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HODLing some $DOGE? Waiting for it to moon?πŸš€

Stake in our latest vault launched on #BSC with

- single token, no IL
- autocompound, stake & forget
- SAFU APY (20+% nowπŸ”₯)


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When in doubt, go for the SAFU yield optimizer πŸ›‘

- launched in 2020
- 0 security incidents βš”
- sustainable APY

Single-token Vaults: launched across 5 chainsπŸš€

Quick Q: Which vault are you in?πŸ˜‰


$ACS No.1 #YieldOptimizer
New Moonwell (Moonriver) Vaults live:
MOVR ~37.1%
ETH ~11.9%
FRAX ~11.5%

New Benqi (Avalanche) Vaults live:
AVAX ~7.6%
WBTC ~4.79%
If you're HODLing $AVAX or $BTC through the winter, don't just leave them in your wallet…

Grow your tokens in our vaults
- auto-compounding
- single token
- SAFU since 2020

Staking πŸ”—
Bear market? We're around.
Still BUIDLing, never stopping.

New chain. New vaults.
We're on Moonriver chain now.

✨Latest APY:
$MOVR 55%
$ETH 10.5%
$FRAX 11.2%
$KSM 88.7%

- Autocompounding
- single token
with @Moonwellfichat

Sustainable yields.
No matter the market, ACryptoS is always here.
Take some time off and join our #ACSacademy #WeeklyQuiz!

✏️How do our vaults work + give you high APY?
✏️How do we stay #1 SAFU?
πŸ’° Ans questions & earn $ACS and $ACSI πŸŽ‰

⏰ 23 Jun 1300 UTC
πŸ“ @acryptos9

Our first Scream (Fantom) Vault on is live (ETH ~15.2%):
XMT-BNB and Ankr StableSwap boost periods have ended and their Farm weights have been adjusted.
❇ Holding $CAKE but don't feel like locking it?
❇ Pancakeswap non-locking APY too low?

Stake in our $CAKE vault thenπŸ˜‰
- no lock
- no IL
- Β± 10% APY

Stake here


Vault built on Venus Protocol
New vaults on Fantom chain.

Don't just leave them in your wallet…

Grow your tokens in our vaults
- auto-compounding
- single token
- SAFU since 2020
Our unique vault strategy built on

Staking πŸ”—
If you're HODLing long term, trust in those tokens, and don't look too much at your wallet.

Just find a vault here.
- grow your tokens at a good Β±10% APY
- check back in a few years, we'll still be around

We are making the following Farm adjustments to Atlantis Vaults:

ATL 0.5X -> 0.1X
ATL-BUSD 0.5X -> 0.1X
BNB 5X -> 0X
BTC 5X -> 0X
ETH 5X -> 0X
DOT 1X -> 0X
LINK 1X -> 0X
ADA 1X -> 0X
BUSD 1X -> 0X
USDT 1X -> 0X
USDC 1X -> 0X

We are increasing A2B2 (ACS) Farm from 30X -> 60X.

We now have many higher yielding Vaults for the same assets across different projects and chains and we recommend users move their funds there:
Try our new V2 UI for our full selection of Vaults and Farms:
Try our experimental X UI for our next generation Multi-Chain Vaults:
New Vaults live:
ApeSwap Lending: BTC, ETH
Our $BTC.b vault is live on Avalanche with Benqi Finance πŸ”₯

- autcompounding
- APY grows your BTC.b, nothing else

Stake hereπŸ”—
New ApeSwap Lending Vaults live: USDT, DOT.
We have de-leveraged Legacy Venus BNB, ETH and MATIC Vaults to optimise yield as borrow rates have exceeded supply rates.

We will no longer be leveraging up legacy Venus Vaults, please consider using our next-gen Venus Vaults on or
Our next-gen Vaults feature automated leveraging / de-leveraging built in the smart contract to extract the highest yields.

We are also making the following Farm emissions changes:
Venus BNB - 8X -> 0X
Venus BTC - 3X -> 0X
Venus ETH - 2X -> 0X
Venus BETH - 1X -> 0X
Venus MATIC - 0.6X -> 0X
A2B2 - 60X -> 75X

Please consider using our next-gen multi-chain Vaults on or

Our multi-chain Vaults no longer give out ACS Farm emissions and also take a much smaller performance fee so you will get all your yield in the token you deposit.
We now have single-asset Vaults on 7 chains and 13 projects, allowing users to better manage risk and access more yield opportunities.