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🔐 Introducing new privacy-oriented filter 🔐

Wait, doesn't AdGuard already have Tracking Protection filter? True, but we reckon you can never be too safe. New AdGuard URL Tracking filter serves one purpose: to remove tracking parameters from URLs. ✂️

AdGuard could do it before, too, but with the previous approach the list of tracking parameters to strip was 'fixed'. With a dedicated filter it's really easy for us to update the list at any time, so you can be sure you're protected at all times.

👇 More on URL tracking parameters and how we block them:
✍️ AdGuard among the first to endorse ERP ✍️

European Resolver Policy, or ERP, was launched to protect personal data of Internet users. It has been designed to ensure that companies have clear privacy and transparency policies that are easily accessible, setting out how any personal data is used and whether it is exploited commercially.

We're proud that AdGuard is among its very first adopters and hope that more organizations will follow soon.

👇 More details and comments by adopting organizations:
For anyone who's getting YouTube🔴 ads in Safari🧭 on iOS

1) Open the app, click the update🔄 icon in the top-right corner
2) Wait until filters are updated

YouTube has changed the way they display ads, so you need the latest version of AdGuard filters.

‼️ Important: ads will go away but there still will be a 'Preview' leftover. You'll also have to tap 'Play' ▶️ manually to start a video.

We're still looking for ways to fix these issues without hurting the user experience.
🥳 AdGuard VPN for Windows enters open beta! 🥳

After four months, we're finally ready to present the first stable beta build. We'd like to say 'thank you' to all of those who helped us test the alpha build and fix all those bugs! 🙏

In the meantime, we added Kill Switch, tunneling exclusions, made AdGuard VPN compatible with ad blocker, and improved UI. Not a short list!

👇Read more:

Download AG VPN for Windows beta:
🧭 Ads in Safari: will you continue to see them? 🧭

Ever noticed that you see more ads in Safari than in other browsers? There's a reason for that.

Safari Content Blocking has multiple problems that cause it to lag behind when it comes to ad blocking quality compared to other browsers. We're diving deep into the topic and explain why it happens, and what can (or can't) be done about it.

👇 Read all about Safari ad blocking in our blog:
🖥 AdGuard VPN for Mac open beta 🖥

Following in the footsteps of AdGuard VPN for Windows, we announce the beginning of open beta for the Mac client. It means the app is stable and anyone can download and use it.

Once again, big thanks to all who helped us test alpha builds! As a result, we were able to fix A LOT of bugs.

Currently macOS Сatalina and higher versions (10.15+) are supported. Soon we'll add support for v10.12-10.14.

👇 All details in our blog:
🙀 You CAN block YouTube ads in Safari on iOS! 🙀

It turns out that you can run a special script that will work and remove ads until the page is reloaded. After realizing this fact, the way to implement it came quickly — last fall, Apple added shortcuts that are great for this task.

You'll have to do a few clicks to set up our shortcut, but it works!

👇 Here's what you need to do:
🍰 AdGuard turns 12 today! 🍰

Yes, first day of Summer is coincidentally our birthday! 🥳

If you've been with AdGuard for a while, you know by now that we always try to prepare something for you to celebrate with us.

💪 This time, we urge you to test your skills and gut feeling in our web survival game... and get a nice discount, of course!

👇 Read more:

👇 Check out the game:
🏕 Have you already tried AdGuard web survival game? 🏕

See if you can navigate through countless online threats unscathed — and maybe even get a discount at the end 😛

🕹 Let's go:
🧩 AdGuard Browser Extension v3.6 🧩

There hasn't been any news about our browser extensions for a very, very long time. We weren't ignoring it — it's just that there weren't any big updates that would draw attention.

But in v3.6 there is a couple of noteworthy new features with an emphasis on privacy protection:

📡 GPC signal

Global Privacy Control signal is something that your browser sends to inform the websites you visit that you don't want your personal data to be sold or shared. GPC is supported and respected by many organizations, AdGuard included.

🌐 New URL tracking filter

This new filter serves to remove all known tracking parameters from URLs. Often such parameters don't have any other purpose other that to track users.

👇 Read on:
💯 So, how many points did you get? 💯

What are we talking about? Our survival game, of course! Get to the end and maybe you'll find a discount there... But don't tell anyone! 🤫

🕹 Check it out:
🏷🔥 The sale ends soon! 🔥🏷

It's your last chance to take advantage of AdGuard birthday sale before it ends tomorrow! Hurry!

4️⃣0️⃣% off AdGuard ad blocker:

6️⃣0️⃣% off AdGuard VPN:
‼️ To all AdGuard for Safari users ‼️

We've made a mistake and published a faulty update. DO NOT update to v1.9.17! This version doesn't work on devices with Intel-based processors.

If you've already updated, download this standalone build and move it to applications:

We'll roll out the fix as soon as possible.
📲 Web extensions are coming to iPhones and iPads 📲

This is huge news. The addition of WebExtension API will open up a lot of new possibilities for developers, including, of course, content blocker developers.

Expect better filtering quality and more opportunities, hopefully soon!

👇 Full commentary:
🍏 AdGuard v4.2 for iOS 🍏

🧭 More good news for iOS users! With the new version of AdGuard for iOS, you again can block ads on YouTube in Safari. Click the link below and follow the instructions.

🔀 Improved rules converter: learn about what it is and how it affects ad blocking quality.

👇 Read on:
🌎 AdGuard VPN v1.2.1 for Android 🌎

What's new:

🛠 VpnLibs updated to v0.8.56
🎨 UI improvements
🆕 Option to delete all exclusions for Regular/Selective mode
🆕 Option to include/exclude all apps in Apps settings

📺 AdGuard VPN supports your favorite streaming services 📺

We support Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

For a streaming service to work via AdGuard VPN, you must connect to the server in one of the countries where it is currently available.

🗺 Consult with the table in the article to make sure you've selected the correct server location.

👇 Read on: