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For those in the UK.
Forwarded from Lisa Ware
Please read this info first, THEN go to the GOV website:

What is it about:

The UK Gov wants to officially implement a digital identity framework upon its citizenry, calling it the "trust framework"... and once it is in place, they intend to make it law!

How will this affect us:

In a brief but big picture view of this move..., this will lead to a complete loss of our privacy of "everything" and open us up widely to gov abuse and control and the likes of a Chinese Social Credit system. Freedoms can and will be instantly removed.

What can we do about it:

Fight! Flood your MPs, Protest, bang pots and pans like in Denmark, like they did for 9 days straight in the tens of thousands in front of their Parliament!

Start now as a first move by sending feedback to their direct survey on that GOV UK webpage... Here is how:

I just sent a response within the gov website link ( below ) as there is then a survey feedback link WITHIN that first GOV page. I sent it as an Organisation or Business, not as a citizen for more impact, but it is your call, they don't check.

Please everyone send a response with EDUCATED and APPROPRIATE views and reasoning AGAINST the implementation of digital identities systems in the UK.... and submit your responses.
EXAMPLE reasons are loss of privacy and freedoms, exposure to gov abuse and misuse, and you can research more reasons you are comfortable writing about. Make it count.

We need to flood these traitors with hard push back! PLEASE Spread my message, as it is, far and wide! Go to the link at bottom below... Read all the info and then find the next link, within that page, where it says:

''Comment on the framework using the feedback survey"

Please provide your comments by 12 pm on Thursday 11 March 2021.

No more messing about. Time to fight even harder for our children, our families, for the countless faceless victims under threat. We must fight for them all, or become enslaved. It is literally NOW.. Fight or become a slave. No two ways about it.

Please, no troll comments, no arguments, no division. Our world as we know it is being systematically restricted and taken away from us right in front of us as most stand by and watch it happen.

Blessings, Love and Honour to all of you Warriors out there.

Please, START HERE on this link just below, read the info then go to the survey feedback link IN that GOV UK webpage, (as shown example above):

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-uk-digital-identity-and-attributes-trust-framework "n
Forwarded from Joelle O
THIS WEEKEND!!! MARCH FOR FREEDOM!!! Spread this far and wide! We need 300+ people to be allowed to march the streets. Police Escort is arranged! Bring everyone!!! Amazing and informative speakers before and after the March! Let’s make history! See you soon!!!
This vaxxine has not only been created to cull the population, but also to make all who take it and survive, infertile. I read every day reports of women who have constant uterine bleeds afterward, or cramping, their fetus dies or their milk dries up, or their milk becomes so poisonous, the baby is harmed. Of men having a testicle swell up after the shot. Why are people so blind? As well, the evil and twisted Pfizer are trying to blackmail Countries governments into giving them their military bases and their banking systems as collateral or they won't give them the "precious" poison shots. All this is happening while at the same time, major censorship is full swing, so we cannot warn or help people understand what is going on.

What does this mean? People either need to figure out how to research, have an awakening in their own right or else...it's over. So many who have died right after the shot or their baby died, or they have seizures and Bell's Palsy STILL think it is good for them! This tells me our society as we knew it, is over and we MUST build our own, protect our assets, grow our own food and protect ourselves from the fall out. I wish it was a different conclusion, and I will still put my mental powers to manifest a better outcome, but as it stands, the destruction has not even really begun yet and we'd best prepare.
I want to share this birth plan that you can share that families can use to protect themselves from the medical cult.
Conspiracy facts.
Forwarded from Escape The Matrix
Humans May Not Be Able to Reproduce Naturally Much Longer, Scientist Warns.

Published: February 26, 2021

"Humans may not have the ability to reproduce naturally for much longer. It is estimated that by 2050, a large portion of the global population will need assisted reproductive technology to procreate."

— Shanna Swan, PhD, environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

The article claims, "Everyday chemicals are threatening the future of human fertility."

But It's a convenient cover for vaccine induced infertility that will be developed into the population through repeated injections of Covid-19 vaccines.

This whole charade is child abuse! Masking a child is child abuse. Making a child believe a healthy person spreads disease is child abuse. Telling them their hugs and kisses can kill their grandmother is child abuse. End this hoax now!