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AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: Interested in what new features the team behind @banQiapp have been working on? Check out the most recent product update, highlighting our recently released #chatbot: #product #CustomerService #product
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** @WeeklyCrypto @vegaprotocol @_Airfox @BitsikaAfrica @StakeWithUs @ambergroup_ @NetworkArkane @PrimeTrustCo @rex_change @PayEletro @ButtonWallet @ZenLedgerIO @tradeparadigm So happy to be recognized by @WeeklyCrypto as a company to watch! Thank you! Obrigado!
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** We're so happy to be recognized by @WeeklyCrypto as a company to watch! Thank you! Obrigado!
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: Airfox has been announced as a finalist for the Innovation Awards at #SXSW for our #fintech app banQi – read more here: 🎉 #sxsw2020 #awards2020 #awardseason
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: It’s going to get easier to pay for things with just a wave of your mobile phone. @nfcforum recently improved #NFC speed for smartphones so expect a lot more Near-Field Communication payments in 2020! Find out what else we predict will change this year
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: Did you know? Before coming to Airfox last August, senior accountant Ricky Tong worked in the financial services industry with @StateStreet 🏦 and the seafood industry with @redsbest 🍤! Read more about Ricky here: #Accounting #newhires #seafood #money
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: "@banQiapp counts on Casas Bahia's store locations to provide convenient physical points for users & in 2020 we will continue prioritizing convenience with a focus on providing credit” says Airfox CEO @DSantos_Victor in an interview with @valoreconomico
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: January 28th was our 4th anniversary! 🎂 🎉 Back in 2016 we were just a team of 5, but now in 2020, Airfox is 102 strong. See what our team has already accomplished this year: #business #anniversary #birthday #fintech #employees
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Hey all,

First off I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe right now, as I and the team here in Boston continue to hunker down and wear our masks, of course. 😷

I’d like to start doing a monthly update here to help keep token holders informed of the latest coming out of Airfox and Via Varejo. As you know, we can’t always publicly delve into specific details surrounding Airtoken, but that doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made internally. We will be sure to share anything we can in a timely manner through these monthly updates.

To kick things off, we’ve noticed that there have been a few questions surrounding why we share updates about the banQi app here. If you take a look at the Air Token whitepaper, you’ll see plans for a “stored value mobile wallet application.” Airfox’s banQi app in Brazil is that mobile app. As the banQi app streamlines its functionality, adds new features, and gains users, it becomes more viable as the platform on which microlending will one day occur (upon implementation of regulatory guidelines). So please join us in continuing to root for banQi’s continued development, adoption, and success! You can learn more about the latest banQi features in our recent Medium post.

We also wanted to reiterate that our Boston Airfox team is thriving post-acquisition. During any acquisition, there can be speculation about reshuffling of staff or resources, but the fintech innovation hub we’ve built in Boston was part of Airfox’s appeal to Via Varejo when they took us on. We’re even currently hiring! So rest assured that the Airfox team you’ve invested in is continuing to innovate, attract valuable talent, and work towards our mission of banking the unbanked.

As we fully align with Via Varejo, Airfox will utilize Via Varejo’s infrastructure and scale to accommodate more users and grow. Thanks so much for continuing to stick with us as we work towards our goals together. That’s it for this month’s update! Hope this helped provide a little more understanding.

We have a new article out! Learn how Airfox is delivering greater financial inclusions more fairly, quickly, and effectively than any other means.

The continuing coronavirus pandemic shows that mobile solutions can deliver financial services more safely than cash. And as cashless transactions become more common, underbanked Brazilians need a digital banking option, making banQi more important than ever.

Learn more about what's happening in Brazil:
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Hey all,

Hope you’ve been finding ways to enjoy this summer despite our various levels of quarantine right now, and as always are staying safe. As you know we’re kicking off providing monthly updates on what we’re up to at Airfox and how it relates to token holders, so without further ado here is the update for August.

In our newest blog post (, we go into detail on the importance of contactless payment right now, and how mobile banking apps like banQi have gone from being trendy to necessities. The banQi app has become an important asset for Via Varejo and its customers in Brazil to rely on for contactless banking during the pandemic, and as a result, adoption continues to grow. In fact, the banQi app has surpassed one million downloads and experienced over 100% increase in account openings since March. 🎉🎉

Our teams in both Boston and Brazil are continuing to innovate and grow as we integrate with Via Varejo post-acquisition. And with this influx of users will come the ability to upgrade and tweak the banQi app into the best version of itself. In fact, this summer we’ve been holding virtual meetups with banQi users to hear directly from them what is working well, what needs updating, and what features they would like to see next. We hope you’ll look forward to this time of growth for the banQi app and continue to follow our team’s progress in our mission to bank the unbanked in Brazil.

To get a better understanding of our mission and how it relates to our longstanding relationship with Via Varejo, you should check out this interview with Victor in Boston Innovation: Brazilian retail giant acquires Boston fintech startup AirFox ( This article explains in-depth how Airfox came to be, the history of Via Varejo and how we fit into it, and what this acquisition means for both companies moving forward. It even explains the thinking behind Airfox’s decision to dive into cryptocurrency in 2017. A quote from Victor: “We realized our customers needed more than just what we were serving. We were essentially a vitamin and not a true solution to the problem, which was access to capital.”

We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating waiting for updates, but we hope you can continue to keep the discussions we have here positive and helpful to each other. Our mission from the start was never easy, or going to be completed quickly: banking the unbanked and providing access to capital is not simple! But we’re continuing to make progress and grow all the time, and really appreciate you all sticking it out with us. Be assured that when updates are made available, you’ll hear about them on here ASAP.

That’s it for now! Thanks for hanging in there, and keep an eye out here for next month’s update. Have a great summer! 😁
*We like awards*

banQi has won yet again.
🏆 Great news!

banQi has been nominated yet again for an award. We are finalists in the Superior Achievement in Reputation Management, Best Campaign in Brazil and Marketing to Consumer (New Product) at SABRE AWARDS LATAM 2020.

The awards are only possible when a team works well on both agency and client-side working together to provide excellent customer service and a great experience. We are thrilled to be nominated for this award, as it demonstrates our commitment to building longevity and report with our users.

This is no small feat as SABRE Awards attract more entries from around the world than any other PR awards program, and winning campaigns can honestly claim to have been measured against—and triumphed in competition with—the best public relations campaigns in the world.

The virtual awards ceremony will be held September 9th, 2020 during the international public relations conference RADICAL. Wish us luck!
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Hi everyone,

As always I hope you’re staying safe and doing well. Here’s the monthly update for September:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only three short months since Airfox officially joined the Via Varejo family. I’m sure everyone can agree it’s been a hell of a three months, which contributes to the feeling that our companies have been joined for so much longer, but I think it is also thanks to how our teams really hit the ground running together.

Each month, we’ve had a new exciting milestone to report for banQi as it continues to explode in popularity throughout Brazil. As we celebrate one million downloads of the app, Via Varejo has shared that we’re seeing an 83% growth in account openings between Q1 and Q2, and are continuing to trend upwards. To help manage this exponential growth and successfully scale, we’ve been holding virtual meetups with banQi users to hear directly from them about their experiences with the app and any improvements they would like to see. You can read more about those efforts in our latest Medium post:

We also recently learned that banQi has been ranked as one of the top-rated digital services on ReclameAQUI, a ratings and reviews listing that could be compared to Yelp or the Better Business Bureau. Out of the approximately 260K companies and services listed, only about 300 have reached the high level ranking that banQi now claims, thanks to our superior customer-centric approach.

All that to say, positive growth is happening all the time, even if it isn’t always obvious. Someone made the interesting point on here recently that they don’t see much social media activity from Airfox/VV, so it isn’t always clear how things are going. It’s true that social media isn’t necessarily a first priority for VV; in Brazil, we’ve been focusing more on direct connections with users, such as in our virtual meetups and in-store interactions.

We will continue to keep lines of communication open on this channel as well, and do our best to answer questions as they come along with these monthly updates. If ever you’re curious about what’s going on in Brazil, I encourage you to check out the banQi LinkedIn page, which regularly updates and has built-in translation options that are fairly accurate:

That’s it for now! Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for keeping conversations positive and inquisitive. We really value this community that we’ve built together. 🙂

Greetings Airfoxers,

We trust you have been well. Though this year has not been without its trials, it's certainly not been without its triumphs either. As we look back and reflect on this year, we are filled with pride to know that we have a great community to engage with throughout it all.

As you know, our team has moved to work from home, but has continued to push forward with our development and improving customer experience - and the result has been highly impactful, with over 1 million downloads racked up for the year. We look forward to continuing this trend of exponential growth into 2021.

As always, our hope for you is that you are safe and well. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

-Airtoken Team
AirToken Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @_Airfox: At the end of last year, the Brazilian Central Bank launched PIX and banQi was among the 1st wave of digital wallets to provide users access to this new instant payment method.
Airtoken Community,

In the absence of definitive regulatory guidelines regarding the use and transferability of AirToken, Airfox does not have the ability to proceed with the implementation of the token and therefore has discontinued the project.

Please see the Airfox website for a full statement on the discontinuation of AirToken:
AirToken Official Announcement pinned «Airtoken Community, In the absence of definitive regulatory guidelines regarding the use and transferability of AirToken, Airfox does not have the ability to proceed with the implementation of the token and therefore has discontinued the project. Please…»