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One of the person from this channel has created a telegram channel to keep eye on Bug Bounty tips and articles.
So I get lots of messages on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc. So I have decided I will answer everyone questions on Discord once in a week.

May be Sunday or Saturday at a particular time, will let you know.
So you can ask questions and I will answer them at the same time. Something like QnA through chat. Make sure you join the Discord.
Anyone interested in Tryhackme Koth same. I am planning to start a Koth game session, anyone can host one session every Sunday. If yes i will create a New channel in discord server .

Anyone interested in Koth Game?
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We will definitely have a KOTH Game session this Sunday (26th July) 2:30 AM PST.

There is not limit for Sunday, If you want to create a private koth game, you can create it anytime & share the link here.
I will start posting again and will keep everything active including Telegram channel, Telegram Group, Discord Twitter Instagram and

Do let me know if you have Any feedback👇

Telegram - @SecurtyIsMyth
Mail -
Instagram - allabouthacker
Twitter - AboutHacking

Make sure if you text me don't send just HI Hello etc. I won't reply to any messages with hii hello only. Come to the main question.

Its good to say Hi and hello but it becomes very difficult to check just Hi.
We are going to start a new Application Security Series. Which one would be your choice.
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Web Application Penetration Testing
Android Application Penetration Testing
iOS Application Penetration Testing