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Tin remover
High-quality tin removing rod LAOA-LA813101, suction 35Hg-Cn, with 2 spare heads
Tin removal tool for circuit board repair soldering, use this tool to quickly remove tin as it builds up.
ANLIXIN-862D desoldering station
High-quality desoldering station combination tool.
Multifunctional maintenance tools, including de-soldering gun and electric iron.
Stable performance, high efficiency, good quality, durable.
Some orders sent to North America will be shipped immediately, please wait patiently
Zeus mining can provide miners with all kinds of accessories and maintenance tools they need, and sell them to the world at a preferential price. In addition, our company's official website also provides you with some repair tutorials for free, please click below Official website view details
Avalon 851 PMU
Avalon 851 PMU power management unit board "L + R" is combined
One unit contains two pieces of L + R
GM1352 decibel meter

GM1352 30-130dB Digital Sound Level Meter Noise Volume Decibel Monitor FG
GM1352 high-precision decibel meter is a portable digital noise meter with a novel appearance, compact and portable, far away from noise pollution.

Antminer power cable

Product description:
Antminer power cable
Safe and reliable
Suitable for multiple miner power supplies
10 plugs per block

Antminer hash board chip heat sinks

Product description:
Antminer hash board chip heat sinks
Welcome to choose the high-precision, high-quality Antminer Hashboard chip radiator, which is the
original disassembled radiator, suitable for all miners with a separate radiator type.

Cooling fan for Antminer PSU

Product description:
Cooling fan for Antminer PSU 4cm*4cm*2.8cm 12V 0.35A

Anitiner official authentic, High quality and good durability

The miner power supply fan 4cm x 4cm x 2.8cm 12V replacement parts are sold. The power supply fan uses metal bearings, copper fixing ring, sturdy and durable!

Antminer 4-pin 60 cm voltage regulation cable

4-pin 60 cm voltage regulation cable


We sell the Bitmain Miner data cable 4-pin 60 cm voltage cable to the world at the lowest price and expertise. It is also a data transmission cable. This cable is used to connect the control board to the Hach board. One machine requires 3 cables. Sufficient supply and best quality, minimum order quantity is 5. Customers are required to purchase matching data cables according to their own mining machine models.
Ready to be packaged and ready to be shipped to the U.S.
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The composition of the mining machine?
Antminer is composed of three hash boards and a control board plus a power supply. If the hash board is the body of the mining machine, the control board is its brain, which is responsible for controlling the receiving and sending of data.
These are some control boards of Antmienr S17, S9, V9 below.
For more details :
The thermosetting adhesive used to bond the chip and heat sink of the Hash board
Sell a variety of mining machine hardware and maintenance tools, the goods in the picture below will soon be sent to Russia, Turkey, Thailand, and Australia.