any unless the above are fulfilled
Send your resume and sample to:
Subject: CV and sample
Amedex Team
Forwarded from AMEDEX
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Dear members

Joining the Amedex FB group has a process which you need to go through before you can join. Please read the attached document for further instructions.

Please don't forget to forward this message to those friends of yours who wish to join the group and are wondering why they aren't approved despite being invited by you.
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A friendly talk, please ...

Let’s chat about Amedex, what it is, its mission, and how we can keep it going together.

The amedex idea was born when a group of IMGs struggled their way to the Australian Medical system. Once there, they looked back and took it upon themselves to help other IMGs go through that bumpy road more smoothly and with less frustration.

We have come a long way from 9 years ago when we set up the Amedex Facebook group by IMGs for IMGs and then 6 years ago, which today is undoubtedly the most reliable and well-known platform for AMC MCQ Exam prep.

During our journey, we have always enjoyed the kind support of a great majority of doctors and respected colleagues. They all have been a great deal of encouragement and energy for us to improve, expand, and get better day in and day out.

On the other hand, unfortunately, a minor group knowingly or unknowingly commits the act of piracy. They illegally copy and distribute our content in different study groups and share it with their friends and study circles.

We are doctors. We are examples of honesty, trustworthiness, and morality. We respect our character, codes of conduct, and prestige. For that, we don’t steal because theft is a crime prosecutable and punishable by law. We also don’t use or buy stolen properties because we would be accomplices in the crime.
We need the revenue from selling subscriptions to keep the service running. As a registered company in Australia, we are governed by every aspect of Australian business and tax regulation. Tax devours one-quarter of our income. Content production, question writing and editing, server and software maintenance, staff, etc., are just part of the expenses we undergo to keep the platform running.

Please let us keep it up while planning improvement. You might be tempted to download a free copy of infringed Amedex material from a group or take it from a friend, but please don’t. Let us survive and thrive towards our mission and vision.

If you are in financial hardship, please just come to us. We never put money before our colleagues. We will sort it out and help you with affordability. Please do NOT let us take the tough path. We are positive you will all understand and stand by us in this.

⚠️⚠️But we have friendly advice (IMPORTANT) for those who wouldn’t understand and follow through.⚠️⚠️

You may get in serious trouble if you keep infringing, using, or distributing infringed content from Amedex in any possible form. We deem infiltrating and monitoring study groups, pages, platforms, etc., necessary to ensure intellectual property safety.

To counteract infringement and piracy of AMEDEX paid content, we were left with no choice but to put together a team of techs and legal advisors/executives to monitor any illegal distribution of our content on the internet and social media.

❌Prompt legal action will be taken upon detection of any such matters (illegal reproduction/copying/use/distribution of our material beyond the scope of our Terms of Service). We will track and sue with no hesitation. You may be lucky and get away with that, but if not, you will be in serious trouble if you are in Australia or planning to come here.❌

We sincerely hope we never have to get there with your understanding and cooperation.
Please be advised that Amedex Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company, and the AMEDEX brand and logo are registered Intellectual Property (IP) in Australia and protected by Australian Regulations and Laws.

All the best,
Farzin Yaghoubi
CEO and founder of Amedex Pty Ltd
πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯End-of-year Discount πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

πŸ“£Amedex is on discount for the AMC MCQ exam preparation packages for a ❌very LIMITED TIME❌.

The discounts are as follows:

1️⃣30-day package (20%) : 144 USD (was 180 USD)

2️⃣60-day package (25%) : 225 USD (was 300 USD)

3️⃣90-day package (25%) : 270 USD (was 360 USD)

4️⃣120-day package (30%): 294 USD (was 420 USD)

5️⃣180-day package (30%): 336 USD (was 480 USD)

6️⃣365-day package (35%): 448.5 USD (was 690 USD)

Please note that our prices are all in the United States Dollar (USD)

⚠️We will only go on discount for a maximum of 12 months. Just so you know, the discount period will not be extended.

To subscribe, please visit:
Dear Amedex Members

An end-of-year discount turned into an extended discount period as we wanted to help those in financial hardship.

We hope it helped. But we must get things back where they were in a few days.
The discount period will be over soon, and we won't have any other one coming soon. Once per year is our tradition πŸ˜‰ , So make sure you subscribe if you wish to do so at a discounted price.
BTW, good news will be out soon

All the best,
Amedex Team
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