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🌐 Access a New Digital Era with AesirX SSO! 🌐

✨Simplify Access: Tired of juggling multiple passwords? AesirX SSO makes it effortless. One set of credentials, endless access.

✨Empower User Consent: AesirX's Decentralized Consent Model puts users in control. No more hidden tracking.

✨Age & Residency Control: With AesirX SSO and Concordium's ID, enforce age and residency restrictions with ease, all while respecting user privacy.

Sign up to a more user-centric, secure digital world!

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πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Data privacy and ethics are crucial in the digital era. Are you part of the solution?

Explore the awakening of consumers, ethical imperative, and business case for responsible data practices.

Make the right call and be part of the solution!

Read the full article here:

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πŸ”’ AesirX dApp: Mastering Privacy Protection and Data Access Control! πŸš€

Every your online click and swipe generates valuable data about you. But who should have the power over it? Organizations or You?

AesirX dApp empowers YOU to reclaim your privacy & data ownership!

πŸ›‘ Your Personal Data Guardian: Create your "Shield of Privacy" - it's like your own superhero that keeps your data safe from being misused.

πŸ”’ Withdraw Consent: Want to change your mind about who sees your data? That’s easy! Grant or revoke permission to collect data at any time.

πŸ” Super Security: We use fancy tech to keep your data safe. Your info is coded, & it’s validated without revealing any sensitive information.

πŸš€ Free Marketing Platform: Use our powerful marketing tool for free - create, automate, & manage marketing campaigns like a pro!

πŸ’° Earn Rewards: Join our programs, promote privacy, & earn $AESIRX tokens. It's like getting paid for helping others protect their privacy.

AesirX dApp is your key to privacy, data control, & rewards. Join us, create your Privacy Shield, & reclaim your privacy today! 🌐πŸ’ͺ

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πŸš€ AesirX SSO: Bridging Web2 & Web3 for a Secure Digital Future!

Tired of security vulnerabilities & privacy concerns with traditional Web2 login?

AesirX SSO embraces the power of Web3, using decentralized technology to enhance security, protect privacy, & prevent identity theft. We’re shaping the future of digital trust! πŸ”’

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🌟 Curious about making smarter business decisions without compromising user privacy?

Meet AesirX BI: Where ethical data meets actionable insights. πŸ›‘πŸ“Š

Seamless Integration, Privacy by Design, and User Focus Experience!

Learn more:,-privacy,-and-user-experience

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πŸš€ Exciting News! I've just published an article on LinkedIn about the transformative power of decentralized business models in various industries. From digital marketing to e-commerce, these models are setting new standards in ethical data management and privacy.

πŸ” In this article, we explore use cases in industries like online fashion, rare collectibles, and even children's online safety, showcasing how decentralized technologies are revolutionizing the way we handle and perceive data privacy.

🌐 Join me in discovering how these innovative approaches are paving the way for a more ethical and user-empowered digital world.

πŸ‘‰ Read the full article here:

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πŸ“£ Europe's Digital Identity Revolution: A Game Changer for Privacy and Digital Marketing

πŸ” The EU's new European digital identity (eID) framework is reshaping our digital world. It's about empowering you with a secure and universal digital identity, right on your mobile phone!

🌐 Imagine a digital wallet linking your ID, driving license, diplomas, and more, recognized all across Europe. No more oversharing of personal data!

πŸ›‘ For privacy, it's a big win. For digital marketing, it's a new era of ethical, consent-based strategies.

πŸš€ AesirX & Concordium are at the forefront, integrating eID to revolutionize how we handle privacy and identity.

πŸ’‘ Discover how this shift impacts you and the digital marketing world. Read more about the European digital identity revolution:

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πŸ” Scan Any Website for Privacy Compliance. Up to 90% of sites fail!

πŸ€” Worried your site will get fined for privacy violations? You should be! Our studies show that 95% of sites are not GDPR compliant.

πŸŽ‰ Not to worry! Try AesirX Privacy Scanner for FREE & see if your site (or your competitors) is in breach of privacy regulations.

πŸš€ Built on EDPS Inspection Software (developed by the EU) to support privacy & personal data protection.

🌟 π‘πžπšππ² 𝐭𝐨 π’π­πšπ«π­?

πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’» πŸš€ π’π©π«πžπšπ 𝐭𝐑𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝:
Share this post with your friends, colleagues, & anyone who owns a website!

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🚨 Think a cookie consent dialog is enough for privacy compliance? Think again! My latest article explains why traditional cookie dialogs fall short in today's digital landscape.

Discover how advanced tracking methods like Beacons pose new privacy challenges and why decentralized consent models are the future.

Read my article to understand the shift beyond cookies to a more ethical, user-centric approach to data privacy.

#PrivacyAwareness #DigitalConsent #BeaconTracking #DecentralizedConsent #DataPrivacy #GDPR #CookieConsent #AesirX #PrivacyMatters #PrivacyScanner
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🌐 Join us for a special session on Indystack: "Privacy: Someone Stole my Cookies" with Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, Creator of AesirX

✨ Venture into the fascinating world of online privacy & analytics.

πŸ“… Date & Time: November 24, 2023, at 18:00h GMT

πŸ”’ Secure Your Spot by Filling out the form:

πŸ” What to Expect:
βœ… Stay updated with the latest in online privacy, including GDPR compliance & data protection.
βœ… Practical strategies to enhance your website performance while safeguarding user data.
βœ… A free tool for scanning website compliance with privacy & data protection laws.

Get ready to explore the future of web privacy with Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen. Mark your calendars & stay tuned for more updates!

Learn more about AesirX at:

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πŸ” Are you relying solely on cookie consent dialogs for privacy compliance? Think again! Dive into our latest article as we debunk common misconceptions and uncover the truth about beacons and cookie consent. Learn why a general cookie banner isn't enough for GDPR compliance and how to truly protect user privacy. πŸ›‘

#DigitalPrivacy #GDPRCompliance #Beacons #CookieConsent #UserPrivacy #DataProtection #LegalTech #EURegulations #AesirX #PrivacyMatters
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πŸ”’βœ¨ Enhance your website's privacy game with AesirX Privacy Scanner!

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸŒ Worried about violating privacy laws or damaging your brand reputation? AesirX scans your website, highlighting potential risks and providing a clear report.

πŸ“ŠπŸ” It's fast, free, and easy - just enter your URL and click "Scan Now." Boost trust, comply with regulations, and safeguard your online reputation.

πŸš€πŸ” Read more:

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πŸ”Š Don’t Miss Out Today’s Indystack Session on "Privacy: Someone Stole my Cookies"

Join Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, Creator of AesirX, for an insightful session on online privacy and analytics.

Today at 18:00h GMT

🌟 What to Expect:
- Stay informed about the latest privacy regulations, including GDPR compliance and data protection.
- Discover practical strategies to improve website performance while protecting user data.
- Receive a free tool for scanning website compliance with privacy and data protection laws.

🌟 Secure Your Spot:

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of web privacy with Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen!

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🌐 "Rethinking Consent: GDPR + ePrivacy Directive Guidelines" – A Must-Read for Professionals!

πŸ“– Delve into our insightful article exploring the EDPB's latest guidelines on digital consent.

πŸ” Learn about the ePrivacy Directive's role in shaping explicit consent requirements.

πŸ’‘ Essential reading for legal, compliance, and privacy professionals navigating the evolving landscape of digital consent.


#GDPR #ePrivacyDirective #DataProtection #Consent #Privacy #DecentralizedConsent #RegulatoryCompliance #InformedConsent #DigitalMarketing #PrivacyFirst #AesirX
What a week we just went through!

We launched out new privacy scannerο»Ώ service, which is a free scanning tool that will scan your website, e-commerce solution, app or dapp for compliance risks, thursday. The tool is based on the EDPS official software and so it has the authenticity of the European Commission behind it.

Black Friday i was the speaker at a online event with Indystack where i presented the session "Who Stole My Cookies?" - the video can be found right here:

If you are worried about the future of privacy and what is coming, i propose you check out the video, it's highly educational for anyone working with privacy, and lets face it: we all are working with privacy today.

Finally i would like you to mention my linkedin newsletter, where i write about all things related to web-facing privacy and structural decentralization.

In the past week i addressed the coming changes to Consent handling in a series of 3 articles i would like to invite you to read and subscribe to my newsletter, it could very well mitigate heavy fines coming your way if you do not take the coming privacy enforcement wave and fundamental changes to privacy seriously.

The coming ePrivacy Directive is to replace major parts of GDPR legislation including the focus on specific technologies like Cookies, instead all technologies are included under the scope of the law, which i also address in the third article.

I hope my articles and our newly launched privacy scanner can help you to navigate a increasingly complex compliance landscape and if you are looking for that quick big overview, let me suggest watching the video from the Black Friday event with Indystack, it is a good way to get an overview of what the situation is now, and what is coming.

Ronni, Creator