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🅱️ Bitcoin Moving Forward | Astrology

✴️ Toncoin Grows 699%, Bearish Wave Follows (New ATH 2025) | Trade-Numbers 5X SHORT 💎

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🅱️ Astrology Can Save Your Trading Day!

Let me tell you a story of how just knowing a little bit of Astrology can save your trading day.

Back in late 2022 the market was really down, it was the bear market bottom.

While I was already aware of a potential reversal coming in on November 2022, the market sentiment was still pretty low and it is hard to come-out and say that things will change based on reversal signals when everything is so doom and gloom, this is the truth; but the charts don't lie.

The reversal signals were there and coming from all around us, but the market was still at its most bearish since 2018; aka., the bottom.

Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in the solar system. In astrology it is known as the greater benefic because it brings growth, profits, expansion and good luck. It brings money (if it is well aspected).

Now, you don't need to know Astrology, only looking up what these and other planets are doing can tip the scale to one side. In this case it was to the bulls favor.

Back then Jupiter was retrograde and it ended its retrograde around 21 November 2022. I am not sure right now as to the exact event, planetary movement or aspect that was going on with Jupiter at the time, but knowing that Jupiter is the giver of gift, profits, wealth and good luck, I added two plus two and concluded that we had all the chart signals in place for a reversal and this astrological event would support what I saw coming from the chart.

Long story short, Bitcoin marked the bottom the same day Jupiter moved and that's how Astrology can help even if just one bit ... It cannot be used in isolation as with any other signal, it needs to be combined with other signals for it to valuable for reading charts.

Then again January 2022, Mars the action planet was retrograde and Bitcoin was consolidating, not going up... On the 12th of March Mars went direct and Bitcoin broke up. Again, at this point we were extremely bullish on the chart, tracking the planets helped me clear any and all doubts that everything was about to go up— this is early 2023. All planets in the solar systems started to move forward at the same time and look what happened... Everything turned out so great that people belief now that it is impossible for Bitcoin to drop.

It is ok. Bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin is going up and growing up, long-term. But short-term, prepare for the crash ... And remember, knowledge of the planets can save your trading day.

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✴️ Ethereum Correction (30%) Low Revealed + Bull-Market Forecast

🅱️ Bitcoin Moving Toward New Accumulation Phase

🅱️ 4 Days Green Lower High? ... Down We Go!

While some people still doubt that a marketwide correction will happen, the correction is almost over.

Here we can see Ethereum with a more than 31.5% drop since the peak mid-March 2024. This is a major correction.

We are set to experience one final drop before the 2024/2025 Cryptocurrency bull-market.

Patience is key!

The best ever... Good prep. for the upcoming bull-market...
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Right now we are witnessing a "bounce."

Each time an important level is hit, either up (resistance) or down (support), the market reacts with a move to the opposite side, in this case a "price jump" or "bounce."

How we do know if this is just a bounce instead of the start of a new bullish wave?

The trading volume gives it away... There is no volume.

And of course, the market movers (whales/exchanges) will definitely liquidate the SHORTs before producing a new low.

You see, Crypto is deposited into the exchange.
You use this Crypto to buy stuff.

When this Crypto sits around on the exchange wallet, they take this money and loan it out and you get something... Sometimes, if you are in the earn program if not, they make money on your money and that's ok but the problem is that now the market turns.

If you are trading spot, the value of your Cryptos can rise or fall —nothing happens; just wait.
If you are using margin or leverage, your entire account can be gone.

That's why there is a move up before going lower, because the whales want money... And many people use too much leverage; now, that's their fault.

We are not going to single out whales and exchanges, everybody is working to make money, that's the final goal.

The reason why these people get liquidated is not because billionaires are evil, but because their leverage is too high, we are talking about 15X, 20X, 25X etc. In truth, 1-2X first and then we use a little more. Anything higher without years of planning can be called gambling, but i don't know. I am not a gambler so I can't really say, I only read the charts.

I've been around "leveraged trading" and if you are not a professional, it is very likely that you are fooling yourself and wasting money as you go.

If that's not the case... Then BTCUSDT is an easy hold.

What will it be?
Down or up?

The chart continues 100% clear.
We have another lower high...

It doesn't matter if you miss the game today but...

What about tomorrow?
What about next week, next month?
What about years into the future?

How long have you been trading for?

Are you successful?
Are you profitable?

How long have you been working for?

Are you rich?
Are you satisfied?
Are you happy?

You see... Whatever you put in, in time, is what you receive.

Whatever the world gives to you is based on your actions, your behavior, your mentality, your thoughts.

How much money one makes will depend on the state of mind, the experience; how honest you are with yourself?

This market can be tough... If you are an egotist, you are going to get out of here broke.

On the other hand, if you can accept and appreciate your mistakes; taking responsibility for your actions rather than blaming others; the market definitely pays with success.

First we focus on personal growth and this growth will lead to a stable mind and with this stable mind we can trade.

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