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Blinded by "science".

Watch The Viral Delusion here:

Forwarded from Dr. Sam Bailey Official (Sam Bailey)
Recently, I have been fortunate to have connected with the inspiring Eric Coppolino, who is based in New York State. Eric has an incredible history of exposing scientific fraud and environmental pollution cover-ups. He was one of the first to start investigating the COVID-19 scam and is putting something big together to help all of us who are questioning the narrative. 😮

We talk about:
- the problems with the PCR
- how Eric realised there was no SARS-CoV-2 "virus"
- nuclear waste contamination cover-ups
- how to be a citizen scientist
- COVID-19 Chronology and much more...

To watch the interview, click here 👉 https://drsambailey.com/videos/the-covid-chronology-with-eric-coppolino/
Forwarded from The Way Fwrd With Alec Zeck and Friends (Alec Zeck)
There’s nuance to this, of course, as there are definitely people who are aware of the virus lie that continue to promote it. But in most cases, people just haven’t dug into terrain enough. It’s a big paradigm shift that many aren’t ready for.





Putting out vinegar to evaporate (which contains acetic acid) seems to keep my skies clear above me and my friends who are doing it also report the same. I did find a piece of research that seems to show acetic acid lending H+ ions to form clustering with aerosol "dust" and metals. What could be happening is the acetic acid evaporates, rises and clusters with the chemtrail materials, making them into heavier particles which then descend, thereby no longer in the air to gather water molecules to expand cloud. I have more questions to research. For one, does this chemical reaction between acids and bases create further atmospheric H+ production leading to a "chain reaction" type of chemical event that leads to further heavy molecule formation of chemtrail aerosols? This is the working hypothesis so far. I suggest everyone who is able to, experiment with this in their areas and report outcomes.

Vinegar Chemtrail method: https://youtu.be/mu4phbw7PII

"Previous studies suggested that heterogeneous reaction with acetic acid could also lead to changes in hygroscopicity and cloud condensation nucleation (CCN) activity. For example, Ma et al.40 found that the water adsorption abilities of MgO, α9Al2O3, and CaCO3particles were significantly increased after reaction with CH3COOH(g). The single hygroscopicity parameter (κ), used to represent the CCN activity of aerosol particles, is reported to be ~0.50 for calcium acetate,42 similar to that for (NH4)2SO4, compared to 0.00190.003 for CaCO3. Processing with acetic acid can also alter the optical properties of CaCO3 particles 43 and enhance the solubility of Fe contained by dust through a ligand9assisted process.
44 Page 4 of 25ACS Paragon Plus Environment The Journal of Physical Chemistry"

Study source: https://docecity.com/heterogeneous-reactions-of-acetic-acid-with-acs-publications-5f1066da1c7dd.html
TONIGHT!! This is a LIVE event and anyone with the Zoom link below can join !!

The Next LIVE webinar with Amandha and Tom has been posted to the community page. Here are the details and link:

Topic: Healing with DMSO
Date: Wednesday May 11th 2022/Thursday May 12th 2022
Time: 8:00am - 9:15am AEDT (Australia Time)
- 6pm (Eastern Time)
Presenters: Amandha Vollmer and Tom Barnett
Webinar Link: https://zoom.us/j/93867395645

Event: LIVE

Topic: Healing with DMSO
Participants: Tom Barnett & David Armstrong
Forwarded from Hacking Library
Covert Narcissism Signs of a Covert Narcissist.pdf
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Covert Narcissism

WARNING! Another scammer who has stolen my profile name and trying to contact people. Please report and block immediately!
List of Private Items. Password is: health
This post will split into multiples.


The NeuroBlend is for brain healing and depression. The NeuroMood is for stamina. The raw mushrooms are for any usage.

Only 1 mushroom as a dose. Can be eaten or put into a tea.

More info on Stamets Stack: https://microdosinginstitute.com/lions-mane-stacking/


Ingredients Per Capsule: (80 mg) Organic Psilocybe Cyanescens, (200 mg) Organic Lion’s Mane, (150 mg) Organic Reishi, (150 mg) Organic Chaga, (40 mg) Niacinamide.

*Organic, Gluten Free, & Vegan Friendly.

NEURO BLEND is comprised of 80 milligrams of Psilocybe Cyanescens and a combination of Lion’s Mane mushroom, Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom and Niacinamide. This Mushroom stack will give users a sense of clarity, creativity, focus and mood elevation. Users will also experience a reduction in anxiety and depression, along with helping reduce the effects of numerous other unwanted mental states.


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Blend
Private: Custom T1
15 capsules  (Turquoise Tara)


take 1 capsule a day with food for 5-7 days on and 1-2 days break or as needed


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Blend
Private: Custom T2
25 capsules  (Green Tara)


take 1 capsule a day with food for 5-7 days on and 1-2 days break or as needed


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Blend

Private: Custom T3
50 capsules  (White Tara)


take 1 capsule a day with food for 5-7 days on and 1-2 days break or as needed


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Blend

take 1 capsule a day with food for 5-7 days on and 1-2 days break or as needed

Private: Custom T1
15 capsules  $49.99


Private: Custom T2
25 capsules  $89.99


Private: Custom T3
50 capsules  $129.99


Ingredients: (250 mg) Organic Psilocybe Cyanescens, (175 mg) Ginseng, (175 mg) Guarana.

NEURO MOOD contains 250 mg of Psilocybe Cyanescens (a Psilocybin based mushroom), 125 mg of Ginseng (a plant root that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine), and 125 mg of Guarana (an effective stimulant often used as a dietary supplement). Microdosing is known to help those with depression and anxiety and Neuro Mood is a slightly higher than normal microdose, it’s effects can be euphoric and often more noticeable.

Psilocybe cyanescens is used in the Neuro Mood stack as it heightens your visual, auditory, olfactory and proprioception sensations to the point where you are immersed in the current moment and have a tremendous feeling of euphoria. Ginseng is added to the stack due to its ability to increase energy levels and improve your memory and mood. Lastly, the Guarana plant is added to the stack as it is a natural stimulant with numerous benefits. Guarana is rich in antioxidants, reduces fatigue, improves focus and memory among other benefits. Combined together, these three supplements have made Neuro Mood a favorite among users.

Neuro Mood is based off the popular “Scooby Snack Mushroom Capsule” which generally combines a high microdose of a psilocybin based mushroom with energetic herbal supplements. Many users find our Neuro Mood great for social outings as it provides an onset of energy and a euphoric experience.


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Mood

Private: Custom T4

15 capsules  (Red Tara)



take 1 capsule a day with food for 4-5 days on and 1-3 days break or as needed


Microdosing Mushrooms Neuro Mood

take 1 capsule a day with food for 4-5 days on and 1-3 days break or as needed

Private: Custom T4
15 capsules  $89.99
RAW MUSHROOMS - ANY USAGE - 3.5gr / item

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw
Private: Custom O5
Golden Teacher  (Gold Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


Microdose Mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher is a type of magic mushroom deriving from the Psilocybe Cubensis strain. Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms main active elements are psilocybin and psilocin. The mushroom was named Golden Teacher due to its shiny yellow and gold caps and didactic effects. These mushrooms have been known to have shaman-like capabilities and are among the most popular strain of magic mushrooms.

This mushroom is great for smaller doses, first time users, or casual users due to its sensation enhancing effects. Body size and brain chemistry play a role in how each individual will react to magic mushrooms, along with your emotional state and surroundings. If it is your first time using magic mushrooms, it is recommended to do them in a safe, comfortable environment and to consider having a sober companion join you.

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw

Private: Custom O6

African Transkei   (Red Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


Microdose Mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis African Transkei

African Transkei Cubensis originate from South Africa. They have been known to induce deep visual experiences, both with your eyes open and closed. They are extremely potent, and can also be very energetic. African Transkei can be very visually stimulating.

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw

Private: Custom O7

Z Mushrooms  (Green Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


Microdose Mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis Z Strain

Psilocybe Cubensis Z Strain is a great strain for microdosing and for time users. It is very euphoric and stimulating, but not overwhelming. It's great for social events and nature walks.

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw

Private: Custom O8

Blue Meanies  (Blue Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


Microdose Mushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis Blue Meanies

Microdose Mushrooms - Psilocybe Cubensis Blue Meanies originated in South Eastern Australia and are a very potent strain. They have been known to be very heart and mind-opening. They often have deep blue bruising, hence the name Blue Meanies. They are known to be very euphoric, uplifting, energetic, and visually stimulating. They can be very strong, and could possibly be overwhelming for some.

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw

Private: Custom O9

Wavy Caps (Violet Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


Psilocybe cyanescens (wavy caps) is a species of potent mushroom. The main compounds are psilocybin and psilocin. It belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae.

These mushrooms are famous for inducing visual experiences but altered mood and altered thought-patterns may be more important to users. Altered thought-patterns often include valuable personal and spiritual insights.

Microdosing Mushrooms Raw

Private: Custom O10

Mexicana  (White Om)


eat 1 daily or dose as needed - can use in food or drink - use at your own risk


MMS/CDS: https://yumnaturals.store/product/custom-M1/

MMS for oral care info: https://mms4health.wordpress.com/protocols/mms-methods-for-oral-care/


SMALL (15ml) $30

Private: Custom GR1

LARGE (30ml) $60

Private: Custom GR2


JUMBO (50ml) $100

Private: Custom GR3


"The Green Immediate". This is a double cannabis extract using organic grapeseed oil and DMSO! This is STRONG medicine. This powerful green oil works...immediately. You will taste the medicine through the skin! Relax. Breathe. Calm. Rest. Contemplate. For private members only. 2 sizes.

Before making your 'donation', as you are not purchasing this product, it is simply a donation, there are no returns permitted, you must agree that you will:

a) Use with caution (topical use only) as this is VERY strong cannabis and 50% DMSO.

b) Use a very small amount to test first on your skin and use it in small doses. Stop immediately if any allergic reaction occurs.

c) Not operate a motor vehicle when using this medicine.

d) Not share this link publicly as it is a private link.

e) Take full responsibility for using this product and keep out of the reach of children/do not use on children. You accept all risk.

f) Not sell 'The Green Immediate" to anyone.

g) Not complain about this product to any 'agency' like Health Canada or the FDA (these are arms of Pharmaceutical giant corporations and want to remove folk medicine like this from the market).

Contains: DMSO, organic grapeseed oil, cannabis leaf and bud, chamomile distillate (flower extract), organic essential oils of marjoram, hyssop, red thyme and cedarwood.

Shake well before each use.
1 dropper full = 1 pump


Private links for each size:

Small $30 cdn


Large $60 cdn

Forwarded from The Way Fwrd With Alec Zeck and Friends (Alec Zeck)
Forwarded from 4bidden LIBRARY 📚 🔞 (Khelekmîr)
Emotional Abuse Workbook
A Life changing Guide To Overcome Anxiety, Heartache, Flashbacks, Confusion & Rebuild Your Self-esteem.
by Dr. Teresa J. Covert
Forwarded from KellyBroganMD
Final day to Reset with us!] Stuck in a pattern of things sucking? In 44 days, you could be leveled out of your rut and into your personal expansion. It requires that you have a strong foundational relationship to your body, your habits, and most importantly your BELIEFS. I got some to program you with 😉. https://www.kellybroganmd.com/vital-mind-reset