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One of the first mobile-compatible bots of it's kind. Take your snipes on the go with Adam's Sniper Bot. Sniping bsc tokens on the go won't be a problem with this bot. This bsc sniper bot is compatible with all computers and phone devices.
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Feature: Auto gwei
- Mempool snipes will now snipe using the gwei that dev is setting.
- For frontruns & method snipes, gwei will become hidden and cannot be modified.
- This will ensure that you never get in before the dev, and never get in too late if dev uses higher gwei. Expecting a much higher success rate from your snipes.

Chore: Default Selling Parameters
- Your default sell parameters have been adjusted to ensure a higher success rate for selling due to high gas issues.

Fix: Configuration
- frontrun and snipe after CA pasted options remained checked after snipes were made. This has been addressed

Fix: Method Snipe
- When pasting a CA after clicking "yes" on method snipe, the old methods for the previous CA were still showing. This bug has been fixed.

Please refresh your bot pages in order for these changes to take effect.

Also, the video I've promised going over contracts has finally been made. I will only release this video to verified members. In order to access the video, verified members will have to interact with the helper bot, to retrieve the video. This helper bot feature to release the video to verified members has not been added yet as it's really late atm but will get to it tomorrow (hopefully).

Any issues, comments, or concerns, you know what to do. @Adamsnipes.

Mempool server is back up and running.
Ok ca video is out. Go to the bot @adam_snipes_helper_bot, and use the command /cavideo. If you are verified, bot will give you the video. If you aren't verified and are just lurking here for the plays because you have your own bot, feel free to contact me to purchase it for $299.

Feature: DxSale Support
- Mempool now supports DxSale frontruns

Feature: Approve Before Selling
- If auto approve fails, or if tokens were purchased outside the bot and you want to sell with the bot, a new checkbox "Approve before selling" when checked will allow you to approve and sell your tokens.

Chore: rename isLaunchpad
- changed isLaunchedpad to isPinksale. It is the same thing, but now renamed to isPinksale.

Feature: Soft Check (Frontrun)
- Users can now opt in for a frontrun "soft check".

Fix: Uniswap
- Fixed a bug where uniswap snipes were displaying inaccurate price info in $

How it works?

Currently frontrun will check if owner of the CA is adding liquidity, this was menat to protect users from a private sale member adding liquidity and the bot sniping.

However, there are some cases in which dev will add liquidity through other means, or LP is in control by another wallet. In this case, use the new "soft check" feature which will ONLY check if liquidity is added to given token. Please note this option is a bit riskier, as if anyone adds liquidity to the token, the bot will snipe.

Use at your own risk.

Please refresh your bots for these changes to take effect.
Am doing a quick refresh on the mempool server, if you have any active scans, please restart them in 15 seconds
**Christmas Special**

For he’s a jolly good fellow, Adam’s Sniper Bot is now on sale for Christmas eve, and the day of Christmas (2 days) at a $200 discount.

Price for these 2 days will be $1,300. And will resume normal pricing afterwards.

Contact Adam directly @Adamsnipes to get your mobile compatible mempool sniper bot today!

Enjoy the holidays and a merry Christmas to all!
Few hours left to take advantage of the Christmas special. Price will be back to $1,500 afterwards.

Feature: Avax Chain
- Avax chain has now been added.
- Avax routers traderJoe & Pangolin are supported
- A full node has been setup for mempool snipes for Avax.

Feature: Token Amount
- Users can now purchase by specifying a token amt, rather than a BNB/ETH amount.
- Users will still need to set a "limit" in BNB. For example, 10000 tokens, with 0.1bnb limit.
- BNB field must still have a value, however token amount will not spend beyond the bnb/eth limit set.

Feature: Auto Slippage
- Users no longer need to enter a slippage for selling, it will be auto.

Feature: Save Sell Configuration
- A new button Save Sell Configuration is now added at the bottom of the bot.
- Switch to sell tab and enter max gas and gwei fields you'd like to be used, and click save sell configuration at the bottom

Feature: BUSD conversion
- BUSD token has been removed, BUSD snipes will now be made using bnb, simply select isBusd checkbox to snipe BUSD pair tokens

Fix: BUSD Selling
- BUSD sells are now working as expected. Make sure to select isBusd when selling the token if it is a BUSD pair.

Fix: Split Sells
- There was a bug in which split sells was not working. This has been fixed and is now working as expected

Fix: 100% of tokens
- This bug existed for a long time, users were not able to sell all their tokens, as there would be a decimal amount left (e.g. 0.2).
- 100% sells will now sell all your tokens

Fix(Uniswap): Eth Priority Gas
- Eth snipers were facing an issue in which they were sometimes getting in before the dev, this was due to the maxPriorityFee defaulting to the gwei's value. This has been fixed and users should now be able to get in after devs txn, not before.

Removed: Nodes
- I have removed the option to add nodes to the bot as they are no longer necessary given the full nodes provided. Adding your own full nodes had you purchased any would not work given the architecture of the bot. So this feature is no longer necessary.

I've focused and tested a ton of sells, since users were mostly complaining about that and there should be no more selling issues given you're not blacklisted or you're not violating some max txn or some other code in the CA. if you see TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED then you need to figure out what's wrong from the CA side, not the bot.

BUSD was also a major issue for most snipers, I've focused my efforts in uplifting it, and now it works exactly as expected for buying and selling.

If you face any issues at all (which you might) please let me know as this was a major update, and small bugs may have made their way in. Please let me know if you face any issues regarding this new update.

Refresh your bots (website) for these changes to take effect.

Thank you & happy new year 🥳 - @AdamSnipes
Two things to note:

1. for token amount to work, you must select the Token amount radio button, otherwise it will buy with the bnb you've specified
2. In order to see accurate price data for BUSD tokens, you must select isBusd option, even if you are not sniping, otherwise it will show you incorrect data. Make sure to uncheck this for BNB paired tokens.
Adams Sniper Bot pinned «Two things to note: 1. for token amount to work, you must select the Token amount radio button, otherwise it will buy with the bnb you've specified 2. In order to see accurate price data for BUSD tokens, you must select isBusd option, even if you are not…»
Please refresh your bots again for some minor bug fixes
Fixed a small bug where balance kept switching between different chains after selecting a chain. Please refresh your bots for this bug fix.
Fixed another bug where bot will infinite load if retry isn't checked, refresh for this fix to take effect.
Just a PSA, bot price is going up to $2,000 after adding the auto sell feature. This feature will be complete within 2 - 4 days.
Just randomly found a bug for ETH mempool snipes, and it seems some people snipes have failed before but nobody told me 🙂 Please everyone, if your snipes are failing and you know it's not your fault, let me know to look into it and put a fix asap.

Fix has been applied, mempool snipes for eth should be back to normal again. This issue was due to some changes I made to reflect the maxPriorityFeePerGas which was defaulting to Gwei value, causing users to get in before the dev. The fix allows this value to reflect the devs value. There was a bug however and eth snipes were failing but nobody notified me, should be fixed now though. If you notice anything else out of the ordinary, please let me know.
Bug fix: Uniswap block delay

Just pushed out a bug fix for Uniswap snipes related to block delay. Block delay for Uniswap snipes should be working as expected now.

Please refresh your bots for this fix to take effect.
Bug fix: Uniswap recommended gwei

There was a bug in which recommended gwei was displaying 0. This bug has now been fixed and is displaying the current fastest gwei from etherscan accurately. Please refresh your bots for this fix to take effect.
Due to the avax node outage, I've shut off avax for now until the node for it is back up.

This outage is causing balance display issues for the other networks.

Please refresh your bots to fix the balance issue. Avax will be back once the node is done re-syncing.
Avax node is back up and running. Refresh your bots for AVAX to show up again.
Doing some maintenance on the ethereum node, should take roughly 5 - 10 mins
ETH node back up