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Ladies and gentlemen. I regret to inform you that in the next version, the Finance widget will be temporarily removed. This is due to the tightening of the rules for using the Yahoo Finance service. I will try to find an analog and return the widget in the near future. Thanks for understanding.
My hobby app project

Ladies and gentlemen. I want to share with you my other project, which has nothing to do with the AIO Launcher.

This is the AnTrack app. It allows you to track your phone and manage it using Dropbox (!). The app is free, open source (GPL 3.0), has almost no dependencies and doesn't leak any information anywhere (except your Dropbox drive).

I don't earn anything from it, it's just my hobby project. I'd love it if you'd be interested in it.
AIO Launcher 4.7.3

* New widget: Weekly Calendar
* Added support for Neeva search engine
* Finance widget is temporarily disabled due to problems with Yahoo Finance service
AIO Launcher 4.7.4

* Bug fixes
AIO Launcher 4.7.5

* The keyboard no longer overlaps the notes/tasks editing window
* The search window now shows tips
* The search window now has a separate page for web search history
* The search window can now show icons in the search history
* Fixed gmail login
AIO Launcher 4.7.6

* Finance widget is back!
* Ability to add AIO actions and shortcuts to Quick Apps Menu, which is available by swiping the search button to the side
* World Clock widget now shows day/night
* Custom widget removed (it can be replaced by a script)
* Fixed bug where hiding and moving categories in edit window doesn't work

Make love, not war.
Side menu scripts

Ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad to introduce you support for side menu scripts. They allow you to display completely different information in the side menu. For example, contacts, calendar events, TV program, tasks, notes and anything else.

The new feature is already available in the latest beta version. Also, three scripts are now included:

- Contacts - displays contacts and allows you to open and call them;
- Calendar - calendar events;
- Notes & Tasks - allows you to view and edit tasks and notes.

To select one of these scripts pull the side menu down. If the scripts are not visible try to update app and scripts: AIO Settings -> Scripts -> Latest update.

Examples and all necessary documentation for script developers here:
AIO Launcher 4.8.0

* Side menu scripting capability
* Scripting API has been significantly expanded
* Scripts for displaying tasks, calendar and contacts in the side menu included
* The side menu now remembers the menu style and selected category between style switches
* Side menu and app settings are now separated
* Weekly calendar widget: added option to disable weather
* Added option to select very large font and icon size
* Tasker API now can send broadcasts messages
* Support for custom actions
* Twitter widget removed due to new service restrictions

Make love, not war.
AIO Launcher 4.8.1

* Android 14 support
* Calls and SMS plugin was updated to support search and new options
* Notifications widget now can snooze notifications temporary
* Fixed search window jerking

New plugin version:
A great community gives birth to great ideas

Friends, I want to raffle off three license keys for five devices between members of this channel.

To get a key you must leave a link to this channel... (kidding), you just need to write in the comments an idea for a feature for the Launcher. And I'll pick three winners in a week's time.

The requirements for ideas are simple:

1. Don't violate the basic concepts of AIO, i.e. no extra screens, classic app menus with icons and so on.
2. It should not just be a new option like "Don't show apps that piss me off", but a conceptually new idea.

Off-topic comments will be deleted.
Competition results

You have offered so many new features, thank you. As promised I have chosen the three ideas I liked the most. Many of you will probably disagree with my choice, but that's just the way it is:

1. Leif (@Leif_G): Kanban widget
2. Zaid (@jaiboul): side menu style switcher at the bottom of the app
3. Bryan Steimel (@bsteimel): QR payment widget

Dear winners, please direct message (@ezobnin) me to give you the app key.
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Big changes to the current beta version of the AIO Launcher:

1. Side menu style switch is now at the bottom;
2. All widgets and scripts can now be "opened" directly in the side menu;
3. In case of Android widgets, the launcher will try to show the widget itself in the menu, but if it fails, it will switch to the preview.
AIO Launcher 4.9.0

* Ability to open widgets in the side menu without adding them to the screen
* More built-in widgets in the search window
* Android widgets in the search window
* The name and the "Сleanup widgets" option can be changed separately for each Android widget
* Fixed Exchange Rates widget
* Fixed opening notifications and widgets on Android 14
AIO Launcher 4.9.1

* Ability to hide side menu bottom bar
* Map widget improvements (available for subscribers)
* Bug fixes
AIO Launcher 4.9.2

* Experimental option to change app font (for subscribers for now)
* Cloud sync improvements
* New scripting APIs (see docs)
* Bug fixes
New player design in the beta version. Buttons themed in the color of cover. What do you think?
AIO Launcher 4.9.3

* Completely redesigned Player widget
* Classic themes like Flat and Neon now use colors from the wallpaper
* Many small UI improvemets
* Experimental option to show screen brightness level in the Monitor widget (for subscribers for now)
* Bug fixes
In AIO Launcher 4.9.4-beta2, there is now integration with ChatGPT. It is available only to subscribers and will most likely remain accessible only to them (because the ChatGPT API is a paid service, and I have to pay a monthly bill for its usage). For those who are not subscribers, there is a free alternative in the AIO Store, but I do not know how long it will continue to function.
AIO Launcher 4.9.4

* ChatGPT integration in the search window (for subscribers)
* Font option is now available also for premium users
* Health widget: ability to show/hide data types
* Player widget: ability to seek track forward and backward by long press forward/backward buttons
AIO Launcher 4.9.5

* Frequent apps widget: ability to sort apps by alphabet and search history
* News feed widget: fix "empty widget" problem
* Unify all apps widgets context menus
* Monochrome icon
* Bug fixes