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Cumulative updates for AIMP:

v3.22 for Android:
Change log:

v5.03 RC for Windows:
Change log:

Additionally, we have made a script that simplifies the installation and setup of AIMP to Linux OS (using WINE):

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AIMP for Windows v5.03 has been released!

What's new?
In v5.03, we have focused to native 64-bit support. Since now, player will releases in two editions: 32-bit and 64-bit.

In additional:
+ General: APE - support for 32-bit and multiple channels audio
+ General: support for WebP images (requires to install the libwebp.dll)
+ Playlist: the XPSF format became default playlist format
+ Playlist: the "select enabled" command has been added
+ Player: an ability to customize speed / tempo step
+ Player: the %chapter macro has been added for playing file
+ Tag editor: online search - discogs - support of the "disk number", "part of compilation", "styles" and "comments" tag fields
+ Tag editor: replaygain - added an ability to scan folder as single album
+ Music Library: two new templates: "best tracks" and "new tracks"

Full change log:


Cumulative update for AIMP for Windows.

What's new?
+ Plugins: MyClouds - support for WebDAV for
+ Advanced search: the "clear queue" menu item has been added
+ Tag editor: compatibility with Windows Explorer has been improved
- Fixed: general - files that full path more 260 symbols cannot be played on Windows 10
- Fixed: tag editor - sometime it starts without a list of sent files
- Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "start recording" action does not wait while new stream being loaded if app is playing another radio stream.
- Fixed: plugins - scheduler - repeat thought day works incorrectly, if time range is set to 24 hours

Full change log:


Today AIMP celebrates is 16 years birthday!

It's scary to think that so much time has passed since the first public release! It seems like it happened just a couple of years ago...

While we are preparing the AIMP v3.30 for Android to public beta testing, we suggest to you read the AIMP's birth and development story:
(Sorry, old articles still not translated to English)

#AIMP #AIMP5 #AIMP_Android #birthday
AIMP for Android v3.30 Beta is here!

What's new?
+ Android 13 Support
+ New app design for CarPC
+ Improvements for Android Auto
+ Support for cloud storages based on WebDAV protocol (experimental)
+ Support for the XSPF playlist format

You will find more details about new features in our blog:

Joint to beta-testing to download it now:

Report about issues:
Please report about all issues to our email or forum. Try as much as possible to describe in detail the situation in which the error occurred, or provide the steps to reproduce. Do not forget to mention the full version of the program (we often publish nightly builds).
New blog post.

The XSPF file format became a default playlist format.
What is XSPF? What is the reason to make it default playlist format in AIMP?

AIMP v3.30 Beta 2 for Android OS has been published.

What's new?
+ Support for split-screen mode in CarPC
+ Reduced memory consumption
+ New files now adds to end of playlist during synchronization if it items has been manually reordered
+ Relative file paths resolving has been improved
+ Issues that you reported has been fixed
+ And little bit more:

You can download an update from our site:
Update is not yet available in Google Play (already a week in review stage...)

#AIMP #AIMP_Android
AIMP for Android v3.30 Beta 3 is here.

What's new?
+ General: support for Murglar and another content-providers
* General: compatibility with Android 13 has been improved
* Sound engine: stability for running in background has been improved
- Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports


#AIMP #AIMP_Android
AIMP v5.10 Beta 2 has been published

What's new?
+ General: app can run again on Windows Vista and Windows XP
+ General: reduced size of the runtime library
+ Options dialog: thumbnails view in skins chooser frame
* Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service
* Plugins: WebLyrics - now can be used as album arts provider
* Plugins: WebLyrics - rules syntax has been extended
* Sound engine: unloading of unused ASIO drivers without app restart
- Fixed known issues


AIMP v3.30 Beta 4 for Android OS.

What's new?
* General: compatibility with Android 13 has been improved
- Fixed: issues from incoming bug-reports


#AIMP #AIMP_Android
First release candidate of AIMP 5.10 has been published:

What's new?
- Known issues has been fixed


AIMP v5.10 has been released!

What's new?
+ General: app can run again on Windows Vista and Windows XP
+ General: compatibility with Linux thought Wine
+ Sound engine: added support for system decoders (optional)
+ Sound engine: support for MDZ, ITZ, S3Z and XMZ file formats
+ Sound Engine: support for WavPack's correction files (WVC)
+ Sound Engine: support for DSD stream in WavPack-container
+ Player: an ability to pin window position on screen
+ Player: extended integration to aero peek feature
+ Playlist: added few new options for import single file from external applications
+ Playlist: added few new randomize modes
+ Playlist: list of templates for playlist grouping
+ And much more:

Features overview:


First release candidate of AIMP for Android v3.30 is here!

What's new:
+ General: compatibility with Android 13 has been improved
- Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports


#AIMP #AIMP_Android
AIMP v3.30 for Android has been released!

What's new?
+ General: support for Android 13
+ General: new app design for CarPC
+ General: close app background service on idle (optional)
+ Android Auto: extended number of supported commands
+ File manager: ability to create new folder
+ File Manager: support for WebDAV-based cloud storages
+ Playlist: support for smart-playlists based on remote playlists
+ Playlist: support for the XSPF file format (became a default playlist format)
+ Playlist: the "find missing files" function has been added

It is believed that before the new year it is necessary to complete all tasks begun. Therefore, we have prepared another fix pack for the mobile and the PC player:

But, I guess, you don't want to listen about software bugs on the eve of the holidays, right? So, we want to present you a short article about evolution of AIMP's welcome screen:

Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Cumulative updates

AIMP v5.11 for PC
+ General: support for surrogate characters in utf8-encoded strings
+ General: WavPack codec has been updated to v5.6
+ Player: internet radio - support for 24-bit (or higher) streams
+ Player: internet-radio - support for JSON-based metadata
+ Playlist: support for "comment" tag field
+ Playlist: Linux - items reordering via drag-n-drop does not work
+ Audio converter: support for QAAC64 command line encoder
+ Music library: group table items by parent folder (use filename column for that)

AIMP v3.30 for Android
+ General: the WavPack codec has been updated to v5.6
+ Playlist: fast scrolling is now carried out via slider's thumb only