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One of the person from this channel has created a telegram channel to keep eye on Bug Bounty tips and articles.
So I get lots of messages on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc. So I have decided I will answer everyone questions on Discord once in a week.

May be Sunday or Saturday at a particular time, will let you know.
So you can ask questions and I will answer them at the same time. Something like QnA through chat. Make sure you join the Discord.
Anyone interested in Tryhackme Koth same. I am planning to start a Koth game session, anyone can host one session every Sunday. If yes i will create a New channel in discord server .

Anyone interested in Koth Game?
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We will definitely have a KOTH Game session this Sunday (26th July) 2:30 AM PST.

There is not limit for Sunday, If you want to create a private koth game, you can create it anytime & share the link here.
I will start posting again and will keep everything active including Telegram channel, Telegram Group, Discord Twitter Instagram and

Do let me know if you have Any feedbackπŸ‘‡

Telegram - @SecurtyIsMyth
Mail -
Instagram - allabouthacker
Twitter - AboutHacking

Make sure if you text me don't send just HI Hello etc. I won't reply to any messages with hii hello only. Come to the main question.

Its good to say Hi and hello but it becomes very difficult to check just Hi.