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We, Team Al-Amanah Institute for Islamic Studies pray that Allāh bestow his mercy on the one reading this and give immense Barakah in his time and life. Know that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of Deen." (al-Bukha‌ri‌, 71). This understanding doesn't come out of nowhere, it has to be worked upon, along the months and years, seeking the pleasure of Allāh.

Life's short oh servants of Allāh, your leftover breaths are worth open awaiting doors treading straight paths to Jannah. So learn about your Deen, for indeed “this Deen is Knowledge” (—Ibn Sireen rahimahullāh, Muqaddimah of Sahih Muslim,1/14 ).

Invest your time and effort in this sacred and noble path, and take note that this investment backs no loss whatsoever rather profit upon profit.

We, Al-Amanah Institute for Islamic Studies bring you structured courses in the supervision of senior scholars easing your way in treading this noble path. Admissions for enrollment are currently open for the following courses:

Diploma in Islamic Studies (one year):
An year long course covering major aspects of your Deen. Covers Manhaj al-‘Aqeedah, Qur'ānic Arabic, Tajweed, Manhaj al-Hadīth and Manhaj al-Fiqh. Course instructions will be in Urdu, (however the student may submit assignments and give exams in roman Urdu or English).
Course Fee: INR 500/- monthly
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Deeniyat Course for Kids:
Its a one year course (or more, based on the child's performance). Covers important aspects like reading of the Qur'ān, Arabic and Urdu language, memorization of Surahs and daily supplications, etc.. Course instructions will be in Urdu.
Course Fee: INR 500/- monthly

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