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WOW 🤩🔥🚀

YAAAS the new NFT marketplace of WOM Protocol is having an event with Tory Lanez and many celebrities.

Nice brand awareness for YAAAS ☺️

Buena conciencia de marca para YAAAS ☺️

🤩 Another amazing creator Vinnie Hacker (Tiktok/Twitch/Instagram/Youtube) - now on board of the YEAY app and starting to earn $WOM 🤑 for recommending products he really likes!

Check out his first video:

🔥 WOM Protocol‘s founder & CEO, Melanie Mohr, will also speak at the Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai! Check out this top speaker line up! Justin Sun / CEO Tron & Bittorent - Mance Harmon / CEO Hedera Hashgraph - Tone Vays / top crypto analyst and trader - to name just a few 🔥

World Blockchain Summit from Trescon is coming back to #Dubai and WOM Protocol’s founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr, is one of many top speakers!

Check out who else is coming: Serguei Popov, Alexander Hoeptner, Alex Mashinsky, Stephen Stonberg, Richard Wang, Marwan Alzarouni, Nick Spanos, Tone Vays, Irina ₿ Heaver, Jocelyn Chang...and many more!


Each participant plays a unique and valuable role in the WOM Ecosystem. Let’s dive a bit more in-depth into each participant and explore what they do and why they are important!

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WOM Protocol’s new NFT marketplace YAAAS X famous TikToker (20m+ followers + 6.6m on Instagram) and music artist Tayler Holder seem to be cooking on some NFTs 🤩🤔🚀 - official press announcement coming! 🔥

Check out this vid for social proof!
We are super excited to share the latest tech development update with our community!

🔥 this team is rocking it 🔥

Check out the incredible progress and what‘s coming next! 🚀

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Great new partnership with Ivendpay executed in Dubai today.
$WOM will be soon available in vending machines in 60 public locations in Asia and soon even in electro charging stations and more vending machines in Europe and Middle East.